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How to Channel Your Inner Marie Kondo

Oct 18, 2022

Does it spark joy?

How often have we been hearing this for the past few years? And most probably, you have also said this sentence more than once. And in part, this is because of Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant, and cleaning expert who gained worldwide fame because of the wildly successful Netflix series "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo." The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, which she also wrote, has been dubbed the #1 New York Times Best Seller and has sold at least two million copies worldwide.

Many directly correlate Marie Kondo's method of tidying, known as the KonMari Method, with minimalism and getting rid of everything that makes them likely unhappy or does not bring them any form of joy at least. And this technique has generated a craze in society that has motivated everyone to get off the sofa and organize their houses.

In case you forgot or weren't aware when the KonMari Method became popular, here is a quick explanation.

Make a commitment to tidying.

A word of advice: Avoid starting it at all costs if you are afraid of obligations. Maintaining a clean home requires mental discipline. It takes dedication to organize and declutter. To begin with, it takes time and effort. Furthermore, you wouldn't want to give up halfway through a task if it became too difficult.

Think about how you live.

Consider this: how do you picture your home and how do you envision living there? Are you more of a fitness enthusiast? Then, you'll probably gravitate toward surrounding yourself with exercise equipment, a well-lit kitchen where you can prepare your nutritious meals or closet space for your often-used workout clothing.

Or are you the creative type? You will then inevitably surround yourself with artistic items you have created or purchased from other artists. There will also be a place for you to express your creativity.

It will be much simpler to organize and decide what belongs in the house if you choose the lifestyle you would want to live. And if you'd wish to, you may also write, cut out pictures from magazines, doodle, or even create a Pinterest mood board. By doing this, you will be able to distinguish between your selections and the lifestyle you will be leading.

Tossing must be conducted first.

Once you have removed the items that needed organizing, there are just two sorting categories left for you to do: For Discarding and For Keeping.

Understandably, despite how significant they may have been when you first got them, most of the goods in your home are now unnecessary to you. Get rid of whatever you don't need now and never will need. It is pointless to keep them for nostalgia's sake. It will just result in packing them back into bins, eventually filling them with dust. Furthermore, this is ineffective. These useless objects took up space that might have been utilized to keep essential stuff. If you continue to keep these objects that ought to have been thrown away in the first place, the process will never come to a conclusion.

Organize not by area, but by category.

When it comes to the right way to organize, it is to do it all at once. Turn your house upside down if you have to. Room-by-room organization will simply offer you an illusory sense of achievement when, in reality, all you have done is reorganize the things' locations. Additionally, you won't have a precise understanding of the size of your possessions.

Gather anything from around the home that falls under each category and put it in one location. Pull all of your clothing out, for instance, and set it in the living room while organizing your wardrobe. Clean all pieces as you thoroughly search your home. Once the tidying process is complete, this will aid you when you are really organizing what goes back into the closet. You may compare the number of garments you possess to the number of clothes you really wear.

Observe the correct sequence.

The KonMari Method states that organizing should be done in the following order: clothing, books, documents, komono (miscellaneous), and lastly, sentimental objects. Then you may separate them into subcategories, such as tops, bottoms, accessories, and the like, in the category of clothing.

Cleaning up will go more quickly if you do things in the appropriate sequence. Imagine spending hours looking through all of your keepsakes, such as printed pictures and photo albums, and remembering all the associated events and memories. Because it will help you save time, the order is crucial while decluttering your house.

Think hard if an item sparks joy in your life.

You are choosing which objects to keep in this stage rather than just tossing them. Additionally, you could touch it, feel it, and hold it near your heart while making your decision. If that thing still brings you joy, your body will react accordingly.

Do not forget to thank them before saying goodbye while letting go of your belongings. Letting go is necessary if something seems weighty. Your items have emotions, too, just like you. Further, by expressing thanks, you acknowledge the happiness it has brought you and commit to looking after the items you will keep.

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