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Spring Cleaning Tips: Avoid Second Guessing and Get Rid of These Items ASAP

Mar 16, 2022
What’s stopping you from jumpstarting spring cleaning? Oh, we can think of a number of reasons. One, it could be that spring is the perfect weather to explore outside after being cooped up at home during the drab and cold winter days. The blossoms are in full bloom. Imagine strolling in the park while under the canopy of thick trees. Or two, it could be that you have been deferring deep cleaning because you do not know how and where to begin. Understandably so because the winter season from towards the end of last year to the start of this year had been full of celebrations and holidays. There are a lot of decors that have been used to adorn the house, gifts left unused but you just cannot simply dispose of anyway. And did we mention sports gears that have been left parked somewhere around the garage because the snow and extreme cool weather is not conducive for playing sports, and lawn or garden equipment that is rendered useless during the onset of snowfall? All these reasons are perfectly valid. But postponing spring cleaning because of these is illogical in the long run. The faster you start with a daunting task, the easier and quicker it will be to finish it. Great rewards await you in the end. A useful tip when spring cleaning is to get rid of items without second-guessing yourself whether the item deserves a space in the storage. The faster you decide to keep or dispose of, the better for your decluttering process. Now, it’s time to take some drastic cleanup action by clearing these items out of your garage pronto!
Old or broken tools
We always have a way of keeping these tools in the garage–we always say we can fix them. But in reality, we are not going to have them fixed. Maybe once, yes, but in most cases, we just tuck them away and forget about them. Those rusty hammers and shovels, leaky and cracked garden hose, squeaky ladder–get rid of them now. Better replace them with new ones. And your garage life will be much easier.
Old appliances
Just like the old tools, we have a habit of parking the old appliances in the garage in the hopes of having them fixed. Old and broken appliances like a washing machine, stove, fridge, or even a slow cooker take up large space. And once you open their boxes you could be greeted by pests like mice and roaches as these appliances are perfect breeding grounds. Again, learn to let them go. But do so responsibly. Whether they’re up for donations (if the appliances are still working perfectly) or disposal, make sure to consult professionals on the proper ways to dispose of electric appliances.
Old toys
Kids lose interest in things much faster than we thought, and that includes their toys. When there is a new one that they set their eyes on, the a greater chance that the old toys will accumulate dust in the corner. If your kids would not pay attention to them anymore, it would be better to donate them to charitable institutions. Of course, the conditions of these toys must be good as new so other kids can shower them with love. However, if the toys are no longer fit to be donated or recycled, unfortunately, the only option is to throw them out. Getting sentimental over a toy would not do you good when discarding items away.
Old sports gear and fitness equipment
We have all been to the phase wherein we swear by getting active and healthy by engaging in sports or religious exercising. However, at some point along the way, we outgrow that phase due to circumstances like being overwhelmed with house and work responsibilities or losing interest in the sport altogether. And the natural tendency is to let the gears and equipment sit in the garage unused. To speed up the cleaning process and free up valuable space, donate or sell the equipment. Another individual can make use of your barely used exercise bike or treadmill, or old bikes and golf equipment.
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