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Garage Super Deals Especially for You

Mar 02, 2023

Spending more time indoors because of the cool weather got you thinking of better organization for your place. Inspect the corners, mop the floor, and empty the cabinets.

On top of the cool weather, which makes us feel good and spirits high, grab super deals that are hard to resist. So if you ask me what is superior to the cooler weather, I'd say confidently that Fleximounts is currently having a site-wide promotion. The ideal time to clean up your garage and install the available heavy-duty wall shelves, overhead garage storage, and bike racks is now.

Car bays are no longer exclusive use for garages. Several people have transformed their garage rooms into spaces with more significant foot traffic, such as a workshop, recreation facilities, and storage areas for various things, including seasonal goods, cleaning supplies, hazardous products, etc. And as a result of these transformations, storage spaces for items that no longer make sense in the home and a buildup of goods that are suitable for the intended purpose happen. Making the garage a room that can accommodate the demands for storage and the activities that will be carried out requires the organization of the garage space.

Fortunately, Fleximounts has an incredible selection of garage storage options that meet your needs. Continue reading to find out which storage solutions will fit into your garage.


Due to the carbon steel used in its construction, this garage shelf is quite robust. It can support 4,650 pounds of weight. Due to its solid vertical beams and four support straps, it also has a stable structure, so you won't need to worry if something goes wrong. Large amounts of storage may be kept on each level of the 3-tier heavy-duty storage unit.

The powder-coated finish on the FS24's sturdy steel frame improves stability, longevity, and corrosion resistance. It not only has a timeless and lovely design, but it is also quite simple to clean.

Because each layer's height may be altered, this shelf is also adaptable. Due to the ability to customize the height of the layers to meet your demands, items of various heights may be arranged freely. The shelves are secure, so do not be concerned. Locking pins should be used to guarantee that the cross beams remain in place.

Protective plastic foot pads are affixed to keep the bottom of the rack from rusting and avoid scratching your flooring.

Because the FS24 comes with pre-installed parts and detailed assembly instructions, it is simple to put together. The rack is perfect for kitchens, warehouses, garages, etc.


The Fleximounts WRC24B Corner 2-Pack 2' x 4' Wall Shelving is a dependable top storage option. By making the most of the corner walls to install the wall shelf, you may significantly reduce the amount of space needed in the garage. Also, it offers versatile installation possibilities because the WRC24B may be used as a corner or a two-pack wall shelf. Moreover, it works with and is appropriate for both concrete and wood stud walls.

Its strong and durable performance is due to the powder-coated steel that it is built of. It is more stable than comparable items that need several pieces to assemble and has an easy-to-assemble one-piece grid design. You don't have to worry about falling things cluttering your garage, or the safety of the stuff kept on it because each shelf can support up to 220 lbs without becoming fragile.

This wall shelf can easily be put together and installed by one person because of its one-person installation design. All of the necessary hardware is included in the kit, along with a bubble level that aids in obtaining the ideal horizontal placement and an installation template that facilitates the mounting of holes.

Last but not least, there are extra storage possibilities with the Fleximounts WRC24B Wall Shelving. You can simply increase the storage with the Fleximounts GRH1/GRH1B or GRH2/GRH2B hooks. You may store bikes, tools, cleaning supplies, and more on the hooks.


Its overhead storage rack's heavy-duty structure and reinforced hanging garage storage wire deck design assure a high loading capacity of up to 800 lbs. You don't need to worry, though, as this rack's robust construction offers a vast loading capacity for improved stability and security. The enormous vertical space supports larger contact surfaces and more extended ceiling brackets. The rack is also waterproof, protecting the items from any leaks in your garage.

The GR48M garage ceiling storage racks are versatile in their installation and may be put in practically any place. With the help of Fleximount's smart joist arrangement, you may install the rack in wood or concrete or at any angle, even parallel and perpendicular to sloping ceilings. Simply ensure that the vertical posts are spaced by 48 inches. Use a stud finder to locate the joists if the ceiling is completed with drywall.

The garage rack can also be easily expanded with hooks and clamps to accommodate extra items like bikes, tools, cables, and more.


A hitch rack is a great bike attachment to connect to your car if you want to drive far or perform highland pedaling. This bike rack is as robust as you like. Cold-rolled steel with a protective powder paint finish makes up the framework. To reinforce the connection between the mainmast and folding arms, it incorporates anti-wobble knobs. You may be confident that the bike rack can be fixed in place firmly or securely since this would be our paramount concern when driving. With this rack, you won't need to look at the rear of your car as much because you'll be comfortable with how it works.

Bike lifting is made simpler by the rack's body's ability to swing up, down, forward, and backward. A tiltable mainmast is a characteristic of the foldable bike hitch rack. The anti-wobble knob allows the rack to return to its initial position.

Moreover, its movable arms are simple to maneuver. So, you can effortlessly fold the rack back into storage when it's not in use. The arms won't get in the way even when fitted in your car.

The Fleximounts BHR4 Flexible and Foldable Bike Hitch Rack are ideal for group trips and if you own a variety of bicycles because it is compatible with various bike sizes. It can support up to 165 pounds of weight. Up to four bikes can be stored on the rack using adjustable straps.