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What You Should Be Selling in Garage Sales

Nov 21, 2022

This year, are people still visiting yard sales and garage sales and making purchases? People are less interested in purchasing used items on the streets as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused the globe to be shut down for months, and the abundance of old items being sold on social media.

But we'll make a bold prediction that yard sales are still around and will always be a thing because we live in physical homes located in gated neighborhoods. They already serve a specific market, and the neighbors won't ever stop walking through the neighborhood and giving notice that someone is having a yard sale. Here is where the success of your garage sale will be determined by the products you are selling. 

People are becoming more selective about the goods they choose to purchase at these sales or in general. Therefore, you had better start playing by marketing the goods that will bring in cash.

Oh, and before we list some of the top products at garage sales, we'd want to caution you that COVID-19, despite being treated as the ordinary flu, still has the potential to sicken individuals quickly. Yes, we may all enjoy ourselves as we once did, and if you have received the necessary vaccinations against the virus and have done away with face masks, you can reassure your customers that your garage sale is not a haven for the illness by rigorously adhering to health regulations. 

Provide alcohol vending machines in your neighborhood. Make sure you thoroughly disinfect all of your items. Limit the amount of persons who can use the things at once. If possible, promote cashless transactions and place the payment on a tray. You can give each member of the family some coin while asking them to watch a specific area. This will prevent long lines from forming. To allow customers to browse through the tables of used goods without being too near to one another, space out your tables and merchandise. Lastly, believe that you'll now have one of the greatest garage sales ever, so put on a smile and a face mask.

So what is the secret to a profitable yard sale? One thing is that you need to understand your clients and the primary reasons they choose to purchase used goods. They are probably shopping for products they are thinking of buying in a store inside a mall, but they decide to buy used items to save money.


Some people choose to purchase used clothing for their children since they know that they will be too big by the time they're older and will be unable to utilize it in the future. Look through your kids' closets to see what's still in good condition that you may sell. That is if you're not planning to have kids anymore. 

In addition to children's clothing, take a look in your own wardrobe and discard everything you no longer fit into but may still pass off as brand new. They might discover brand-new wardrobes to hide in. We've learned from experience that boy's clothing sells better at garage sales. Additionally, as the seasons are changing, it stands to reason that people are currently upgrading their clothing.

Tools for Entertainment

There is no more ideal time to sell board games than right now if your household used to like them but hasn't played them in a while. People will probably search for home board games and mind-boggling puzzles that they can get for less since they are looking for methods to amuse themselves. 

Video games and gaming systems are further options. Since there is a strong demand, they are being offered in the market at significantly higher prices. You can get in by naturally selling yours for less than if they were to get a new one.

Garage Power Equipment

Due to the pandemic, more individuals are taking up new activities. The majority of people are using their garages more, so reap the benefits of the demand by offering any tools you no longer use in your garage for sale. You can market equipment for gardening, yard work, woodworking, etc. You may make a lot of extra money by selling tools like blowers, lawnmowers, and trimmers, more if they are still in good shape.


One of the worthwhile activities that people can do is reading for mental nourishment. Check out your home's personal library. It's time to sell the books you've read and won't be picking up again. It's time to dispose of the books on your bookshelves that you haven't read and are just occupying space. You'll have room for new books, make extra money, and share your knowledge with others!

The pricing range for books normally falls within the range of $3 to $5 or even much less. If you truly want to get rid of some books, you can decide to sell them for less than $1, particularly if the book is widely available.

Equipment used for Sports

It's time to get rid of any sports gear you haven't used in a while because there is such a huge demand for sporting goods today. You can price them higher and make a considerably greater profit than usual. Additionally, you'll make room in your garage for additional equipment.

Furniture for the Backyard 

For homeowners in recent years, creating attractive gardens and backyards has been a major concern. They would probably be looking for a lawn chair, picnic tables, or any other outdoor equipment that would draw attention to their backyards. They can also engage in these new hobbies without leaving their houses. Don't split up a set you have for sale because you will most probably find buyers looking for a whole set. You could assume that since winter is quickly approaching and kids would be spending much less time outside, they won't be interested in outdoor furniture. However, if they see inexpensive outdoor furniture that is in good shape, they might buy it and now they're prepared for the next season. 

We wish you luck with your upcoming garage sale! It's a terrific method to remodel your garage and finally free up space there. It's time to add clever storage options like FlexiMounts' wall shelves and overhead storage racks so you have plenty of room in your garage for all of the activities you're thinking of doing indoors once the snow is thick and heavy outside.