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Get Set for Black Friday! Here Are Our Best Workbench Selections

Nov 02, 2022

On Black Friday, you can definitely escape the massive crowds (hello, online shopping), but not the unending wish list. We've been through this before, despite the absurdity of it. No surprise that our shopping lists get longer despite our best efforts to mark things off when there are so many irresistible discounts available. We say from personal experience for such, and we put in the effort as well, but who are we trying to kid?

As everyone will be enjoying huge discounts on Black Friday, it might be a very excellent reason to indulge. Moreover, spending your hard-earned cash on upgrades for your garage, such as a durable and dependable workbench, feels less burdensome on your conscience and your budget.

Why a workbench is a necessary investment in a garage workshop

What use is a garage workshop if there is no workbench? A wooden table that we felt could sustain the amount of work we did was the first step in the process for a lot of us.

Alternatively, we frequently use the dependable floor for chores and things that are regarded to be on the heavy side. However, as time passes, it becomes clear how important investing in sturdy, dependable workbenches is. They'll assist us in maintaining our posture while working and be productive for a very long time. Our destructive behaviors will ultimately make us sick, even if we might not immediately see the effects.

Workbenches are necessary for every garage workshop, whether doing repairs, completing do-it-yourself projects, or producing something creative and original. A clean working surface could be sufficient for the time being, but if you're thinking ahead, you should pick a workbench that won't scratch easily and can sustain the weight and labor you'll be conducting. It must also be a safe workplace that allows for tasks like electrical and mechanical work. The answer is a portable workstation that is also durable and can be moved around the garage to accommodate your preferences and space needs.

The workbench is the focal point of the workshop setup since it facilitates effective and secure production of whatever tasks you are working on. Additionally, there are some risks that you always face when working, particularly if you are handling tools that you may potentially mishandle. But anytime you work on a project, we keep hoping that no accidents or injuries occur.

Using a workbench helps minimize the potential hazard since it creates a tidy workstation. Many workbenches include built-in storage options, making it feasible to store tools and equipment there safely and effectively. A workstation with an ergonomic design also safeguards the user against injuries caused by strain. It's vital to remember that the tools and supplies you use often are heavy, making handling them challenging and pushing you to hunch over and carry them in a hazardous posture. The most practical workspace in this kind of situation is a workbench that can be raised or lowered.

Continue reading for information about the Fleximounts offering, which you may use to learn more about the workbenches that will fulfill your requirements. And, oh, irresistible Black Friday savings are up for grabs!

Fleximounts WB102 Manual Height Adjustable Work Bench 

The Original Price is $398.99.

Black Friday Price is $298.99.

Total Savings is $100.

Numerous tasks and activities require a solid tabletop. Workbenches with adjustable height are a game-changer in the garage workshop. If you increase the product's flexibility in height, it becomes a clear favorite. The user can manually modify the frame's level to match the appropriate height. You may rely on this workstation whether you like to work while standing or even while sitting.

A user may confidently complete any sitting or standing task with the Fleximounts WB102 Manual Height Adjustable Workbench. With a height adjustment range of 29.5 inches to 44.1 inches, it enables you to raise your workspace to the perfect height. You can easily lift the desk even with heavy loads like the computer set, toolboxes, vehicle cleaning machine, paints, and many other objects thanks to the extra-large crank handle's smoother action than conventional cranks. The finest part is that you wouldn't ever require tools, as you would with other workbenches without a crank handle, to change the height of the table legs.

The 1.5 mm cold-rolled steel frame of the WB102 has a sturdy design and can support up to 500 lbs. Its worktop table has a surface made of solid rubberwood, and its desktop is 47.2 inches by 23.6 inches by 1 inch, giving you more than enough space for working on it.

Additionally, you may use it as a sewing and craft table, a desk for your desktop computer in your home office, or a workbench in the garage.

Fleximounts WB102+B11 48 Inches Workbenches With Peg Board Rubberwood Workbench For Garage

The Original Price is $449.99.

Black Friday Price is $349.99.

Total Savings is $100.

If you want to maximize your workspace, adding a peg board to the workbench is the way to go. Pegboards add storage capacity and are convenient to use and hang small tools like hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, and the like. It can hold about 33 lbs and has dimensions of 25.7 inches long by 47.24 inches wide.

Fleximounts WB107 Customizable Work Bench Shelving Frame

The Original Price is $109.99.

Black Friday Price is $84.99.

Total Savings is $25.

The iron workbench legs provide a high level of durability. The heavy-duty steel utilized in the design of this workstation allows it to hold twice as much as a typical workbench. It also uses screws made of quality stainless steel. Each shelf of the workstation has a weight capacity of up to 100 pounds.

The WB107's wood may be stained, painted, or finished in any way you choose to reflect your style. The workbench may be used for a number of things in the garage, such as assembly tables, potting benches, and even as a workstation for the house. The workstation may be adjusted in height and has maximum dimensions of 96 inches long by 48 inches wide.