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The Key to a Clean and Organized Garage is an Effective Storage Solution

Jan 26, 2023

What else do you keep in your garage in addition to your car? Make greater use of practical and organized garage storage if the area is used to store a lot of items and activities. Hang gardening or workshop equipment in a corner, place a few antique ornaments, or rest a few bikes next to the entrance.

Keeping your garage tidy and organized is crucial, and we cannot take it lightly. And it is not something you would like: a disorganized environment invites accidents and the breakage of your things, in addition to distracting your thoughts each time you enter the garage.

How can you eliminate clutter from your garage? Make the most of the space in the garage by using durable storage solutions that can accommodate a lot of your items, which will gradually free up square footage.

Fleximounts offer several items that you may choose from. The good news is that you can access the brand that specializes in organizing garages. We suggest you check out some of the best-selling storage solutions listed below.

Recommended: Fleximounts GR48-H Hooks 4′ X 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Priced at $259.99.

One of the most popular items is the Fleximounts GR48-H. The robust overhead storage system provides a secure location to arrange your belongings. If there is a significant amount of precipitation and the drainage system isn't working correctly, storing your belongings above the garage floor can prevent water damage to your cherished items. The overhead storage rack keeps your garage organized and protects your belongings from pests like mice and insects.

The rack, made of heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel, can support a safe loading of up to 600 lbs. It was designed with ease of assembly in mind. The rack is solid and robust because of its welded-together frame and integrated wire grid design. Notably, the wire grid also underwent rigorous tests with triple load-breaking strength. 

One may customize your ideal height with the height-adjustable ceiling drop-down, which ranges from 22" to 40". It offers a handy and secure location to keep your items.

Whether your ceilings are made of solid concrete or ceiling studs, the rack may be used with any finish. The ceiling brackets provide extra security and versatility because they are made to be fastened to two joists. The supplied screws are thicker than comparable goods on the market and have passed rigorous tests to attest to the high-quality manufacture of the hardware.

Recommended: Fleximounts WRC24B Corner 2-Pack 2′ X 4′ Wall Shelving

Priced at $179.99.

The Fleximounts Corner 2-Pack 2' x 4' Wall Shelving WRC24B is a reliable top storage solution. You can save a significant amount of space in the garage by maximizing the corner walls to set up the wall shelf. Furthermore, it provides flexible installation options as you can use the WRC24B either as a two-pack wall shelf or a corner shelf. Additionally, it is compatible and suited for either wood studs or concrete walls.

The one-piece grid design for easier assembly makes it more stable than other products with multi-piece assembly available in the market. It is made of powder-coated steel, which is responsible for its sturdy and heavy-duty performance. You don't need to be concerned about falling things cluttering your garage, or the safety of the stuff kept on it because it can support up to 220 lbs on each shelf without becoming flimsy.

The assembling and installing of this wall shelf will be a breeze, as it is designed for easy one-person installation. In the package, all the hardware you need is already provided. As well as the bubble level that helps get the perfect horizontal location and the installation template that helps with mounting holes.

Lastly, the Fleximounts WRC24B Wall Shelving storage space offers more options. With the Fleximounts GRH1/GRH1B hooks or GRH2/GRH2B hooks, you can quickly expand the storage and use the hooks to store bikes, tools, cleaning materials, and more.

Recommended: Fleximounts WB201 Durable Workbench With Built-In Drawer

Priced at $249.99.

Designed with high-quality craftsmanship, the durable frame of this workbench is made of cold-roll steel. It has a convenient built-in storage drawer that is embedded in the worktop. The pull-out drawer provides seamlessly integrated storage space for your workshop supplies. The modern design perfectly blends while keeping your belongings out of sight and neatly put away.

The work surface is free of scratches and chips due to its material, and it is made of 1-inch thick rubberwood that is sealed with varnish. Garage workshop activities tend to be on the heavier side, and the tools used are mostly made of heavy materials, which is why the worktop is specially made to last the wear and tear of things. 

Garages often have uneven flooring. So, to enjoy a stable work surface, the workbench has adjustable feet to make it easy to level the workbench as deemed fit.

The WB201 is an all-purpose workstation that is suitable for many purposes–both commercial and personal. You can use it in your home space, garage, warehouse, mailroom, basement, workshop, or office.

Recommended: Fleximounts BR1 Hanger Wall-Mounted Bike Rack

Priced at $49.99.

Optimize the garage storage by utilizing the Fleximounts BR1 Wall Mount Bike Rack. Storing your bikes in a vertical position frees up valuable floor space, which you can practically use for your cars or other storage needs. Aside from that, it also provides easy access to mount and dismounts each bike. Thus, you can save energy for the day's cycling activity!

The wall mount bike rack uses only high-quality materials--powder-coated, cold-rolled steel–to ensure durability, rust resistance, chipping, and cracking. The rack can carry one, four, or six bikes. They are heavy-duty, long-lasting, withstand years, and are dependable for load-bearing performance. Moreover, the six-bike frame can hold up to 300 lbs or 136 kg. It is ideal for bikers who intend to lead this way of life for a very long period. Additionally, there's a reasonable probability that as you become more into cycling, you'll acquire more bikes suited to certain activities. Thus, it can indicate the need for greater storage space and sturdy racks.

The J-shaped hooks are easy to use as they fit perfectly to the curvature of your bike hubs, thus, providing a firm grip to secure the bicycles in their proper position. You need not worry about the hooks coming off the hanging bikes because each hook is mounted securely. And the good thing also is that the premium bike hooks are wrapped with thick sponge foam tubing, which prevents aging and cracking and offers better protection for your bike's wheels, hubs, and spokes.

The bike wall mount hanger fits most bicycles (within the 2.56-in range in diameter), including mountain, road, and kids bikes. But this excludes wide-tire bikes. The hooks can easily be re-positioned anywhere on the rack to suit different bicycle sizes as storage needs change.