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Top 3 DIY Garage Storage Hacks

Aug 14, 2020

Save More When You Do More!


When it comes to renovating your garage, the garage storage is often the most difficult thing to consider. With expensive storage solutions, it seems like you’ll have to spend a lot of money just to get your space sorted. That’s not always the case. However, When you commit to “Do it Yourself” or DIY projects, you open yourself up to the opportunity to save more when you do more. DIY projects give you an opportunity to customize items to your needs based on your space and your needs, and not all of them have to be time consuming or difficult. In this article we’ll be providing you with our top 3 money saving garage storage solutions, with these hacks, you’re sure to upgrade your garage storage in no time!


Storage Shelves


For our first garage tip, let’s take a look at some storage racks. These are the ultimate storage space solutions, store multiple tools for easy access or sort seasonal decorations or out outdoor equipment. You can easily make yourself your own DIY storage shelf by repurposing old wood and finding quick and easy templates online.



 While making your own shelf might be a little technical, it’s a great way to do a true blue DIY project. If you think that’s a little too difficult you can also opt to gut old cabinets and repurpose the inside to store tools. Another option is repurposing old crates. Make old crates useful by hanging them on the wall, no need to craft the shape, all you’ll need to do is mount it onto your wall. The key to DIY projects is knowing what you have and what you need to create items that can help you organize your space better.


Hooks & Pegboards


Utilizing hooks and pegboards are a great way to organize your tools. Instead of having all your tools haphazardly left in your tool box, utilize some hooks and pegboards to keep everything organized. It’s an easy and efficient way to have complete visibility over all your tools and keep them organized as well. Another great alternative to using pegboards is by using them to help mount shelves. Use the pegboard as a way to mount floating shelves, this is a great way to accomplish a DIY project without exerting too much effort. Ideal for lighter weight materials, it’s ideal for more decorative items and features.  


For heavy duty items, opt for hooks that can handle heavier loads. FlexiMounts has heavy-duty utility hooks that you can use for heavy items like bikes, ladders and more. It’s an inexpensive option you can use to organize your space and optimize your space. By utilizing your overhead space and your walls, you give yourself the opportunity to open up your space with ease.





Overhead Frames


When it comes to optimizing your garage space, an aspect that many people often overlook is the optimization of their overhead space. Ideal for seasonal items, keep items you don’t use often out of the way! When it comes to creating a DIY project with your overhead space, check out this overhead garage frame from FlexiMounts. While the frame itself is not DIY in nature, you can customize it for your needs by using your own materials for the base of the rack. Far cheaper than other overhead garage frames, this gives you the flexibility to use your own preferred materials while ensuring that your items are secured with a heavy duty frame. Maximizing your overhead space gives you a chance to free up your garage space.



Explore More!


When it comes to your garage storage, always remember that the importance of keeping things neat and organized is the key to ensuring that you maximize your space. Whatever DIY projects you choose to tackle, always remember that you should always create your space for your needs! Explore all the different options listed here and find what works for you. For other garage storage alternatives, explore the FlexiMounts website for more!