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How to Control the Climate of Your Garage

Nov 16, 2021
This may come surprising to some of you but climate conditions vary greatly in the home garage. It gets boiling hot during the summer season while it gets extremely cold during the winter season. For most homeowners, this does not matter that much because they don’t spend a chunk of their time in their garage. But for some who use their garage most of the time to fine-tune their bike or car or use the garage space as a workshop, staying inside it becomes unbearable during the summer or winter days. That is if the garage has no proper climate control. Fret not because this is a common problem of the garage and a lot of experts and homeowners have already weighed in on the subject. Based on experience, hearsay, and expert knowledge, they shared tips on how to create and maintain the right temperature for the garage regardless of the season outdoors. A climate-controlled garage allows a homeowner to make the most out of the space and to be able to work there comfortably for hours nonstop. But first, why do you even need climate control in your garage? As said above, it’s because the outdoor weather conditions affect the indoor temperature in the garage that makes anyone working there feel uncomfortable. Another reason for the need to control the climate in the garage is to extend the life of tools, items, and the overall make-up of the garage—which most of the time are expensive and cost a fortune. You should know that when temperatures get colder, metal and wooden objects in the garage contract and could malfunction. It’s the opposite when it’s at its hottest, parts of the garage expand and move in a way that hurts the “structural integrity of the space.” A word of caution is to take out flammable items in the garage during the summer months because it heats up quickly and might catch fire. This is why you need to invest time, money, and effort in making the garage a safe and comfortable place to work in. Follow these tips as soon as you have freed up your time and are ready to fix your garage’s temperature problem.
1. Install insulation on the areas where air enters and exits.
A common misconception about insulation is that it’s only useful during winter when it maintains the heat of indoor space by keeping the cold air outdoors. Insulation can actually also keep hot air out during hot summer days so make sure to install insulation in your windows, doors, ceiling, and walls. This will heat-proof your garage and prepare it for any season of the year.
2. Install a heating or cooling unit in the garage.
Regulate temperature by installing a heating or cooling unit in your garage. This could help solve the climate control dilemma in your garage. You may choose from vented combustion heaters, portable air conditioners, or window air conditioners. A vented combustion heater is hung and uses the air outside for combustion. What it does is separate unhealthy exhaust gas found in the air so that the occupants of the space, in this case, the garage, won’t breathe dirty air indoors. An example of this is an electric heater that is more cost-effective than a centralized heating system. A portable air conditioner will help in cooling parts of your garage as you can easily move it from one area to another. A window air conditioner will give you the power to control the temperature in your garage. Some units can be used as a heater during winter.
3. Use dehumidifiers.
Humidity control is also important in controlling the climate of your garage. One of the downsides to installing heating and cooling units is that they might actually increase the humidity of your garage. In this case, you would need a dehumidifier to maintain proper air circulation. Some portable air conditioners also have the feature of working as a dehumidifier so if you see one with that power, invest in it. You will be able to cool your garage with it at different times of the year.
4. Pick the right garage door.
Yes, you read it right. Picking the right garage door is not only for good design or high security, it also plays a role in the amount of temperature regulation in your garage. It’s better if you could buy a garage door with insulating properties. They would of course cost you more money but in the long run, you would be glad that you listened to us because of the comfort it brings to your garage space.
5. Keep your garage items organized.
You could also control the climate or temperature in your room based on the number of items or belongings you stuff in it. While we do not recommend sizing down your items in the garage for climate control, especially if the area’s primary purpose in your house is for storage, we do see the need to keep your belongings organized so that you won’t be storing unnecessary objects. This would free up space and would mean the garage could cool down more quickly, given that’s your goal. To keep them organized, you may opt to use ceiling and wall space for storage. FlexiMounts has overhead garage storage racks and wall shelving options. They could either be mounted on the ceiling or installed in a vacant wall. They could carry weights ranging from 200 to 600 pounds. They are made of steel and have one to two layers of shelves. You’re in luck because FlexiMounts is already on a Black Friday sale. For items over $300, you may get a 10% discount. These include those that are already on sale so a discount will be applied on top of it. You may also use coupons in conjunction with the discounts. Black Friday only happens once a year and it’s one of the biggest sales FlexiMounts ever hosts. Don’t miss this chance and check out the items that you want to avail yourself of the discount for.