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Adding a Guest Room to Your Garage

Dec 20, 2022

Christmas is here!

The holiday season is a time for celebration with friends and family. You're anxious this year because it's your turn to entertain your parents at your home. The moment has come to arrange where they will stay once they arrive because you have been so busy with work. For the time being, while they remain at your place, you have previously informed them that you have no additional space other than the garage that you are preparing to convert into a bedroom. Even so, is it possible? How do you make a dark area into one that will feel homey and have an aesthetic design for your special guests? 

Converting the garage space into an additional bedroom for visiting relatives and friends is nothing new. A fast Google search would enable you to make the room change as attractive and swift as possible since many others have indeed done it before you. Consider this article, which advises you to plan meticulously to convert the garage into the ideal guest accommodations—from the budget to design, comfort, and cleanliness, as well as moving storage back and forth. Here is all you need to do to get on time for your guests:

Clean out and organize your garage first. 

After sweeping the floor, give it a good mopping. Spider webs in the corners should be removed. Installing wall shelves and ceiling-mounted storage units is advised because they will raise your items off the ground. Move some goods, such as those needed for car maintenance, to your shed if you have one.

Where to locate wall and ceiling storage units: FlexiMounts is a company that sells wall shelves and overhead storage racks. These steel heavy-duty storage options have an integrated grid design and steel construction. Even hooks, which are also offered by FlexiMounts, can be used to add more storage space. To guard against water damage, some devices are additionally waterproof. Their capacity for loading ranges from 200 to 600 pounds. 

If your garage has finished walls, paint them for the best impact. 

You may hang cloth or drapes all around the garage if you're pressed for time or just need a quick repair. To hang the cloth, attach a fishing wire or any other thick string to small hooks put on the wall. In this manner, after the visitors depart, you could simply remove the fabric and the wire. The room will look prettier and be more private as a result. 

Wallpaper might be a simple cure as well. After that, you can add insulation to regulate the room's temperature.

To offer your guests even the slightest bit of seclusion, cover the windows. 

Pick up some folding screens, blinds, or curtain panels. To obstruct the view and divide the sleeping area from the garage door, any of these options could be used.

Spread a rug carpet regardless if your floor is tiled or not. 

This gives the space a more cozy atmosphere and can give your visitors the impression that they are sleeping in a hostel rather than your home's garage. 

You can also buy vinyl flooring rolls, acid-staining kits, engineered wood, concrete painting kits, and acid-staining rolls as additional flooring options. Prior to adding any flooring materials, the floor must first be sealed to increase its height.  

Your garage's walls should be insulated. To regulate the temperature of the area during a garage remodel, the walls must be insulated, given that this facelift is only temporary. Choose less expensive insulation options like recycled foam board or spray foam. You must take your local climate into account and how it influences the temperature of the garage when selecting an insulation material.

Not to worry, you can also do it yourself when insulating the walls. To keep pests, moisture, and filth out of your garage—also known as the guest room—you might install weather stripping in the garage door. But if you prefer a professional to handle it, don't be hesitant to make a reservation.

The garage must next be outfitted with the necessities. 

It is best to choose pieces that are lightweight and adaptable so that you may still use them after your visitors have left. You might also choose to pick up any current furniture you already own, like an air mattress. Bring your absolute favorite table so that your guests have a place to put their feet up. To make their visit even cozier, don't forget to include chairs and folded towels.

To provide your guests with the best possible comfort, accessorize. Place a fan when it's hot outside; if it's chilly outside, use a space heater. A lamp for the nightstand next to the bed is another thing you could provide. You might also include picture frames of you and the visitor(s) and a vase with dried flowers. If flowers aren't your thing, you can instead use scented candles or a room deodorizer to give a space a new aroma.

Final Thoughts

You can quickly turn the area in your garage into a temporary guest room if you give it a day. Your guests might not even be aware that they are staying in the garage rather than a room inside the house if you do it correctly. You might even ask your guest to your room and then spend the rest of the time in your garage.

You can use the storage cabinets that are mounted to the walls and ceilings as decorative accents to make your space look like a Brooklyn mansion. Raw and incomplete have always attracted attention, but only when done properly. To make it easier for you to turn your garage back into storage space after your visitors have left, make sure that whatever you add there is simple to remove. Your vehicle could then be momentarily parked in the driveway.

Your guests aka parents will surely appreciate your gesture of converting a space in your home just to be able to provide a room for him or her during a short or long stay.