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Garage Stories That Will Make Your Day

Aug 28, 2020
Stories are everywhere -- you only need to recognize them in their myriad forms. Even in the corners of our home, stories are brewing everywhere. This includes your garage where humorous tales can arise even on an ordinary day. The garage can be a hotbed of stories that make you laugh, do a facepalm, or squirm with embarrassment. But all the same, funny garage stories put a shade of color in your life, plus they make great conversation starters.   Here are some garage stories that border on heartwarming and funny. Hopefully, they entertain you:   A homeless man sleeps in the garage -- There is one story of a man who had the heart to invite a homeless man who was digging through a neighborhood trash can. The man took pity on the forager and invited him to spend the night in his detached garage since he is not using it anyway. The next morning, the homeowner found the man sweeping his garage! And as an act of generosity, this homeowner said that if the man cleans up the place including the garage storage, he can stay there for the winter. Can we get a round of applause for this man? Critters keep coming back --Sometimes having a beautiful and cozy garage invites unwanted visitors. Take the case of a woman who complains about seeing a raccoon living in her shed or garage. The animals are mighty smart because she said that she does not leave the doors open at all.   Birds are making their nest in the garage --Seeing birds perching on trees is a beautiful sight but it’s a different story when they start to live inside the garage. One homeowner complained that though the birds are really pretty, the droppings can be a source of a major headache. Sadly, the birds had to go but it was a fun moment while it lasted.   Ghosts in the garage --There was one time when a woman decided to hang wet rugs on a makeshift clothesline that hung between ceiling racks. Now, the garage was pretty dark because new lights were yet to be installed. Around midnight, she heard loud shrieks from the garage. She immediately ran to the garage only to find her son scared by the shadows of the wet rugs.   Pre-pandemic garage sale --It was early April when this certain dad decided to roll out a big garage sale. He wanted it to be a successful event so he got busy with the signages, garage racks and tables, and deciding which items are to be sold. He had everything prepared. But the day before he was set to open, the community officials announced the strict implementation of a state-wide quarantine. In his frustration, he just decided to donate everything to the Salvation Army.     What’s your story? Were you able to relate to some of the stories here? If so, we hope that they made your day a little bit brighter! Remember to keep your eyes peeled for family stories that can elicit a few laughs over lunch or dinner.