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How to Keep Burglars Away from Your Garage

Nov 10, 2021
No matter how safe you think your neighborhood is, no one is ever 100% protected from burglars. Break-ins often occur more than we think they do, accessing houses through easy entry points such as the garage. Since the garage is an often neglected space, doors and windows of garages are perfect for thieves to enter our homes unannounced. Once a burglary happens, we never really get over it—always scared that a stranger may come creeping in again at night while we sleep soundly. A quick look at the Bureau of Justice Statistics will tell you that about two-thirds of property crimes happened inside or near the home of residents. Additionally, 17.6% of property crimes that were reported between the years 2004 to 2008 happened inside the main house, garage, and porch. Now this is not the time to panic or be filled with irrational worry. There would always be dangers out there but there are many ways to mitigate them. Don’t let any burglary ever happen to you and your family by reducing the risks, starting from your garage. Below are some tips you could do now for your household’s safety.
Use dark windows.
Add film to your garage windows and door windows to not attract burglars in the first place. These thieves won’t even think about breaking in your house if they could not see how much or how valuable you have in it. Cover your windows with a privacy film that is most likely available at your local hardware store. If you’re just building your garage, make it burglar-proof by asking your door manufacturer to use durable privacy glass for the windows at your garage door.
Use a garage shield to block the opener cord of your garage door.
You have to always think ahead of what’s in the mind of your future burglar. Of course, one way they would try to break inside is through garage door cords, a cord in the garage door that disconnects the door from the chain. These were created for emergency purposes to allow homeowners to manually lift the doors of their garages to access it. Burglars would most likely take advantage of this loophole by wedging a coat hanger on the top of the garage door and the trim to grab the cord from the outside. This can be solved by purchasing a garage shield, a metal plate that will be installed on the garage track apparatus. It would automatically be blocking the garage cord.
Illuminate your house.
yes, we said to leave your garage dark but when it comes to the main house, it would be better if you leave the lights on. Burglars, of course, can’t afford to be caught while in the act so they would prefer as little light as possible. You may even use a motion-detecting light to scare the thieves further from coming close or seeing stuff they want to get their hands on.
Install a camera at your garage.
Use a garage camera and motion-detecting lights to help avoid a burglary risk. Technology has come a long way and you could now use an app in your phone to receive notifications, calls, messages and warnings from your neighborhood. You may look at your phone and receive instant updates about your house’s safety. Remember that you have to be prepared to invest for a camera because the prices don’t come cheap. Just set your mind to the dangers you’d be avoiding when your house is secured. It’ll be comforting to know that you may check what’s happening in your garage at any time, just by looking at your phone.
Use a new, upgraded version of your garage’s remote control.
Your future thief may take hold of your old remote control at any time, and you’ll feel helpless. With the remote control, they can barge in your garage and then your main house at any time. What most people do is leave the remote of their garage door beneath the visor of the car or placed in a reachable spot. This is already convenient, but what’s more convenient is having an automatic opener. They even carry keychain remotes. A smart garage door opener is also a great option to connect to your smartphone.
Make sure the exterior and entry doors are locked and safe.
Don’t dare sleep at night unless you’ve already locked and double checked all the doors in your household. No fancy-schmancy needed; gadgets won’t do you any good if you do not understand the assignment and make a habit out of locking and checking doors. You could literally spare your house from burglars if all entry and exit points are locked. What’s five minutes of walking to your doors and locking everything in when it will stop burglars from robbing your belongings. Pro Tip: Some items are misplaced outside because there is no more space in the garage. This makes it prone to being stolen so make sure to secure your objects inside the garage by maximizing wall and ceiling space. First, there will be more space in your locked garage for all your items to be secured inside and second, if the thieves do manage to get in, it’s harder and slower for them to access belongings on a height without making any sounds. Head on to FlexiMounts and check out its overhead garage storage racks and wall shelving options. If you’re reading this before Black Friday or November 26 this year, you may enjoy a 15% discount on selected items using the code BFCM15 up until November 14.
Final Words
Never assume that a neighborhood is too safe for burglars. Anyone can suffer from break-ins so make sure your house is prepared to shoo thieves away or at least have them trapped until the police come. If you think it’s additional money that you could just save in your bank account, then you should know that the safety and protection of your family come first before any cost. Never take you and your family’s security for granted.