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Make Garage Cleaning and Organizing Easy with these Simple Steps

Jan 17, 2023

Is cleaning ever easy? Some might say easy peasy, while others will frown at the thought.

Where do we start when organizing a garage? When you first enter the room, you can hastily shut the door when you see the mess. And promise yourself, "Perhaps tomorrow." For several weeks or months, this might have been the situation

A clean and tidy home is one of the resolutions we should get to cross off our list when the year starts. Why not start the garage cleaning right away? Putting it off will only result in emotional distress. Nothing feels more motivating than seeing and using an organized space.

Start the annual cleaning off right by following these simple steps. We assure you that the cleaning sessions will be less complicated and stressful. You might even think it's fun!

Begin from the ground up.

Starting at the bottom of the garage makes the most sense. Movement is restricted by the scattered objects on the floor, including mounds of boxes. Therefore, get everything out of the area and leave them off the floor to start things flowing seamlessly.

Afterward, you may organize your tables, cabinets, and other storage solutions.

Clear surfaces and objects using a soft cloth.

Use face masks, keep a towel nearby, and carry cleaning spray. You will undoubtedly be astonished by the quantity of dust and dirt. It should come as no surprise if dust and molds have settled in your stacks of stuff, given that they may have been kept and left undisturbed for longer than we would want to acknowledge. Consequently, clean up anything dusty or soiled before you begin categorizing them.

Sort your stuff and categorize it into keep, sell, or give away.

The hunt is upon us. Believe us when we propose that nearly two-thirds of the stuff in your garage must go. Stay brutally honest with yourself. A good litmus test is to question yourself, "Do I find myself using this item in the next several months at least?" If it isn't, simply let it go. Obviously, there might be outliers. You could then place the item in the "keep" category if it contains a special memory for you. Even so, this should not be used as an argument for every item. You may discover that you have to try and put everything into the boxes again. That would contradict the objective of cleaning up.

Sort the goods that must be discarded into three categories: throw, sell, or give away. Throw them out if they are already busted and beyond repair. Just be cautious while disposing of broken glass, electronic gadgets, and other chemical-containing items.

If you choose to give it away, make sure it is still in good condition and usable. And, if the products are still functional, decide whether you want to sell or give them. You don't like to gift anything to the receiver that will only collect dust. They should not be beneficiaries of your "garbage," either. Various groups in your neighborhood will accept donations. And it would be best if you chose which ones are appropriate for the stuff you are donating.

Choose a storage solution that you can rely on.

As cleaning is indeed a big undertaking, including arranging your items in the garage might mean catastrophe if not done correctly and result in exhaustion if you devote more energy and time than intended. Having a reliable storage system should help. Despite the number of times you clean rigorously if your storage system is not up to level with the degree of effort you pour into it, all of your efforts will be in vain.

Installing an overhead garage storage rack is the clever solution to all your issues. Decluttering the garage would be easier by utilizing the ceiling space and transforming it into a storage area. The vacant ceiling space might serve as a safe haven for essential items that need to locate a new spot anywhere but your living space.

One such fantastic storage is the Fleximounts GR48F Basic 4′ X 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack. The heavy cold-rolled 14 gauge steel construction ensures long-lasting use. It provides safety loading up to 600 lbs with ⅜" plywood or thicker. The high-quality screws supplied in the package are thicker than industry standards and have gone through strict tests. 

The rack is also height adjustable to suit your needs. It can go from 22 to 40 inches dropdown and provides up to 105 cu. It is beyond compare to other racks available in the market with a maximum of 33 inches ceiling drop down and a maximum of 88 cu. ft. of storage. The dimensions of the GR48F are 96 x 48 x 22-40 inches.

Moreover, the GR48F Basic 4′ X 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack offers installation practicality as it can be used both for parallel and perpendicular installation. In either case, you only have to make sure that the vertical posts are 48 inches apart. If your garage's ceiling is finished with drywall, you can use a stud finder to locate the ceiling joists.

The rack consists of four corner triangles and two frame reinforcement bars. The rack is a specially designed vertical post that allows embedded deck mounting. And for added peace of mind and security, it has multiple mounting points for firmly attaching the deck and frame with tapping screws.

This Fleximounts overhead storage rack allows for versatility and creativity by allowing you to modify the color of the wooden decks or, better yet, repurpose old wooden boards lying around the garage or garden. However, keep in mind that the suggested dimension is 4'x8' and has a thickness of at least 38". You may also use Fleximounts wire grids as a base or deck for the rack, which provides durable storage for all of your unused and seasonal products.

Stay calm about the installation, as the instructions and templates are easy to comprehend. And you do not need to be a construction expert to do such a garage project.