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Other than the garage, where and how can you use the FlexiMount

Jun 30, 2021
Like the rest of the population with FlexiMounts in their garage arsenal, there is a high probability that you are loving your own overhead garage rack.There are just two things that you are wondering -- “How can I have more of these nifty overhead racks in my home?” Well, you are in luck because here are a few ways you can use these garage solutions and some customer reviews as well to help you decide what storage you want more.

Try installing an overhead garage rack in your

Attic- This works well if you have a higher ceiling in your attic but if you do then good for you! Your attic is already a storage center for you so why not elevate it (get it?) with an overhead garage rack to optimize its organized look. Not only would you have more storage, you also get to create a space that would never look cluttered. Loft Apartment- Some loft apartments just do not have enough space, so with an overhead garage rack from FlexiMounts, you are assured of more space to utilize. Bedroom- This might seem like a bad idea but with a lot of guts and imagination, you can make this work! Aside from having another storage option in your room, you also get the fun of beautifying this garage rack for the bedroom. Install some fairy lights and fake vines and leaves to get a wonderland feel. If that is not your cup of tea, you can install fake clouds made from cotton and little dangling stars to help you sleep better at night. Here are two Overhead Garage Storage solutions by FlexiMounts to help you choose which one would match your home. There are also reviews to give you a better understanding of the overhead garage rack and lift.


Easily access your overhead garage storage rack without a ladder by raising and lowering it with the supplied hand crank. Ideal for people looking for a safe, fashionable, and convenient way to store their belongings above their heads. The thick and heavy steel, superior gears, and top-quality components that have been rigorously tested for safety and durability make this a long-lasting piece. This storage elevator for the ceiling can safely hold up to 300 pounds. Heavy-duty vinyl-coated steel wires provide a 9-foot vertical lift and are securely locked in place. When compared to similar alternatives that employ separate wire ropes and axles, our steel cable with the integrated axles is more solid and sturdy. When not in use, a carefully built safety lock prevents any movement. “This technique worked wonders in my garage, freeing up much-needed floor space. Installation was straightforward, and I was able to accomplish it all on my own. The remainder of the installation is simple once you've located the studs. Because I have a high ceiling, this is an excellent method to keep that rarely used equipment off the floor and out of the way. I was able to really load it up because it has a 300-pound capacity. The only thing I needed to adjust was to level the rack once it was connected to the wires, which was simple to do as well. This is just what I needed to make more room in my garage! The textual directions, as well as the video, were quite helpful. I really enjoy that I can raise and lower the rack with my drill! It's so much easier than trying to have stuff stacked up on the floor or on high shelves that are difficult to reach. For me, it's a winner.” - Finn H. “I was searching for a strategy to improve both storage and floor space in my garage. I discovered this lift and am extremely satisfied with it. I choose him because he makes it simple for me to acquire what I want. And I don't think the installation is as difficult as I had anticipated. I have much too many items to store in the garage's limited space. It made me feel at ease. Sure! I decorate it with seasonal decorations like Christmas and just have to take it down once a year. First and foremost, the installation was simple. It would have been easier if I had a second pair of hands to assist me, but I was able to complete the task on my own. I can't lower the elevator all the way to the floor because it's the only place I could mount it. This would have been ideal, but I'm currently obstructed by a workbench. I placed 10 coarsely grated walnut slabs on it as soon as I got it installed. It was easily raised by the lift, which was also very solid. These will take some time to dry, but they will be out of my way. I would not really mind having a bunch more if I had more area to mount them. But I'm thrilled I have this one, and I'm hoping to put it to good use.” - Craig B.


For easy installation, an integrated grid design has been used. All of the required hardware, as well as instructions, are supplied. A planning worksheet is also supplied to assist you in devising a strategy for storing your belongings in the most efficient way possible. The unit's frame and incorporated wire grid design are soldered together, making it more durable and robust. “It was just constructed. It saves a lot of space in the storage area. Before you install it, make sure you assess the area and know where your roof joints are. As a result, I had to shift my location. The instructions should be a little clearer because they hop around a lot and never stay on one item to accomplish. Instead of jumping around in the middle, it should at least provide instructions for each and every setup that you will use. Which is OK for anyone who makes their own repairs or is fairly adept at figuring things out. However, for someone who has never done it before, it may be perplexing. Also, have someone assist you because doing it alone would take longer and you may injure yourself, such as your back. The movable arms are great since they allow you to modify how much material you can place on the racking. Because I laid on it and tightened one of the bolts, I know it's robust. Overall, I think it's a decent quality, but I only put it up today and it's holding up well. This product exceeded our expectations in every way. Assembly was simple, directions were clear, and I have confidence in the unit's durability. Thank you for creating a trustworthy product.” Britanny D. “Everything was in excellent condition, with no missing components or hardware. The directions were a little hazy, but if you're handy in general, you'll be able to figure it out. I chose to install my rack over the garage entrance. These can be mounted at any height from the ceiling by simply cutting the brackets down using a grinder's cutting wheel. Without a doubt, the rack is really durable. Before you start measuring and bolting things together, I recommend laying out the brackets and connecting hangers. I really like this product and wish I had purchased it before constructing the wood ceiling shelves in my garage. I bought another one and am looking forward to seeing how tidy my garage gets.” - Marlee S.

Final Thoughts

These storage solutions are not just for the garage. With a lot of imagination and patience, you will see that anything is possible with these FlexiMounts garage racks. Now go ahead and buy some more for every part of your home!