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Wall-Mounted Garage Shelves You Can Trust

Oct 27, 2021
We are always in constant search of the storage system that best fits our garage. More often, we rely on what's the latest trend in the market. While that is an excellent way to start, the trendy pieces may or may not be the right solution for you. And in the long run, it may cost you more expenses because you would have to replace the units every so often. Your garage still needs to function as a garage per se, and at the same time, a storage room where you can safely keep your everyday items, seasonal stuff that you would only bring out when the holiday comes, and other garage workshop needs. So, what is the best solution? Free-standing shelves may be tempting, but they will occupy more floor space that you can use to store another vehicle or even activities that you can still do in the garage. Cleaning the floor and even the back of the shelf can be a hassle as you would need to move the rack from time to time, and it can be counterproductive. Additionally, free-standing shelves are susceptible to falling over, especially if the weight of the stuff you put on it is not balanced. The solution that will work for any garage would be utilizing a wall-mounted garage shelf. It allows customization of your space and is a great way to organize your stuff. Besides, you can adjust the height of the shelf installation according to the size of the wall in your garage. This alone is a significant factor in deciding whether you should get a free-standing shelf or wall-mounted ones. Accessing your boxes of stuff in your garage would be a tad more manageable if you label them accordingly. With one look on the wall-mounted shelf, you can identify right away which storage you will need to take out. If you are already sold with the idea of utilizing wall-mounted shelves, then take a look at the listed Fleximounts products below. These are some of Amazon's bestsellers and are vouched by several users.
Fleximounts Classic 2-Pack Wall Shelving WR Series
Using wall shelf storage racks for your everyday items is advantageous for you as it is easy to reach. Also, it keeps things neat and organized. The wall shelf is proven to be secure due to its buckle design with velcros that prevents the brackets from bending or falling, so you need not worry about the stability and safety of the items placed on the shelf. Moreover, all hardware has gone through strict tests. The WR Series is suitable for wood studs and concrete walls, which offers paramount compatibility. Included in the box are installation templates and all hardware that you need in installing the wall shelf. Installing the shelf is pretty easy with the step-by-step guide provided and can be done by anyone. The installation template provided aids in determining where to drill holes. In contrast, the bubble level guarantees that the shelf is installed in its perfect horizontal location.
Fleximounts General 2-Pack 2' x 4' Wall Shelving BR24
The General 2-Pack 2' x 4' Wall Shelving BR24 can carry a load of 440 lbs total. The high-quality construction of its materials ensures a safe and high loading capacity. The one-piece integrated grid design, which is easy to assemble, brings needed stability and has proven to be more stable than multi-piece assembly shelves. It offers flexible installation as you can install the 2-pack wall shelf in parallel or vertical orientation according to your choice. Furthermore, the shelf's installation process would be a breeze as it is specifically designed to be done by one person. However, seeking help from a more experienced individual can ease the process. In the package, you will find all hardware and installation templates that you need. Also, the bubble level assists in getting a perfect horizontal location. With the help of the Fleximounts GRH2/GRH2B hooks, The BR24 Wall Shelving can also be used as bike racks. The hooks can also accommodate tools, chairs, and other items that can be vertically hung.
Fleximounts Adjustable 3-Tier Wall Shelving WS14B/WS13B
For your everyday items, the Adjustable 3-Tier Wall Shelving is the perfect additional storage space for your walls. Its powder-coated steel assures sturdiness. Likewise, the heavy-gauge construction provides safety loading of up to 100 lbs per shelf. The screws provided are thicker in size compared to other shelves in the market. An excellent feature this wall-mounted shelf offers is that it is flexible enough to be adjusted depending on the height of your wall and according to your needs. The WS14B/WS13B allows you to assemble and disassemble it conveniently because of the patent tool-free adjustment design. Another selling point of this shelf is that installing can be a one-person activity. The installation template that helps mount holes and the bubble level that helps get perfect horizontal location is already provided. The wall shelving is compatible with either concrete or wood walls as well as it is suitable for securing either solid concrete ceiling or ceiling studs.
Fleximounts Corner 2-Pack 2'x4' Wall Shelving WRC24B
The Corner 2-Pack 2' x 4' Wall Shelving maximizes the use of the corner wall to save more ceiling space. What's even better about this is that you can either use it as a corner shelf or a 2-pack wall shelf, which makes great sense when you want flexibility in your wall shelving. Its one-piece integrated grid design is made for easier assembly and is more stable than others with multi-piece assembly. Moreover, it can be installed by one person with all the hardware included in the package. An installation template provided also helps mount holes and has a bubble level that helps get perfect horizontal location. The buckle design with Velcro prevents the brackets from falling or bending, making it more stable and sturdy. The heavy-gauge steel construction provides safety loading up to 440lbs total. The WRC24B also makes it suitable for securing either wall studs or solid concrete walls.
Fleximounts Flat Hooks 4 pcs for Overhead Racks and Wall Shelving GRH1
You can also use hooks to hang bicycles and tools for easier access to maximize the wall-mounted shelves. The Fleximounts flat hooks complement the overhead garage storage and wall shelves to provide more storage space for your garage. They are built for multiple uses, such as to hang bikes, sporting goods, tools, and many more. This accessory goes perfectly for Fleximounts ceiling racks with a wire grid and all wall shelves. Each hook can hold a maximum weight capacity of 50 lbs. The durability of the hooks is no doubt made of strong, high-quality top material steel. Plus, it has a scratch-resistant powder coat finish. No tools are needed in installing the hooks, and it is as easy as it gets.