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How to Turn Your Garage Into Your Home Office

Aug 13, 2020
If you have been doing remote work for months now, you know the hassle of working at a stop-gap desk in a corner of your home. It can be pretty inconvenient if you have to work with computer setup and a pile of paperwork on the side. What you can do is to look around your home for extra space. Your garage would be a great alternative if it has the right dimensions. However, you would need to refer to your state’s local residential code to ensure that your garage could be converted into a smart office. Doing this kind of project needs extensive planning because it might cost you more if things go awry. You also need to think of your existing garage layout as well as the kind of aesthetics that you want to incorporate. Getting the basics installed If you are bent on turning the garage into a workstation, you need to install the following to make your renovated office comfortable. 1.Flooring -- Check your garage’s flooring if it’s cozy enough to make the office comfortable during all seasons. Add tiles and carpets as well so you can reflect your aesthetic taste. 2. Walls -- Most garages have poor insulation so you can add a reverse-cycle air conditioner for cross-ventilation. Your interior walls should be designed to promote airflow when the windows are open. 3.Lighting -- Lighting is important in any home office. If there is no natural light streaming in your windows, you would want the right blend of task and ambient lighting. You can also replace the old garage door with translucent glass panels. Doing so can also improve ventilation. One step at a time You can start slow with your project. In terms of the overall look, you might want something neutral so your garage-office looks more spacious and tidy. Add your furniture and garage shelving bit by bit so you can keep things organized in your office. Decorative items can be added later after all the functional items are already in place.