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The GR36 is a Garage Dream Come True

Aug 02, 2021
For just $149.99, FlexiMounts offers the GR36 3′ x 6′ overhead garage storage rack. The 3 feet by 6 feet storage rack can carry up to 450 pounds through the designers' genius construction. As a result, you can rest assured that every inch of your garage is being utilized to its fullest potential. The GR36 3′ x 6′ OVERHEAD GARAGE STORAGE RACK will change your mind about overhead storage if you are not a fan of those in the first place. The grid pattern significantly simplifies the construction process. There's no stress involved in installing this overhead garage storage rack. It's also tougher and more durable than other overhead garage storage racks available in the market. As a bonus, with the GR36 3′ x 6′ GARAGE STORAGE RACK's capabilities, you may increase its storage capacity to fit a multitude of bicycles, supplies, and workshop equipment with FlexiMounts hooks. In addition to keeping your garage neat, these upgrades also give you peace of mind.

Using the GR36 is an enjoyable experience

You will enjoy having this overhead garage storage rack in your carport. This can help you in so many ways regarding your messy garage. That is why purchasing one or three of these would never hurt. If you need minimum structural intrusion inside your garage, pick this one! The FlexiMounts GR36 3'x6' overhead garage storage racks are designed with several connection holes for assembly. The FlexiMounts GR36 3′ X 6′ OVERHEAD GARAGE STORAGE RACK has several bolt grooves to help make installation easier. Your kit would also include clear, straightforward directions and a large number of information and essential components. To connect them, you'll need to be equipped with the appropriate tools. Just use a stud finder, a marker, a 4-foot scale, a tape measure, a portable drill, and a striking drill on the roof. It also includes concrete insertion bolts to be used with the lag bolts. The wooden studs on this, though, will give you more success. Even if your kids tried to test the rack by swinging on it, no accidents or mishaps will happen since this is highly sturdy. The GR36 3′ X 6′ OVERHEAD GARAGE STORAGE RACK stays intact. This is a must-have item for your garage!

Using the GR36 is truly an excellent way to add more storage

In general, these racks are an excellent way to add more storage to the carport. You can get to work and utilize some hooks to be installed to fully appreciate the GR36 3' x 6' overhead garage storage rack system's capabilities. Nonetheless, Fleximounts have spent more effort measuring the distance between the screw point and the mounting arm to make installation easier for users. Just make sure to be careful while using machinery while installing this rack- you do not want to miss out on this nice solution. The GR36 3′ X 6′ OVERHEAD GARAGE RACK's grooved holes are positioned correctly on the frame. If the GL44B OVERHEAD GARAGE STORAGE LIFT notches did not line with brackets, you can use zip ties alternatively or just contact our customer service representatives to get a refund or a product exchange. The overhead Garage Storage Rack GR36, 3' x 6', is truly helpful for every user. You can install this by yourself and do not worry, because you will find it incredibly easy to assemble. A drilling pattern is also included on the panel. You may use the little tool that accompanies it to identify and mark the pegs, arrange the design, and coordinate them. Then, as usual, label and drill four holes to complete the project. In cement or wooden studs, it may be easily installed. The ceilings need to be balanced before the template is applied. While this isn't indicated in the design's instructions, it's something to bear in mind as you place it. You may also use a beam level to ensure that the grid was level from both the ceiling.

Having the GR36 provides exquisite beauty for your garage

Its white coating is exquisitely beautiful, and the structure is solid and flexible. When combined, they can carry 450 pounds, despite each weighing 220 pounds which is still easy to hang up your ceilings. Just get a second person who could assist you in raising the GR36 3′ x 6′ overhead garage storage racks. It is easy to set up, and you can be confident that it will endure for a long time. If your eyes get tired of looking for the best storage solutions, you will be glad to have found this rack, and have no regrets. If you're a competent installer, it's easy to manage. Other than that, if you wish to add a plain cover for the wires to prevent small items from falling, carry on! This rack is pretty versatile because you can modify this according to your specifications. For those who want to add additional light inside their garages, you may hang pretty lights on this rack too.

Everyone Can use the GR36 3′ x 6′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack

While beginners may find this a bit hard to install and it takes so much time, that's natural. Just believe in yourself and you will see that you can accomplish finishing mounting this smart garage solution. If you are continually remodeling and extending the garage, this rack must be a fixed fixture for it because it is truly useful. We encourage all of our clients to get another FlexiMount rack because once you use our racks, you will never go back. For those who are looking for more garage storage solutions, FlexiMounts has all the answers for you for less than $300!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, our clients appreciate the GR36 3'x6' overhead garage storage rack. Maybe you will be the next one to leave a great review. The Overhead Garage Storage Rack 3′ X 6′ The GR36 is a beautiful garage storage solution that you need, yet it's uncomplicated. If you're interested in purchasing a rack, now is the time to do it.