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Pro Tips for Storing these Holiday Decorations

Dec 28, 2021
You can count on one hand the remaining days of the year. Whether this thought, err, reality, excites you or haunts you, there is one thing that can’t escape you. And that is, it is finally time to take the Christmas decorations down and lay them to rest for a good 11 months. We may still be in denial that the Christmas festivities have come to an end. However, as the changing year is fast approaching, we should likewise prepare our homes to welcome the new year with a clean slate and space. In most cases, many find packing holiday decorations such a daunting task. And ask themselves, why bother when they are pleasantly surprised to see broken ornaments year after year. And to think that they have been careful enough in storing the decors. These feelings are perfectly valid. We’ve been there, and we can imagine the frustration. But there is hope. Here are the guidelines for properly storing the holiday decorations.
Artificial Christmas Tree
Before buying an artificial Christmas tree, one must realize that storing this may require a ton of space. So, one must have ample storage space, especially if the tree you are eyeing is a full-sized one. Given that, if you have an extra square foot to spare, then go ahead and bring home that tree. Now, it is time to get down to the post-holiday cleaning mode. The first task is to remove all ornaments and lights attached to the tree. Keeping them there while disassembling the tree would only result in damaged items. Then, dust off the branches using a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner. The number of days that the tree is up may mean the amount of dust it has accumulated over time. And you do not want to store the tree with all the dust in it. Imagine unpacking it next year, and the first thing that would greet you is the specs of dust that may trigger your allergic rhinitis. The next step is to disassemble the tree. You can fold the smaller ones, but the bigger trees need to be taken out part by part. Then, wrap it with plastic for added protection against moisture and safe handling of the unruly branches. A self-adhesive will also do the trick, except for keeping it out of moisture when stored in a damp area. Store the tree in a durable box or bag made of materials such as canvas or PVC. Keeping it in a cardboard box may not be a good idea as they are not as sturdy as you want your storage would be. Plus, molds and pests may grow on it, especially when exposed to humidity and moisture.
Christmas Lights
Packing Christmas lights is a pesky business. It can get a little messy. No matter how careful you are in handling them, they always get jumbled up that untangling them would seem endless. There are three easy ways to store the lights tangle-free.
  1. Use a cardboard cutout. Get a heavier and stronger piece of cardboard, such as from a packing box or illustration board. A cardboard made of light material will only wrinkle, or worse, fold up when the lights are wrapped around it. Cut a notch on one side of the rectangular cardboard. Should the notch be on the width or length side, it clearly depends on you as it will work either way. Then wrap the lights around neatly from side to side. Once done, tuck the end of the string into another notch. And finally, cover the lights with a layer or two of tissue paper.
  2. Use a hanger. Pick a hanger with a little hook on the side for easier wrapping. Slip the end of the lights into the hook. Then, wrap the lights around the hanger until it reaches the other side of the hanger. If there are still a few inches left on the lights, gradually work back to the original side. Repeat this step until there is no more dangling string. Once you reach the end, tuck it into the hook. Wrap the hanger in tissue paper. Finally, store the hanger inside the box, or hang it wherever convenient and safe.
  3. Simply wrap carefully. Use your thumb and index finger to pinch the second light of the strand. Pull the fourth light and place it next to the second light. Following this pattern, match the even light to the top of your hand while the odd lights at the bottom. Once all the lights are matched, wrap the remaining cord around the string. Use the plugs to tighten the bunch of lights.
Christmas Ornaments
Useful techniques in keeping the ornaments may vary depending on the size of your storage. If you have extra space to spare or are willing to sacrifice a few square feet, you may use storage bins with cardboard dividers. This way, fragile ornaments are kept more securely. Otherwise, wrap them in a paper towel or tissue paper before tucking them into a Ziploc bag or see-through box.
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