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Home Garage Gym Owners VS. Covid-19. Who Will Win?

Jul 17, 2020
As states open and close due to the rising number of cases all across the United States, it looks like it’ll be a long time before you can visit your local gym. The Coronavirus (COVID-19)  isn’t going anywhere but what does that mean for your fitness? If you are one of the many hoping to get fit and build your resistance to improve your overall health, how can you stand a chance when local gyms are shutting down and when you’re isolated in your own home? If you’re worried about staying in shape, there are many different apps and online communities you can join to keep track of your fitness. Another great way to keep up with your fitness is with your very own home garage gym. Turning your garage into a gym isn’t too complicated and oftentimes, it’s a fun and great way to optimize the space that you have and transform it into a place where you can get in shape. But is a home gym enough against COVID-19? In this article, we’ll be exploring some great looking home garage gyms that might stand a chance against this pandemic. So whether you’re looking for an inspiration for your garage transformation or just want to see how others have converted their spaces, sit tight and read on because we’ve got a lot to cover!

Flexibility & Endurance in the New Normal

When it comes to garage home gyms, it’s no secret that converting your garage is a full-time task. As we explore some of the most amazing garage gyms across the country let’s take a look at what makes these spaces amazing marvels.

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In the image above, you can clearly see how this space was organized to accommodate both a garage work station and an efficient lifting gym space. As seen here, this garage gym owner used wooden flooring for his lifting station to delineate between his workout space and the rest of his garage. This gives him a multi-functional space that can work both as a workshop and a gym.

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Here we can see this garage gym uses the same strategy as the previous photo. Instead of wooden panels, however, it seems that this gym features more professional anti-slip mats to support their lifting station. Another thing to note is the use of mounting racks and hooks for his lifting bars and other workout materials. This is a great way to optimize your space if you have a smaller sized garage.

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While all the other gyms that we looked at were more of garage gyms that had a heavy focus on lifting stations, here’s a look at a home garage that’s dedicated to CrossFit and HIIT type workouts. Notice how this home gym owner optimized his vertical space by installing an overhead rack and rings for pullups. From this garage space, we can see how creating your own garage gym is all about transforming your space to work for you and your workouts.

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Here we see a home garage gym that maximizes space. Despite having a large number of different types of equipment, you can see how the layout and organization of weights were made to make the most of the small space. From here you can see how the garage owner probably does circuit and weight training. By having the workout stations side by side and weights and bars on various racks and hooks, moving freely and working out is probably amazing in this home gym.

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We decided to include this last entry to emphasize the value of personalization when it comes to your home garage gym. We can see here how the walls and equipment all match in color. We’re guessing this garage gym owner probably loves the color green. This is one of the biggest advantages of having a home gym, you can customize it based on your needs and your personal taste. After all, transforming your space is all about making it work for you!  

Home Garage Gyms are Winning

It’s clear from these examples from all across the country that home garage gym owners are definitely winning against COVID-19. Not only are these spaces something to aspire to, but they’re also something that you can work towards achieving. A great place to start is by applying some tips we’ve stated here. If you’re working with a small amount of space, you can check this short article for tips on maximizing and optimizing your garage. To apply some of the storage tips stated in this article, check out these garage hooks and various types of garage shelving solutions.  The key to an amazing home garage gym is keeping things organized and in their place. For more tips on garage storage, organization, and more check out the FlexiMounts Blog.