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Installation Guide: Fleximounts WR26 Classic 2-Pack 2′ X 6′ Wall Shelving

Jul 22, 2022
Cleaning and clearing the garage can be quickly done using the right equipment. In effect, decluttering your garage will never be a burden. And finding the proper storage for your area answers most of your problems in making more floor space for your cars and activities. There are many wall shelves and overhead garage storage available in the market. A quick search on e-commerce sites will show hundreds of products. But looking for what will be best suited in your garage will take time if you do not know what you want and need in garage storage. Aside from the affordability and price, there are other criteria that you should look for in a piece of storage equipment. One is that you can also utilize an organizing shelf for multiple uses. And it offers flexibility, which will suit your needs–whether it is for weight capacity, reinventing the shelf's orientation, or compatibility with the kind of walls you already have in the garage. It is common sense that it will be easier and financially logical to get a rack that is already compatible with the build of your garage. You can save a significant amount of space in the garage by using the corner walls to install the wall shelf. The Fleximounts WR26 Classic 2-Pack 2′ X 6′ Wall Shelving is one such reliable top storage solution. It is also compatible and suited for either solid concrete ceilings or wooden walls. Metal studs, however, are not supported. It is heavy-duty and has sturdy performance because of it is made of powder-coated steel. Moreover, its buckle design with velcros makes it sturdier and more stable, preventing the brackets from falling and bending. The shelf can carry a total maximum weight of 800 lbs without being wobbly, so you do not need to worry about the safety of the items stored on it. Assembling and installing this wall-mounted shelf will be a breeze. It is constructed and designed for easy installation and is possible for a one-person installation. However, it is highly recommended that two persons at minimum do the job. All the hardware you need is already available in the package, including the bubble level that helps get the perfect horizontal location and the installation template that helps mount holes. The WR26 is available in two colors: black and white. What's in the box Here are the rack parts included in the package:
  1. Four (4) pcs Shelf Brackets Left Side
  2. Four (4) pcs Shelf Brackets Right Side
  3. Sixteen (16) pcs Velcro
  4. Eight (8) pcs 1' x 3' Wire Grids
  5. One (1) pc Installation Template
  6. One (1) pc Level
Here is the set of screws included in the package, four (4) packs of each:
  1. Six (6) pcs Lag Screws
  2. Six (6) pcs Metal Expansion Bolts
  3. Six pcs Number 8 Flat Washers
Tools needed when installing the Fleximounts WR26 Classic 2-Pack 2′ X 6′ Wall Shelving
Installing the corner wall shelf is pretty easy as it is a do-it-yourself project. And it only needs essential equipment readily available in your garage toolbox.
  1. Pencil
  2. Power Drill
  3. Stud or Joist Finder
  4. Tape Measure
  5. Eye Protection Wear
  6. Ladder
  7. Wrench
Easy step-by-step guide when installing the Fleximounts WR26 Classic 2-Pack 2′ X 6′ Wall Shelving
Although assembling and installing this wall shelf is easy to follow using these steps, basic knowledge of the tools and hardware will help finish the process quickly and correctly. And a companion would greatly help in the process.
  1. Unbox the package. Ask the assistance of another person to unload the box and take out the contents as the parcel may be heavy for a single person. Place them on a sturdy workbench or garage floor, whichever is more convenient for you.
  2. Identify the location in the garage where you want the wall-mounted shelf to be installed. Make sure to clean the surfaces and the area so as not to impede the process.
  3. There are two options when installing: into wall studs or solid concrete walls. The first option we will discuss is installing the shelf brackets into wall studs.
  4. The first step is to use a stud finder to locate the studs.
  5. Decide the height of the installation on your wall. Use the template and level to confirm the suitable installation height according to your actual need, and mark the holes of the installation position with a pencil. The template is designed for studs 16", 18", and 24" apart.
  6. Ensure that the hole locations are level before drilling the holes. Then, drill 60-mm deep holes using a 3/16" drill bit.
  7. Install the shelf brackets with the number 8 flat washers and lag screws with a wrench. A word of caution is to ensure that the shelf brackets are wholly fixed on the wall without gaps to prevent personal injury or property damage.
  8. For the other option, install the shelf brackets into the solid concrete wall.
  9. Determine the height onto which you want the shelf installed. Use the template and level to mark the hole with a pencil. Confirm if the hole locations are level before drilling the holes.
  10. Drill 60mm deep holes using a 3/18" drill bit.
  11. First, screw in the metal expansion bolts. Then, go ahead and install the shelf brackets with the number 8 flat washers and lag screws using a wrench. Again, make sure that the shelf brackets are entirely fixed on the wall without gaps to prevent personal injury or property damage.
  12. The second step is to place and attach the wire grids to the shelf brackets.
  13. The first thing to do is to buckle one side of the wire grid onto the end of the shelf bracket.
  14. Secure the wire grid and shelf brackets with the velcros.
  15. Ensure all materials are correctly installed before storing items on the wall shelves.
Safety Precautions
Follow and take the following safety precautions to heart to avoid accidents when installing and using the wall-mounted shelf in your garage.
  1. Make sure to read and understand the instructions carefully before attempting installation. If you are unsure of any parts of the installation guide, feel free to contact and ask a professional installer for assistance.
  2. The garage shelf is designed to be installed on a solid concrete ceiling or wooden wall. The wall must support the combined weight of the garage rack and your stuff. Otherwise, you must reinforce the structure and weight capacity of the ceiling. Check your garage wall before installing the shelf.
  3. Never exceed the maximum load capacity of 198 lbs or 90 kg. Or else, it may cause physical injury or product damage.
  4. Make sure that you use the proper tools when installing the wall-mounted shelf. It is highly recommended that two people (or more, if needed) install the shelf.
  5. Keep the items and hardware parts away from the reach of young children and pets as the package contains small items that could be choking hazards if swallowed.
  6. Do not forget to check the joint parts every two months, ensuring no screws have loosened.
  7. And lastly, the WR26 wall-mounted shelf is intended for indoor use only. The use of the product outdoors may lead to physical injury or product damage.