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Garage Rack, Metal vs.Wood, Which is Better?

Jun 14, 2018
Wood and metal are the most common used material for the garage rack. Which one is better? Let’s examine the pros and cons of wood and metal. The great thing about metal racks is their ability to support a lot of weight for an extended period of time. The durability and strength are their greatest advantages. They are generally easy to mount or set up. Metal's downfall is it's susceptible to corrosion, particularly steel, in areas that aren't protected from moisture or corrosive chemicals. Metal racks which have a proper finish can be rust resistant, but it’s a little expensive. Engineered wood in the form of particle board, MDF and plywood are typical wood products used to make garage racks. A wooden garage rack can be cut to fit your specific needs. They are durable, and good-looking, too. A huge disadvantage for the wood is the poor insulation. Some wood racks which are lack of a protective finish will be subject to warping, bowing, and cracking.