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The Design Trends Dominating 2022

Aug 22, 2022
Think it's too late to follow the 2022 design trends? While we are halfway through the year, when you think about it, there are still six months remaining to enjoy the trends for your space. And who knows, some of these trends will still be the "in" thing next year. One thing is for sure this 2022, though. Minimalism and monochromatic designs are so 2021. Welcome bold colors and patterns in your life instead. Experiment with fun colors, prints, clashing color combinations, and pattern-on-pattern designs. Create a warm, welcoming, and futuristic atmosphere by mixing materials such as glass, metals, woods, high-tech decorations, and curved pieces. If you are looking to remodel and redesign your garage space, you can check the following design trends that are making an impact this year.
Texture, texture, texture
Adding layers of texture is one of the easiest to follow and probably the biggest trend in 2022. They are strong albeit understated design trends this year. Examples of layers are 3D wall paneling and organic tactility from natural materials like cane and rattan. You can also add texture to your walls by using the technique against a backdrop of texture wall techniques such as micro-cementing or lime washing.
Nature is in this year
The great outdoors isn't exclusively for the outdoors nowadays. Many have successfully brought nature inside their homes this 2022. There is a magical feeling that nature brings into your home. Imagine the soothing ambiance it can do to your overall health while accomplishing rather rough jobs like mechanical and electrical work. Greens have calming effects that can boost our physical health and improve our mental health. Also, as we enter our third year of the global health crisis, our mental health has drastically spiraled down. As psychologists suggest, exposing ourselves to deeper green grounds helps evoke the feeling of new life and renewed energy.
Mix and match wall colors
If there is one thing that 2022 invites us to do, it dares to be bold. What better way to express your individuality and personality upfront than making bold statements through your walls? Show your creativity and playfulness with the mixed patterns and palettes on your walls, flooring, and ceiling. If you love seeing the sunset by the beach, bring that scenery into your home. Is buttery yellow your current favorite color? Paint them onto your ceiling. Do not gatekeep and gaslight yourself. Expressing your personality is never going overboard; it is a mere reflection of your personal energy and spirit of optimism.
Old is in, but repurpose them
In recent years, we have been made more aware of our surroundings and the impact of our choices on nature. Repurposing and recycling can help the earth live longer. If you have an old coffee table that you do not use anymore, why not make a piece of new furniture out of it, like making a tools cabinet? Bring new life to your drab wooden chair by personalizing its design that screams your personality. Or maybe make a plant rack for your growing indoor garden by repurposing a vintage table in your guest room. Repurposing is a great way to save the environment and help you save money. It is an act wherein you can be kinder to the planet while being practical. Economically speaking, you have already received the return on investments on your old stuff and saved your wallet from spending more cash to buy new ones.
Stylish window shutters and doors
Another design trend that is easy to follow is reinventing your windows and doors. Going full-on bold with your walls takes guts, but if you are not yet ready to take on that design trend, you can experiment first on a smaller scale. Doors and windows are natural focal points in any room. Try to go with more vibrant colors and shades. Aside from that, you can put colorful glass panes that automatically inject colors into a room. And it offers a style statement.
Maximizing multi-use furniture
Especially if you own a small space, a great addition to your limited area is an item that one can use in multiple ways. One such piece of furniture is a workbench. The primary use of a workbench is for workshop activities, and a study tabletop tops our list. But, that should not only be the basis. An excellent workbench feature is a built-in drawer where you can store small items you frequently use. It is ergonomic and saves you time and effort constantly reaching the tools whenever needed. Imagine getting up from your seat each time; you would need small devices such as rulers, pencils, tape measures, and the like. And you have built-in storage aids to keep your garage clean and tidy. We cannot emphasize enough that your safety and the project's success greatly depend on how organized you keep your workspace, besides your tools and skills. When thinking of garage solutions, we should always think long-term. Items like workbenches have cheaper alternatives like making use of tables already available in the house, but remember that most of these are not designed to handle heavy work. So, it is always recommended to purchase a garage workbench. And we assure you that this is the kind of money spent that will give you a return on investments not only in terms of finances but also regarding your safety and productivity. There are a lot of workbenches that you can choose from that are currently available in the market. But we advise that you look for a reliable brand that many trusts. One such reliable brand is Fleximounts. And among its wide array of products, a workbench that you can maximize when working is the Fleximounts WB201 Durable Workbench with Built-in Drawer. Designed with high-quality craftsmanship, the durable frame of this workbench is made of cold-roll steel. It has a convenient built-in storage drawer that is embedded in the worktop. The pull-out drawer provides seamlessly integrated storage space for your workshop supplies. The modern design blends in perfectly while keeping your belongings out of sight and neatly put away. Understandably, garage workshops tend to be on the heavier side of activity, and the materials and tools used are mostly made of metals and carry heavy weight. So, it is crucial to protect the worktop, a feature that is made especially to last the wear and tear of things. The work surface is free of scratches and chips due to its material. It is made of 1-in thick rubber wood that is sealed with varnish. Garages often have uneven flooring. So, to enjoy a stable work surface, the workbench has adjustable feet to make it easy to level the workbench as deemed fit. The WB201 is an all-purpose workstation that is suitable for many purposes–both commercial and personal. It is fit for use in your home space, garage, warehouse, mailroom, basement, workshop, or office.