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FlexiMounts' Independence Day Sale

Jun 24, 2021
Come raise your flag for FlexiMounts' Independence Day Sale! The sales all around may be tempting you to sink your teeth into every offer, however, why not try upgrading your garage with a storage solution? With 15% off on the bestselling overhead garage, you can freely choose what you heart desires thanks to FlexiMounts.


From $69.99-$89.99 to $59.49-$76.49
Create your dream workbench. The hardware kit contains table legs with pre-drilled screw holes, equipment attaching plates and covers, excellent screws, and an easy-to-follow instruction guide. The work table frame kit is made of strong steel. Fleximounts' bench kits are much more durable and rust-proof compared to their resin-made competitors. This kit is also easy to personalize. It's entirely under your control if you DIY the workbench which may be built to any size, no matter how long or wide. Polish, varnish, or stain the lumber, as desired. “I was impressed by the numerous and generally positive reviews plus the customization choices this kit provided. I knew what I wanted beforehand, and this package delivered that. I had the large orange box store do all of my wood cutting for me. My boards were updated to 2x4s, as well as sheets of 3/4 ply topped with 3/4 polished birch ply. To get a neater aesthetic, I used two layers. Once I fitted this, my bench vise was more accessible. Also, I added a rounded 1 1/2" molding to cover the front edge and the second layer of plywood exposed from the front. Despite that, it looks beautiful. To enable the plastic leg braces to fit, I had to shave away little sections on either side. I selected one long shelf for power tools and other equipment. I prefer a rack on the side for little tools, bits, and the like. I used a conditioner for stained pieces, along with color and poly. As I would be using my bench largely for gun repair/assembly, I applied 3 coats. I don't expect to damage or destroy my top thus the polycarbonate works for me. Depending on your task, you could choose to omit the poly. Additionally, a few little storing containers and hardware bins can elevate this. Adding a shop towel holder on the left for clean-up and a bottle opener on its front was required. Overall, I adore this bench. I definitely spent as much as I would have had I purchased a whole bench. I built it to my specifications, but I would have changed it if I had the option. Do yourself a favor and buy it. Getting the timber sawed somewhere is inexpensive. The simple answer is to use grip clamps when constructing yourself. I'll need those.” - Kris H. “It's fantastic! I was a little apprehensive about constructing my own gunsmithing bench as a woman, but this set made it a breeze! It took me several days, but I'm very pleased with the outcome. To create the side shelves, I purchased an extra set of shelf links. The final result is extremely durable and robust!! I'm delighted I bought it, and my kitchen table is too!” - Karen O.


From $149.99 to $127.49
Store seasonal and underused goods can be stored in the garage ceiling. Up to 60 cubic feet of storage is available with a 22" to 40" ceiling dropdown. Fleximounts overhanging garage storage racks are more solid and secure than others thanks to our specifically developed extended ceiling brackets that link to two joists! All hardware has been put through rigorous testing and only the best screws have been chosen. The heavy-duty cold-rolled steel design allows you to load up to 450 pounds safely. In comparison to others with a separate frame and wire, this one is more robust and sturdy. The installation template aids in the planning process. This overhead storage rack fits all ceiling joist spacings of less than 24 inches; if the joist spacing is greater than 24 inches, it only fits the ceiling spacing of 36 inches. “This is just what we were looking for. It is not, however, an item that can be placed up on its own. Our bikes are now up and out of the way thanks to the bike hooks we purchased. There are also numerous hooks of various sizes to be hung. We had some extras, so there are now work caps, belts, and a slew of other items dangling. It's quite useful!” - Anne M. “It was not difficult to set up. Finding the ceiling joists to drill through was the most difficult part. You can't use a studs finder in my garage since it has a popcorn ceiling. I eventually found one and measured and drilled a few holes around it until I was dead on. The instructions for assembling and installing the machine are adequate, although they could be a little more detailed. They didn't inform you which bolts go where, but you should be able to figure it out. There is also no catalog of spare components. We acquired it for some seasonal decor and containers to get rid of a monthly storage unit, and it looks like it will hold a significant amount of weight.” - Heather K.


From $119.99 to only $109.99
For general storage, use the FlexiMounts wall shelves. To hang bikes, I used Fleximounts Flat hooks. Heavy-gauge powder-coated steel wire is used, along with high-quality hardware. It can take a total load of 440 pounds. All hardware is provided for a simple one-person installation. Mounting holes are made easier with the use of an installation template. The use of a bubble level can assist in obtaining the ideal horizontal location. It has an integrated grid design that makes it easier to assemble and more stable. “I went through a lot of ratings for various shelves. I can attest to the fact that these shelves are both simple to install and quite durable. I stacked mine on top of each other to make room for a 16-inch-tall bin. Easily fits four large bins. As long as you place it into a wall stud, the mounting hardware helps make this quite strong. The installation pattern is quite useful. I taped it to the wall, designated my holes, pre-drilled the holes, and then drove the lag screws with my impact wrench – a simple one-person job.” Harem J.


There you have it folks! Who can resist a 15% off deal right? Not us of course. Treat yourself this Independence day with these FlexiMount bestsellers and see how much space these can free up in your garage!