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How To: Climate Controlling Your Garage

Jun 18, 2020
Climate controlling your garage is essential to get the most out of your garage. Seasons change quickly but it doesn't mean you need to slack from maintaining your garage. One of the reasons you should have a climate-controlled garage is to protect your things especially your car from possible damage. Exposing your car to extreme shifts in temperature can interfere with your car's ability to run smoothly. There are also items stored in the garage that could be damaged by seasonal temperature and/or humidity extremes. To protect your garage storage and other vulnerable items from getting damaged, here are some tips and advice on how you can have a climate-controlled garage. Replace Your Garage Door Another reason you should climate control your garage is that you can enjoy handiworks such as gardening and restoration without suffering from either low and high temperatures. Replacing your garage door would be a perfect start to do that. A simple wind, rain, and sun can also take a toll on a garage door, damaging the insides of your garage. You can choose from installing an insulated garage door to reduce your utility bills. Insulated garage doors hold less heat than uninsulated doors. They can also moderate temperatures just inside the door — where your opening mechanism is usually located. Install Heating/Cooling Units Putting up a heating and cooling unit can benefit your garage big time. If you don’t have this installed yet, there’s a possibility that extreme temperatures during summer and winter can damage the materials you have inside, thus saving you money from repair damages in the future. Proper Insulation Did you know that extreme heat or extreme coldness can affect your vehicles and other objects inside the garage? It also goes with wood and metals inside your garage, which can easily break due to humidity and temperature changes. With proper insulation, you’re sure to cut down the cost of possible replacement in your garage storage and racks. However, you can also try investing in overhead storage racks from FLEXIMOUNTS made from heavy-duty cold-rolled steel construction to safely load a 600 lb equipment. It’s also suitable for securing to either ceiling studs or a solid concrete ceiling so no worries about installing it in your garage. Remember also to close off any gaps in your garage to avoid unwanted cool or hot air from getting inside and damaging your things. It’s okay to invest in maintaining your garage from time to time to ensure the longevity of your car and the items inside it.