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We are so Looking Forward to Black Friday!

Nov 21, 2022

It’s Monday again, and for sure, you’ve let out a long sigh of despair at that thought. But let not that sigh control your overall mood for the week. 

Think about the most amazing Friday that is coming to arrive—Black Friday—if you need a little extra inspiration to get out of your cozy bed. Get that cash so you can go shopping! Nothing motivates you to work harder than having to read your credit card statement and shopping list.

Black Friday alone makes your spine quiver just by hearing or reading it. Given that, so why? After Thanksgiving, the weekend comes next, and this is the day after that. And shoppers will undoubtedly be in search of the finest offers and discounts in the malls. The Christmas season also begins on Black Friday. Christmas lights and ornaments are displayed in every house, and merry music fills the air. We also begin crossing items off of our lists for Christmas presents, and the Black Friday sale is the ideal opportunity to get things at a discount. Why pay the full cost when you're able to buy them at a cheaper price, as they like to say.

Having trouble deciding, are there any things in your cart that have been lingering there for a while? You may automatically check out those products during the Black Friday Sale. On the day of the most anticipated sale event of the year, take advantage of significant reductions that start with the Pre-Black Friday Sale. There aren't really any hidden conditions, and you may enjoy the discount if you really do like the product.

Take a look at these bestsellers from Fleximounts that you may use for storage, workspace, and other purposes.

Fleximounts WB102 Manual Height Adjustable Work Bench 

The Original Price is $398.99.

Black Friday Price is $298.99.

Total Savings is $100.

A stable tabletop is necessary for many activities and jobs. In the garage workshop, workbenches with adjustable heights are revolutionary. When the product's flexibility in height is enhanced, it quickly emerges as a clear favorite. The level of the frame may be manually adjusted to correspond to the required height. Whether you choose to stand or simply sit while working, you can rely on this workspace.

The Fleximounts WB102 Manual Height Adjustable Workbench enables a person to competently execute any seated or standing work. You may increase your workstation to the ideal height with the 29.5 to 44.1-inch height adjustment range. The extra-large crank handle's smoother motion than typical cranks allows you to lift the desk with ease, even when it's loaded with heavy items like the computer set, toolsets, auto cleaning equipment, paints, and many other things. The best feature is that adjusting the height of the table legs would never require the use of any tools, unlike other workbenches without a crank handle.

The WB102's 1.5 mm cold-rolled steel frame is strong and has a 500-lb weight capacity. You will have more than enough room to work on it thanks to its desktop's dimensions of 47.2 inches by 23.6 inches by 1 inch and its sturdy rubberwood worktop table.

Furthermore, you may utilize it as a workbench in the garage, a workstation for your personal computer in your home office, and a desk for sewing and handicrafts.

Fleximounts GR48H Hooks 4′ X 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack

The Original Price is $259.99.

Black Friday Price is $209.99.

Total Savings is $50.

Options for overhead garage storage racks are abundant with Fleximounts. The GR48H Hooks 4' x 8' Overhead Garage Storage Rack is among the most popular varieties. You may keep your goods in a secure location thanks to its sturdy and powerful overhead storage system. It also lessens the risk of water damage by protecting your valuables and keeping your items off the garage floor. The overhead rack of storage hides and keeps rodents and insects out of your garage.

This can be attributed to the rack's strong gauge cold-rolled steel construction, which supports a safety payload of up to 600 lbs. It was made specifically to make assembly easier. The unit's integrated wire grid design and frame, which are welded together, reinforce and stabilize it. A triple load-breaking strength test was performed on the wire grid.

The height adjustment, which goes from 22" to 40", gives you a convenient and safe place to store your stuff. The height-adjustable function of the ceiling drop-down allows you to change it to your preferred height.

Either ceiling studs or solid concrete ceilings can be used to attach the rack. The ceiling brackets are designed to be secured to two joists for more security and adaptability. The hardware is made of high-quality materials, and the supplied screws are thicker than those found in comparable products on the market and have gone through rigorous testing to show this.

Instructions and all necessary hardware are included in the package. Using an installation template, you may create a strategy for arranging your items as efficiently as feasible. Additionally, there are three packs of screws: for cement installation, wood screws, and installation screws and bolts.

Along with other accessories, the kit includes two Utility Hooks (GHR3) and four Flat Hooks (GRH1) for the racks.

Fleximounts WR26 Classic 2-Pack 2′ X 6′ Wall Shelving

The Original Price is $189.99.

Black Friday Price is $132.99.

Total Savings is $57.

You may save a lot of floor space in the garage by installing the wall shelf against the corner walls. The Fleximounts WR26 Classic 2-Pack 2' X 6' Wall Shelving is one such trustworthy top storage choice. Additionally, it works well with either wooden walls or solid concrete ceilings. Metal studs are not supported, though.

It works well and is sturdy since it is made of powder-coated steel. Because the buckle design of the velcros prevents the brackets from compressing and breaking, it is also stronger and more durable. The shelf can handle up to 800 lbs without becoming unstable, so you shouldn't worry about the security of the items you keep on it.

This wall-mounted shelf may be assembled and installed quickly. It can be put together by one person since it is designed and manufactured for easy installation. But it is highly recommended that at least two people do the work. Everything needed is included in the package, including a bubble level and an installation template that can be used to establish the ideal horizontal alignment.