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The Garage Reflects the Character of the Homeowner

Feb 02, 2023

Your living environment expresses who you are as a person. And if you're one of those who feel embarrassed to open their garage in front of guests or neighbors, what does that reveal about you? If there's any solace, it seems like you're not alone.

An Impulse Research poll revealed that about 24% of homeowners feel ashamed when they keep their garage doors open. Now, if you do the arithmetic and open your garage door an average of three times each day, that would be more than a thousand times in less than a year that you would have to endure the shame brought on by your garage.

Therefore, now is the moment to address your garage before you endure any more embarrassment. Moreso, doing this could help you raise the value of your house.

It goes beyond the external elements.

The exterior components of your home, such as the garage door, windows, lights, masonry, roofing, and maybe your yard, landscape design, gates, patio, and driveway, are what visitors will likely see first.

However, the interior is as significant as the exterior. What do you observe once you unlock the garage doors? It is only natural to feel embarrassed and red-faced if you go into an area first and are met with a disorder, dust, and clutter.

It's impossible to ignore the impact of a stunning, spotless garage. A garage that is kept neatly shows an owner's pride in their property, according to 88% of the 500 realtors surveyed by Braun Research. Additionally, it represents the homeowner's personality in a broader sense.

Furthermore, different research by Thompson's Company revealed that 52% of homeowners want a garage that their neighbors are jealous of. However, many people still hesitate to consider home renovation modifications, believing they won't be finished for another two years. Why put it off when you can do it right away?

The first step is to begin clearing the clutter.

According to the National Association of Professional Organizers, almost 50% of American homeowners report that their garage is the area of their home that is the most disorderly. Take a look in your own garage, and you won't have a hard time believing it.

Too much clutter prevents you from using your garage to its maximum potential. You can run out of floor space to put your cars because of the haphazardly kept stuff in the area.

It's far safer to park them within the covered garage than on the street or in your driveway, where falling branches and other uncontrollable external forces might damage them. Consequently, there would be more expenses to pay in case your autos get damaged.

Declutter the garage as soon as possible to address this persistent problem. Take courage since it will be challenging at first because clutter itself is demoralizing. After all, the issue will only worsen if you don't fix it right now.

Techniques to maintain order in the garage

Start by clearing out all the clutter that has been living there for months or years. The secret is to get rid of everything you haven't touched in a long time, everything that can't be fixed, and everything that, after careful consideration, you realize you won't need anymore.

The next step is to select a reliable storage system. You will then notice a much larger garage. For excellent reasons, wall shelves and overhead garage storage are now high on the list. They utilize areas of the garage that are typically disregarded, such as the ceiling and walls. Thus, they free up floor space that might be used to its fullest for parking and foot circulation for your workshop activities.

Keeping your garage organized is the last step and has a longer-lasting effect. It requires a lot of commitment and patience. You are not bound to do this step alone. Give each member of your family a little responsibility to do. For example, one person should ensure the floor is routinely swept and cleaned, another should check the doors and windows for corrosion and cracks, a third should oversee the upkeep of the garage's stored belongings, and so on.

The storage solution we trust

Market players provide a wide variety of overhead garage storage options and wall shelves. Hundreds of products are accessible after a brief search on e-commerce websites. However, if you do not know what you need and desire in garage storage, searching for what will be ideal in your garage will take time.

In addition to affordability and cost, the criterion you should look for in a storage item is the ability to utilize an organizing shelf that can be of multiple uses and offers flexibility. One will suit your needs — whether it be for weight capacity, reinventing the orientation of the shelf, or compatibility with the type of walls you already have in the garage. Purchasing a rack that is already suitable for the design of your garage will be more straightforward and more cost-effective, as is evident.

The Fleximounts WRC24B Corner 2-Pack 2' x 4' Wall Shelving is a reliable top storage solution. You can save a tremendous amount of space in the garage by using the corner walls to install the wall shelf. Moreover, it offers flexible installation as you can use the WRC24B as a corner or a two-pack wall shelf. It is also compatible and suited for either wood studs or concrete walls.

It is made of powder-coated steel, responsible for its heavy-duty and sturdy performance. Each shelf can carry a maximum weight of 220 lbs without being wobbly, so you are assured of the safety of the items stored on it and do not need to worry about falling objects cluttering your garage. Additionally, its one-piece grid design for easier assembly makes it more stable compared to others with multi-piece assembly available in the market.

Assembling and installing this wall shelf will be a breeze as it is designed for easy one-person installation. In the package, all the hardware that you need is already included, as well as the installation template that helps with the mounting of holes and the bubble level that helps get the perfect horizontal location.

Moreover, the Fleximounts WRC24B Wall Shelving storage space offers additional storage options. One can quickly expand the amount of storage with the Fleximounts GRH1/GRH1B hooks or GRH2/GRH2B hooks. You can use the hooks to hang cleaning materials, lawn tools, bikes, workshop tools, and more.

Your house's worth goes up if your garage is kept up.

According to an Impulse Research report, 80% of homebuyers consider the garage while making a decision. Additionally, a staggering 82% of respondents claimed that a messy garage deters potential buyers from seeing a house.

A spotless garage will leave a lasting impression on potential buyers, even while current interior renovations will make your home more appealing to them. It provides prospective buyers with insight into how you maintain the overall look and condition of the entire house.