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Stay at Home Gift Ideas And Activities for Father’s Day

Jun 17, 2020
Celebrating Father’s Day is a little peculiar this time because of what’s happening all over the world. Everyone needs to follow certain rules of precaution like social distancing and no mass gathering and you can’t just go to your desired celebration spot. That’s the number one hassle of celebrating a special day today. Picking gifts for fathers can also be a bit challenging because there are not many options like the previous years. It’s hard to give gifts that your man wouldn’t want or didn’t even need. So, you really need to think it through. And since this special day is coming up fast, here are few tips on how to make your Dad’s day memorable this year even if you’re all just staying at home.

How to celebrate Father’s Day based on your Dad’s personality

All fathers are different. Though their image has radically changed throughout the years especially on how they interact with their kids, they will still be the best man to you. To make his day special, you can try brainstorming depending on his personality type. Here are some ideas to help you out.

Do some paintball game with a disciplinarian Dad

Fun games are part of making this celebration extra if your Dad is a disciplinarian. He rules the house with a set of dos and don’ts that you wouldn’t dare to violate so it would be fun to see him conform to the game rules you’ve created. This is a great activity to test each other’s’ patience and sportsmanship. You can see how your Dad will react to every misfit and turn while in the game. You can also add some surprises in the middle of the game to make it very exciting. This paintball game is also the best way to stay active while staying at home. You can convert your garden or even your garage to be a game spot. Do some DIY adjustments to make it the perfect celebration spot for your father. You can add cameras to cover everything and so your Dad can watch it many times after the celebration.

Do a relay race with your prim and proper Papa

What’s more, fun than to see your prim and proper Papa thrown off-guard with the type of games you’ve planned for his special day? You’ll surely have a blast with this one. You can lay out some of your Papa’s clothes and have everyone mix and match those and race with each other while parading your Papa’s best outfit. You can add some spin to this game by also judging how fashionable each player is. You’ll discover your Papa’s fashion sense through this game. With this type of activity, you can award some prize to your Papa like “Dad Star” or “Movie Star Look-alike Dad” and treat him with the newest items from head to toe. He’ll surely appreciate all your gifts and effort to make him the happiest Dad even in these trying times.

Do some photo letters for your emotional Daddy

Those emotions are the best people to throw a surprise party with a very dramatic twist. It’s heartwarming to see them shed some tears on a celebration that you thought of. To nail this stay at a home surprise, all of you in the house needs to stay very quiet and not suspicious. You can compile you Daddy’s photos since he was a child to his most treasured moments and milestones in life. You can also attach some tear-jerker notes on each photo. Let him relive his amazing and precious life with his most-treasured people in the whole world. You can have him talk about certain photos that’s very interesting. You can’t go wrong with this surprise. As a gift, you can have a beautiful portrait of your Daddy.

Do some garage DIY with your crafty Pa

A garage DIY is one of the best ideas out there! Schedule an hour or two that your whole family will do what your Pa loves doing – tinkering and creating. Buy necessary tools if you do not have them at home. Check out how your Pa wants to organize and decorate your garage. Throw some idea on what looks cool and economical today. You can start a DIY by hanging tools on a pegboard so you’ll always know where to put them back. You can also create labels for all of your storage boxes and hand some overhead hooks for helmets, shovels, rakes, and more. You can also browse some handy man’s website because they are offering cool discounts for Father’s Day. For instance, you can check because they have Dad's sale where you can get discounts on some garage organizational tools like overhead racks. Also, remember that you can do this activity together with the whole family or you can do your own garage conversion and surprise your Pa with it on Father’s Day.

Do a bachelor’s night with the most important man in your life

It’s one great and unique idea to throw a bachelor’s night for fathers. Let them feel that they are in their 20 years old self again. Pamper them with relaxing and soothing activities like whole-body massage, hair grooming, dressing up, and others. You can choose to prepare everything for them or contract people to help you with it. They would want to be relaxed and stress-free on their special day. If you do not have time to prepare the abovementioned activities, there are a lot of gift options that are easy to prepare or buy for the most special men in your life.

Here are some infamous Father’s Day gifts to surprise them

Sleep Aid Device – You can agree with a lot of people who would say that most of the fathers, including yours, are mostly sleep-deprived. It will be the best gift for him because you’re thinking of his health and you’re helping him to get better sleep. Check out Dodow! Breakfast Sandwich Maker – For sure your Daddy will appreciate this gift that will enable him to do breakfast for less than five minutes! It’s the perfect gift for those who are very busy and always running out of time in the morning. Mini Multitool – Your handyman Dad will love this multitool so he won’t ransack his toolbox every time he needs to fix something inside your house. He can just carry it around because it fits in a pant’s pocket. You can check Veitorld on Amazon! Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill – This is one of the best gifts you can give especially this time. Also, it’s almost grilling season so your Dad can enjoy this hobby. ‘To Dad From The Reasons You Drink’ Glass – This naughty choice is for all Daddy out there. You can also pair this with his favorite beer and let him drink all he wants and you’ll be the favorite child instantly. Overhead Garage Storage – This one is really unique. Give him the best tools he can use for his garage. You can also suggest doing organizing with him when you give your gift. Check his smile because it would be worth remembering. Funny DIY Card – This one will surely make him smile from ear to ear. Why not? It’s the thought that counts, especially this year. Leather Tool Belt – Think about it, all Dads would want this leather tool belt. Thank him for his hard work through this personalized gift. Personalized Family Signpost – This is just like marking your family’s territory. Have your Papa tinker on it and put his best self on that family signpost. Personalized Socks – Who would go wrong with a sock? And make it personalized! You can paint it with his favorite characters or his initials. Make sure to make it as stylish as you can so he’ll actually wear them. Men’s Health Subscription and Check-up – You have to make sure that your Dad is healthy now more than ever so go give him some TLC and let him know that once it’s safe to go to hospitals you’ll all have a head-to-toe check-up to be sure. These gifts are just some of the infamous options you can give him this year. Usual gifts like tickets to his favorite sports matches, vacation in some remote and popular places, dining in on famous restaurants are out with the fallout of coronavirus disease in the whole world. Make sure to still celebrate it even if you are all just staying home. Make sure that your father won’t forget this celebration of Father’s Day 2020. Seal your preparations with love and care and it will indeed leave a mark in his heart. Happy Father’s Day!