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6 Outdoor Sports to Try This Spring Season

Apr 13, 2022
Not everyone is keen on getting involved with a sport. They think they are not athletic and aren’t born to just be good at sports. They might have had horror PE stories, always the last person to be picked during practice or training sessions. They might have signed up before for numerous sports, only to be left on the bench because they just didn’t have the athletic prowess that their teammates had. Sports are not for everybody, but we always want to make a convincing case on how it helps build someone’s self-esteem. You get to be more confident in facing life struggles because you understood the concept of defeat early on. You understood that people are different and that you need to find a common ground so that you’ll get along and meet common goals. You understand the value of teamwork and sportsmanship. You understand the importance of knowing your strengths and weaknesses and working hard on them so that you get to reach your full potential. You understand the importance of discipline, of powering through even when motivation is low. You understand the feeling of fulfillment, that you don’t only get when you emerge victoriously but also when you realize how much sports has helped you. You understand the value of hard work. You could only truly enjoy a sport when you realize that you don’t have to be good at it at first. It takes practice, dedication, and commitment to master a sport. If not, you still get valuable lessons along the way. We listed down below some sports that you would love to do outdoors, in the company of your friends turned family or family turned friends. We hope you get to enjoy them even though you look silly on your first try!
1. Football
Do you know that football is the most famous ball game across the world? This is in terms of the size of participants and spectators that go to every football match across the world, according to It can also be referred to as association football or soccer. There are two opposing teams for every game, each with 11 players. The goal of each team is to move the ball across the field into the opponent’s goal by using only their feet. They could not use their hands or arms. When the team scores more goals than the other team (and does not incur that many penalties), then they’re the declared winner! Famous football players include Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Neymar.
2. Skiing
A seasonal sport, skiing is not as common as football is. But since it’s not as frequent, a niche group of people always look forward to skiing at specific times of the year or travel to wherever place in the world where they could bring out their ski gear and have some fun in the snow. Basically, you will be using your ski to glide on snow. It is also used as a basic transport in some countries but has become a recreational activity and even a competitive winter sport. Olympic freestyle skiing for example will score skiers by how well they execute their rapid turns. 60 percent of their score will be accounted for this and five judges will be evaluating the turns.
3. Surfing
Surfing is also quite seasonal with only a few spots you could surf on in the country. Nevertheless, it’s a fun sport for an exclusive group of people who love the beach and chasing waves. Basically, you have a board, you paddle through the water, and ride the waves that you can at your skill level. You need to have a strong upper body as well as a good sense of balance and body coordination to ace your surfing session. In a competition, surfers will be given 20 to 30 minutes to successfully ride on the best waves that they can. There’s a ten-point scale that judges would base their scores on. Only two out of all the waves the surfer catches would be scored and considered part of the total perfect score of 20.
4. Golf
Some people find golf boring but it’s a mental exercise as much as it helps tone your upper body as well. You get to relax, linger on the beauty of the outdoors, and enjoy the breath of fresh air. Basically, your goal is to get your ball from the starting point of any hole (called the tee) to the green as soon as possible. The fewer shots you do, the more points you have and the more likely you will win.
5. Cycling
For cardiovascular fitness, get on a bike and ride it around. There’s an inexplicable feeling when you bike around with friends, family, or a special partner. In cycling, the official term for the sport, you need to come from one point and reach your final destination in the quickest time possible. If you record the shortest time and reach the finish line first, then you get the gold medal. There are also other cycling competitions that involve tracks or tricks you could do with the bike. Cycling can do wonders for your physical and mental health. A good one-hour session can already uplift your mood on a stressful day.
6. Horseback Riding
Another sport where you can enjoy the outdoors is riding on a horse and doing some tricks. Basically, you control the speed and the movement of your horse to go in the direction that you want, following the pace that you instruct. You need to be effective in controlling your horse with the minimum possible effort on your part. You become good at horseback riding when you have a good knowledge of horses. Tip: Store all your outdoor equipment in the garage for easier access. You don’t want to be going to your attic just to get your golf clubs every time you are about to hit the golf course. Now you need to maximize the space of your garage for your many hobbies. Make sure then that you organize everything that is stored in your garage in smart storage solutions such as overhead storage racks and wall shelves. These will keep items off the floor and give ample space for your car and all the gear and equipment you use for your many hobbies.