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Top 4 Reasons For Parking In An Organized Garage

Jun 05, 2018
One of the biggest appeals to potential homeowners when considering a new home is how many cars the garage can accommodate. Yet, so many of us don’t even park our cars in our garages, allowing them to become oversized storage closets instead. The value of a well organized garage would be quickly realized however, the moment you’re able to park your vehicles comfortably inside and still have room for storage. Here are our top four reasons for parking in an organized garage.  
  1. An Organized Garage Will Save You Time And Money
  A car parked in an organized garage is one that’s protected from the elements, saving you time and money. Parking outside means wasting time de-icing or running the air conditioner before getting in. Park in the garage, and you won’t need to plan ahead before your next departure.   Storing your vehicle in the garage means you’re doing your part to preserve your car’s value by protecting it from the elements. It also means lower insurance costs, since many insurance companies offer a discount on premiums for garage stored vehicles.  
  1.  A Decluttered Garage Is A Decluttered Life
  With the purpose of making your garage clean enough to park in, you end ridding yourself of so many things you don’t need. If your garage is organized, then you’ll be less likely to push unwanted items into it.  
  1.  Parking In An Organized Garage Means Less Hassle
  If your kids have taken off their shoes and winter coats in the car, the last thing you want to do when you’re bogged down with groceries and bags is get them dressed again to make that short walk to the front door. Park in the garage and your kids can literally hop out in sock feet and trapse right into the house.  
  1.  Parking In An Organized Garage Keeps You And Your Car Safe
  Keeping your car in the garage keeps your investment protected from potential theft. Garage parking keeps you safe as well. If you’ve taken the time to organize your garage so that you can park in it, then you’ve done yourself a great service. Parking outside late at night or leaving early in the morning in the dark is never as safe as pulling into your garage and shutting the garage door to enter your home safely.