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Why You Should Reward Yourself this coming Black Friday

Nov 11, 2021
At a young age, we are already introduced to the rewards-punishment system. If we do our homework on time, our parents will reward us with a treat. If we do not do it, one hour of playtime is cut from our day. We cave into treats and fear the punishments. Over time, when we get rewarded for our actions, we reach goals that make us happy and we become more motivated to do the hard work. This is referred to as the “theory of operant conditioning.” JMC Academy defines it as a “psychological concept that suggests we learn through reward and punishment.” Positive reinforcement, the theory explains, is described as when our actions are followed by a pleasant outcome, we tend to repeat the same behavior. We associate a goal with a happy reward in the end and become more motivated to work harder for another goal, another reward. The system has been alive since time immemorial but it never gets old. There are many reasons as to why we should never stop celebrating our smallest and biggest triumphs in life.
Rewarding ourselves motivates us.
Associate hard work to a particular reward and you’ll find yourself more motivated to work harder. Even when you’re having a bad day, the grind won’t stop because it leads to an exciting end reward. If you force yourself however to the point of destruction, it will of course cause burnout. So to avoid this, you must instill a gratitude mindset and learn to celebrate progress and small wins. Oftentimes, we forget to look at how far we’ve come and grown. We tend to focus on how long the path we still have to walk instead of stopping by and smelling the flowers. Little dreamer, don’t forget to have fun while reaching for your goals.
Rewarding ourselves avoids burnout.
It’s not always going to be rainbows and butterflies. You’ll eventually feel burnt out. There would be times that you would feel overworked and unfulfilled. You might even end up quitting on your dream because of all the pent-up frustration from failed efforts. As said above, you have to manage your expectations by setting small goals and rewarding yourself once you’ve accomplished them. When you manage your time wisely and keep a cool head, you’ll be able to enjoy the day-to-day grind and eventually see your big goal become a reality.
Rewarding ourselves recharges us.
Rewards are not just endpoints. They also push one to start projects in their heads in hopes of a favorable outcome. When a goal is reached, we recharge by rewarding ourselves in order to come out stronger and more motivated for another milestone. We are happy when we reach the point of success, which makes us even more driven to begin another task that will bring us closer to our long-term goals.
Reward ourselves because we deserve it!
You shouldn’t feel guilty for rewarding yourself. All the sleepless nights and the heartbreaks you have to go through led you to this path of fulfillment. You did not give in after countless struggles. You gave it a 100% and made your dream happen. There is really a no better way to put it other than enjoy the benefits of the hard work that you put out. The universe rewards hard workers, so don’t go against the flow.
A Rewards System that Works
This is not to say that all rewards are good for you. Here’s a checklist to assess whether your rewards system is an effective way to get you moving.
You should work for a reward that will make you happy.
It’s pointless to give you a reward that you don’t give much value for. For a reward to be motivating, you have to focus on what ticks your heart and makes it flutter. Do you love music and want to go to a Coldplay concert? Do you love to travel and want to book a ticket to Europe someday? You can’t really guarantee complete happiness towards the end of your journey. Sometimes you realize you don’t even like it in the end. But for you to get that realization, for you to not have regrets in the end, you must work for a reward that is of value to you at present and is something that will motivate you to work hard because you want it so badly.
You should not reward yourself with something that will cancel out your hard work.
Although we celebrate small wins, instant gratification is not the way to go. You did not work hard at the gym just to eat a massive load of carbs and cancel out that grueling gym session. You did not just have a sleepless month of work to use up all the money you saved up for school to go on an impromptu overseas trip with your friends. You can still reward yourself at present without eating the calories again or impulsively booking a pricey ticket for a trip.
Say no to rewards that are easily accessible or achieved.
The tendency for a reward that is easily achieved is that you’ll just get it even though you haven’t done the hard work that you told yourself you need to do. The reward will lose its value. For example, you told yourself you could watch another episode of a series you’re binge-watching if you finish all your papers on time this semester and get an average A+. We bet that even if you don’t accomplish this, you’ll still watch that show anyway.
You should set your reward according to the amount of effort you exerted.
The harder the work, the bigger the reward. The rule is to start small; maybe treat yourself to dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant after a month of juggling three jobs. After six months, you would probably have enough money to buy yourself a luxury bag. Because you worked with more drive and motivation and you rewarded yourself responsibly, you will be in a position to give yourself bigger rewards in the future.
A reward should create good habits.
Don’t go back to square one by rewarding yourself with a bad habit. If your goal is to quit smoking and you haven’t smoked a stick for two weeks, don’t decide to reward yourself with just one puff. You might just circle back into the habit that you were trying to lose in the first place. A good reward is a reward that will help you stay consistent, motivated, and on track to reach more milestones.
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