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The Garage: A Homeowner's Injury Minefield

Aug 21, 2023

The garage, often dubbed the domain of dreams and DIY, can also morph into a zone of potential peril. From gnarly tools to menacing machinery, it's a space teeming with the potential for accidents.

Here are some of the most common injuries obtained in the garage and how to prevent them:

The humble tumble – the granddaddy of all garage grievances. Tripping over random clutter, skidding across a slick floor, or playing gravity's cruelest game on a ladder – these pratfalls are as common as they are embarrassing.

Survival Strategy: Clear the Chaos - Before you begin any endeavors, wage war on clutter. Invest in shelving or storage solutions to corral those rogue items. Give the floor a good sweep and say adieu to slippery spills. And when scaling those lofty ladders, channel your inner tightrope walker and maintain unwavering balance.

Recommended Storage Solutions:


Ideal for small garages, this wall shelf optimizes corner space to create efficient storage. It functions as both a 2-pack shelf and a corner shelf, featuring FlexiMounts' signature integrated grid design. With all necessary hardware included, it's easy for one person to install using the provided installation blueprint. Suitable for concrete walls or wood studs, it's also compatible with additional storage hooks like GRH1/GRH1B and FlexiMounts GRH2/GRH2B.


For small garages, consider the BR24 basic 2-pack wall shelving. Measuring 2'x4', each tier holds 220 pounds, with a total capacity of 440 pounds. Constructed from tested steel, powder-coated for quality. The package includes hardware, enabling easy one-person installation vertically or parallel. Its integrated grid design enhances stability and assembly ease. Add FlexiMounts flat hooks for bike storage. Available in black and white.


In the garage, sharp tools aren't just inanimate objects; they're potential sculptors of flesh and architects of injury. Saws, knives, and drills – they're all prime candidates to give you a closer shave than you ever intended.

Survival Strategy: Armor Up - Forget capes; opt for safety glasses, gloves, and closed-toe shoes. Shield your vulnerable self from sharp-edged treachery. And when glass or metal decides to play a game of projectile, ensure you're out of harm's way or sporting protective gear.


It's not a workout, but your muscles may disagree. Lifting heavy objects in awkward positions, or twisting yourself into a human pretzel – this is the origin story of strains and sprains.

Survival Strategy: Lift with Wisdom - Channeling your inner Hercules might sound thrilling, but let's leave the heavy lifting to the pros. When moving weighty wonders, bend your knees and engage your core. Embrace ergonomic elegance and revel in your newfound injury-free mobility.


In the garage, you're dancing with danger in the form of flammable fluids and sizzling-hot widgets. Burns are the rudest of awakenings from your DIY daydreams.

Survival Strategy: Channel Pyromaniac Prudence - Flaming passion has its place, but not in the garage. When handling hot objects or potentially combustible concoctions, don your protective gear like a fearless firefighter. And remember, chemicals are like exotic dancers: admire them from a safe distance.


The spark of innovation is electrifying – until it's an actual electrical shock. Your garage should be a creative haven, not an electric chair.

Survival Strategy: Power Down Paranoia - When in doubt, switch it off! Before becoming a living conduit, unplug or disconnect power sources. And remember, leaving electrical work to the pros isn't admitting defeat; it's a badge of wisdom.


Safety Scout: Before indulging in your garage escapades, embark on a safety scouting mission. Examine tools, check for faulty wires, and declutter like you're battling chaos incarnate.

Style: Safety Chic: Equip yourself like a fashion-forward warrior – safety glasses, gloves, and steel-toed shoes are your en vogue armor.

Neat Freak Mantra: A tidy garage is the epitome of safety. It's like Marie Kondo met MacGyver and taught him the art of risk reduction.

Tool Proficiency: If you're wielding something unfamiliar, refrain from playing tooltime cowboy. Seek guidance and wield with care.

Power Dance: Power tools are no joke – they're more unpredictable than a reality show contestant. Always heed the manufacturer's instructions, and don't befriend a damaged tool.

Outlet Etiquette: Think of electrical outlets as introverts – they have limits. Overload them, and they'll spark an argument. Respect their boundaries, and you'll prevent fiery meltdowns.

Mindfulness Moves: When garage-bound, maintain a monk-like focus. Stay mindful of your surroundings; your garage door won't shield you from mishaps.

Break-Free Brigade: Fighting fatigue isn't about stoicism; it's about strategic breaks. Every 20-30 minutes, strut around like a majestic peacock – minus the feathers.

Chemical Commandments: Label your chemicals like they're prized possessions – because they are. Keep them out of children's reach and ensure they're playing nicely with others.

S.O.S. – Seek Out Sages: If DIY turns into a horror show, summon a professional hero. It's an act of valor, not surrender.


Ladder Lyricism: Embrace the elegance of ladders – they're your path to DIY glory. But ensure they're firmly anchored and underfoot stability is king.

No Load Limbo: Beware of lurking loads above. Always ascertain their support before you morph into a mechanic beneath them.

Breathable Bliss: Ventilation is key, especially when your projects whip up fumes or dust storms. A well-ventilated garage is like a balmy breeze for your lungs.

Appliance Hibernation: Be the switch expert – turn off appliances that snooze in the background. This stance doesn't just save power; it thwarts electrical sneak attacks.

Flame Defender: A fire extinguisher isn't just a decorative piece. It's the silent guardian, the watchful protector against the fiery forces that might rise.


Armed with these battle-tested strategies, your garage won't just be a mundane space – it'll be your fortress of creativity, your den of daring DIY. So, wield your tools, tame your machinery, and sculpt your projects with the wisdom of a sage and the fortitude of a seasoned warrior. Here's to a garage that's not just a zone of dreams, but a haven of safety and success.