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Motivation to Work: Scoring Black Friday Deals

Nov 18, 2021
If you are looking for that magical motivation to drag yourself out of the comfy bed, then think of the most fabulous Friday that is soon to come–Black Friday! Go, get them moolah for your shopping escapade! Nothing beats seeing your credit card bill and shopping lists to work extra hard. Just hearing or reading the word "Black Friday" sends tingles to your spine. Because why not? This is the day after Thanksgiving and then followed by the weekend. And people are sure to be out there scouring the shopping malls for the best deals and bargains. Also, Black Friday marks the start of the Christmas season. Merry-making music fills the halls, and Christmas lights and ornaments adorn every house. We also start ticking off our lists of Christmas presents, and the Black Friday sale is the perfect occasion to buy gifts at discounted prices. As they say, why pay the full price when you can get them at discounted rates. Are there items on your cart that have been sitting for too long because you are still undecided? Then the Black Friday Sale will let you check out those items fast! Enjoy a 10% discount on your total bill if the amount reaches a minimum of $300. There are no hidden rules, and if you love the product, you can take advantage of the discount. What's even more impressive is that the items on sale are also included in the promo. And the discount can be used in conjunction with coupons. What a steal, right? Check out these Fleximounts bestsellers that you can utilize for storage and other activities.
Priced at $209.99 If you are looking for garage shelving that sits upright in your garage space, then consider the FS24. The garage shelving is highly-durable mainly because of its carbon steel-made construction. Each frame has a large storage capacity, and overall, the shelves can carry a weight of up to 4,650 lbs. The vertical beams and four support straps yield a stable structure. The shelves can surely keep your items well and safe. The powder-coated finish of the steel construction provides stability, corrosion resistance, and durability. The look is effortlessly classic and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, cleaning this shelf is as easy as you could imagine. Each layer of the shelving is adjustable according to what you need. You can customize the height depending on the size of the items you wish to store. However, you may be thinking of its durability and firmness. Do not worry because the selves are secure. To make sure that the cross beams stay seated, there are locking pins. The attached protective plastic foot pads prevent the bottom of the rack from rusting while protecting your floors from abrasion. Lastly, the FS24 is easy to assemble. Parts are already pre-installed, and the package includes clear instructions. The garage shelving is ideal for usage in garages, warehouses, kitchens, etc.
Priced at $259.99 The heavy-gauge, cold-rolled steel construction of the overhead garage storage rack assures the safe loading of heavyweights of up to 600 lbs. The unit is made to be more sturdy and stable as the integrated wire grid design and frame are welded together. Furthermore, the wire grids underwent strict tests with triple load breaking strength and were designed to be assembled quickly. You can modify the height of the overhead garage storage rack from 22 to 40 inches for a more convenient safekeeping of your stuff. It lets you adjust the height according to your preference because of the height-adjustable ceiling drop-down. The ceiling brackets' design creates security and more flexibility by attaching to two joists. Furthermore, the rack is compatible with either ceiling studs or solid concrete ceilings. All the provided hardware needed in the installation has gone through strict tests to show its top-quality make beyond doubt. The provided screws are thicker than the competing brands.
Priced at $49.99 to $79.99 Enjoy an additional 15% discount when you use the code: SALE15 The bike rack is built from high-quality powder-coated, cold-rolled steel to resist cracking, chipping and rusting. There are three variations of the rack depending on the number of units you want to be stored. It can hold one bike, four bikes, or six bikes. The six-bike rack can hold up to 300 lbs or 136 kg. They are dependable for load-bearing performance and heavy-duty and long-lasting that can withstand years. Cyclists who will have this lifestyle for a very long time will find this rack reliable. And as you venture into cycling, a high chance would be to buy more bicycles that fit a specific activity. The J-shaped hooks are easy to use and perfectly fit the curvature of your bike hubs, and it provides a firm grip to safely secure the bicycles in their upright position. Each hook is mounted securely, so it would not be a cause of worry if the hooks came off the hanging bikes. The premium hooks, wrapped with thick sponge foam tubing, are far from aging and cracking and offer better protection for your bike's hubs, wheels, and spokes. You can easily reposition the bike rack's hooks anywhere on the rack to accommodate different bicycle sizes. The wall mounts hanger suits most bicycles (within 2.56-in range in diameter), including mountain bikes, road bikes, and kids bikes. But this excludes wide-tire bikes.
Priced at $139.99 The wall-mounted shelving can hold a weight of a total of 440 lbs. The BR24 has a high loading capacity and offers safety because of its high-quality construction. The one-piece integrated grid design is easy to assemble and brings needed stability. Thus, it makes it more stable than comparable units with multi-piece assembly available in the market. Furthermore, it offers flexible installation as the 2-pack wall shelf can be installed parallel or vertical according to your choice. The wall shelving can be installed by one person, which is evident in the installation manual that comes with the package. The box provides all installation templates and hardware needed for the installation. Also included is the bubble level that helps in maintaining a perfect horizontal location. The BR24 Wall Shelving can also serve as bike racks if attached with the GRH2/GRH2B hooks. Aside from being bike storage, the hooks can also accommodate tools and other items that can be vertically hung.