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Hiding the Decorations after the Holiday Madness

Dec 27, 2022

How did your Christmas Day go?

There's a chance that you threw a dinner party and invited family and friends. They may have complimented you on how festive your home appears since you adorned it with care and affection before supper was served. Everyone enjoyed the turkey that you provided as part of the meal. It's possible that you exchanged gifts right quickly and, of course, snapped pictures for Instagram. Since the whole family is together and you're all on vacation, it's the ideal time.

Despite the fact that it was enjoyable to spend time with family and friends, we understand that some of you may need a break from the holiday craziness. Some of you may already have experienced a sense of relief as the end of the year and the start of the new one draws near.

Remain calm, take advantage of the respite while it's still ongoing, but also be ready for what lies next. We advise setting up the garage for storage because you will be putting away holiday decorations as soon as they are done. Additionally, this could be a good opportunity to organize a garage sale and pick which items you wish to let go of. Put your store pile aside once you have it and then clean your garage.

You may use your garage as a car storage place by using one of the many storage options available to keep things off the ground. You could purchase the following storage options from FlexiMounts: 

Wall-Mounted Storage Options 

This kind of storage is ideal for items that you need to have access to at all times. Since it's not too far away, you won't have to dig through your belongings to find something you stored here. Just be certain to be a clean freak, go a little extra, and name everything to make it simple and convenient to find your items. As for holiday decor, it’s not advisable to keep them here since these decorations are used occasionally but if there is still some space left, why not use the free space to maximize your storage units? It’s much better than leaving it vacant. 

Classic 2-Pack 2’ X 6’ Wall shelving WR26

The hardware for this wall-mounted storage option is included, making it simple for one person to install. To install it on, simply look for a concrete wall or wall studs. It is 2x6 in dimension and has a total carrying capacity of 400 pounds. The steel is powder-coated, and after passing rigorous quality checks, it is assured to be top-notch. It also has a buckle design with velcros, which is a feature that keeps it from falling, which we adore. Due to its adaptable design, which includes multiple stud spacing options and combination possibilities, homeowners can configure it as they see fit during installation. This is available in white or black. 

Bike racks

If your family rides bikes, you'll require a bike rack that can hold and transport many bikes. Naturally, you would want a bike friend in your home, so your garage would likely include more than one bike. Install this to have a bike storage unit right now. By having proper storage for your bikes, you are allowing more storage space in your garage for the holiday decor that you will be tucked away. 


This product can support up to 300 pounds of weight and has an adjustable height. It is constructed of cold-rolled steel and can hold up to six motorcycles. These J-shaped hooks will hold your bike upright in the proper position. The placement of the hooks is up to you, thus the spacing can be changed. These are very simple to install and only require four steps. Punch holes horizontally so that you may use tapping screws to fix wall plates. Hooks should be inserted into the right end of the bike rod after passing it over the plate in the left wall. The left side of the rod must first be secured with two screws before being plugged into the right side. 

Overhead storage racks 

These overhead storage racks are the superior storage solutions for seasonal things that you don't use frequently. Since they are fixed on the ceiling, a ladder might be necessary to access your items. Just be careful to only put items here that aren't used frequently; otherwise, you may find it difficult to access your items at all times. This garage storage option would be ideal for storing Christmas decorations. You want to store these decor properly because you wouldn’t want to keep buying new ones every holiday season. Decor can get pretty expensive and that money you’ll save from buying new ones can be used for other things such as food, gifts, clothes, and even money for charitable donations. 


This is a 4" x 8" variant with a 22 to 40-inch height adjustment that is also installed on the ceiling. It is made of cold-rolled steel, which gives it strength and durability. It has a sturdy design that can support up to 600 pounds of weight without any problems. Similar to the GF48F, it is waterproof and ideal for keeping seasonal items. It includes two additional items: two utility hooks and four flat hooks (GRH1) (GRH3). One person could now install it even more simply thanks to the integrated grid design. Additionally, it maintains the frames and integrated wire grid welded together, creating a strong and robust storage solution.


Ceiling-mounted, this storage solution can store up to 450 pounds of weight. It’s made of cold-roll steel as well and is 4’x6’ in size. You can adjust its height from 22 to 40 inches. Depending on your preference, you may opt to buy it in white or black. Top-quality M8 screws are used and provided to ensure security, especially for a heavy-duty overhead storage rack.