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Garage Detox: How to Get Rid of Negative Energy in Your Space

Jan 23, 2023

You can feel the energy of the space when you walk in. Sometimes it seems so stifling and exhausting that you want to spend only a little bit of time indoors. Alternatively, there are places with positive energy that make you want to spend hours there working.

These aren't all random occurrences. In most cases, it has a lot to do with how things are organized and placed in relation to one another in certain areas.

Few people, particularly in western countries, apply the feng shui philosophy to their homes. Even if they do, the garage is frequently disregarded. As a lot of homeowners do not view or regard their garage as an addition to their living area, it is only sensible. The garage is typically reduced to a simple place for parking cars or storing items no longer considered appropriate for the living room. However, the energy that permeates the garage has an impact on us in one way or another, which is something we are unaware of.

Let us define feng shui.

Finding the proper balance, chi, or the vital life force or energy in all living things is a common theme while discussing feng shui. Feng shui originated in China more than 3,000 years ago and is essentially the result of the union of old art and science. Analyzing the meaning of the terms is helpful while attempting to comprehend a foreign topic. Feng means wind, while Shui means water. Additionally, wind and water are linked to prosperity and good health in Chinese culture.

What impact does feng shui have on our quality of life, then?

Feng shui fundamentally affects or improves how people interact with their surroundings. And how do we go about doing that? There are laws governing how energy moves naturally. And what you must do is arrange or create your environment per the fundamentals. It also contributes harmony, balance, and comfort to your atmosphere. The balance of energies to guarantee good health and wealth for persons residing in that place is determined by the spatial layout of the furniture, possessions, and the entire structure.


Tidy It Up and Organize

Feng shui observes the energy movement in one's space. The desired natural flow will be hampered if there is a lot of clutter.

Let's try and understand the clutter. Typically, we believe that the stuff we keep in the garage was once valuable to us. But for now, it's placed in the box for storage. Now may be the time to be truthful with yourself. You are aware that you make an effort to keep things organized by arranging the boxes in a pleasant and orderly fashion, which would result in the garage being clutter-free.

You should, therefore, consider if you truly need or, at least in part, desire all of the items you have piled into your boxes. Examine each one individually. Put these things into one of three categories: Throw, Give, or Keep. By doing this, the positive energy in the space and your life will immediately flow to you.

Put them in the garbage can immediately if you decide to discard them. This prevents looking back and second-guessing decisions. If you choose to give them away, ensure the person who will get them is identified on the tags. Give it to them in less than a week, please. You'll change your mind and tend not to stick with your decision if you stall the process. And the result will be disruptive.

And use organized storage methods, such as ceiling-type storage, if you decide to save some of the things that bring you joy and peace of mind. You maintain your garage's cleanliness and organization and create room for a more significant floor surface that can provide light to the space.

The Fleximounts GR48-H Hooks 4' x 8' Overhead Garage Storage Rack is a highly suggested storage system. Its robust and heavy-duty overhead storage system offers a secure location to arrange your belongings. Also, keeping your belongings off the garage floor helps prevent water damage and, thus, safeguard your stuff. Thanks to the overhead storage rack, insects and rodents are kept out of your garage and out of sight.

The rack's heavy gauge cold-rolled steel design, which supports a safety loading of up to 600 lbs, is to account for this. It is specifically created to make assembling simpler. The unit is strengthened and stabilized by its welded-together integrated wire grid design and frame. The manufacturers also tested the wire grid with triple load breaking strength through rigorous tests.

The height adjustment provides a handy and secure area to keep your belongings, ranging from 22" to 40". You may modify the ceiling drop-down to your preferred height with its height-adjustable feature.

For more flexibility and security, the ceiling brackets are made to be fastened to two joists. The rack may be attached to solid concrete ceilings or ceiling studs. The supplied screws are thicker than comparable goods on the market and have passed rigorous tests to attest to the high-quality manufacture of the hardware.

The package contains all required hardware in addition to instructions. You may create a strategy to organize your belongings in the most effective way possible with an installation template. Three packs of screws—wood screws, installation screws and bolts, and cement installation—are also supplied.

Four pieces of Flat Hooks (GRH1) and two pieces of Utility Hooks (GHR3) are among the extras that come with the racks in the package.

Manage Your Eight Life Areas per Feng Shui Bagua

The auspicious living environment is divided into eight key life categories. These include a career, wisdom/spirituality, family, riches, fame, marriage/relationships, creativity/children, and travel/helpful people. The factors listed below that can improve the flow in accordance with different living sectors include some of the following:

Career Area -You should place items in black or other dark hues. Additionally, you may add glass, mirrors, water elements like aquariums or table fountains, and water-themed artwork.

Knowledge or Spirituality Area - Items in wood, blues, greens, or black, as well as those shaped like stripes or columns, are lovely choices. You may also hang artwork that features natural scenes.

Helpful People/Travel Area -Items like artwork or figurines related to your spiritual guidance or locations you have visited or would like to visit are fitting to display. You can also place items in white, black, or gray metal hue.

Essentially, after mapping out the sections, you should place goods relevant to that particular life area. You may, for instance, keep your workbench or any other items you require for your profession in the career section. Alternately, put your kayak, sports balls, and other athletic supplies in the well-being area. More than just the idea of feng shui, this is truly a clever solution and practical method to arrange your belongings according to purpose, making it simpler to find them when you need them.