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Create a Safer Home starting with your Garage

Jul 15, 2021
You're storing your materials and handy tools in the carport on a Friday night. You ignore the man going down the block, believing he's one of the town's residents. After a good night’s sleep, you wake up one Saturday morning to find that all of your prized garage tools are now missing. That man that you paid no attention to is a thief and he's after the garage tools that you have paid top dollar to get the best quality. This thief recognizes that, like the majority of houses, your carport isn't as guarded as the entire house, and he will use that knowledge to his full advantage. That thief's assumption is accurate. Many individuals seem to be more concerned with their expensive designer garbs and latest gadgets being taken than the backyard lawn mowers and machine tools. The garage, however, is a primary target for burglary because it is among the most susceptible and profitable areas of the house. But do not worry, because help is here. These defensive ideas will educate you on how a thief thinks so you can use that to your advantage to safeguard your garage and outsmart crooks.

Take a look at your surroundings

A strategically planted greenery beside a carport entrance or windows will give a hiding spot for more audacious criminals who don't fear creeping throughout your property in plain sight. Remove big plants and foliage first from the area around your carport so that residents and visitors can see what's occurring on your property. Have main entrances visible to the public. Little prickly bushes planted beneath ground-floor carport openings can deter thieves from sneaking inside.

Keep your belongings concealed

Not every crook goes clueless for their heist. A vast majority of them explore around the house for signs that they're about to generate a profit. All it takes is one unprotected window displaying all of your marketable and expensive garage items to make the thief decide that you are their next victim. Indoor draperies or shutters work great, but if you'd like to let daylight in without forgetting to put down the blinds, try installing a permanent one-way glass window covering. These nifty items are great for having a view of the outside and letting light in. In addition to that, the inside of your garage is also hidden in plain sight from the people outside your garage.

Brighten the Surroundings

Intruders prefer unlit garages and many of them use the blind spots around your carport to conceal their nefarious attempts to gain access to your property. Placing motion detector lights near carport doorways and windows will deter criminals from trying to get in at nightfall. When protecting separate garages out of the darkness, motion-activated spotlights are very beneficial.

Shut your garage door to keep valuables secured

This will sound obvious, but go through every residential area and you'll certainly see several garage entrances that are fully open with no one inside. An unsecured overhanging carport door is a criminal's attractive target. For example, one state's neighborhood association enacted a regulation requiring residents to have their sliding garage doors shut, and the number of thefts in the region dropped drastically. Think about adding a door lock detector or an automated door frame closure if you're prone to leaving your door unlocked. A sensor may detect whether your roll-up door is open or shut, and closure will lock the garage mechanically within a certain length of time. Consider purchasing an automated security door to instantly shut your carport door all the time you shut it for further security.

Make sure your front door is locked

Do not even neglect the door that goes from your home's garage into your house while you're improving your garage protection. It's terrible enough already to misplace wire cutters and sports gear, but if a thief has access to other parts of your home, you're at much more risk. First of all, make sure this main door is always secured. If the entrance isn't closed to start with, a sophisticated padlock or detector won't assist enough. We propose strengthening the striking plates and installing a solid and stable door with a latch to make this entrance even safer. A solitary doorway detector or one attached to a premium security system would be ideal for your carport entrance door.

Keep your utility entrance secure

Thieves prefer a decent rear door because it allows them to perform their burglary concealed from watchful witnesses. A powerful and strategic kick may beat conventional outside carport utility openings with normal locking mechanisms, but several easy adjustments can prevent a robber in.

Lock it Up

Use a combination lock to guarantee the efficiency of your external entrance, and keep in mind that the striking plates, which connect the latch to the door, are the weakest element. Substitute the striking plate with a stronger one and fasten it with at least three 3-inch screws. Choose a mono bolt if you're looking for a lock. Such devices can't be picked since they feature slots on the inside and sturdy plates from the outside.

Consider changing your key fob

Your automated garage door operators should not be attached to your car's hoods. Predators understand that a garage door opener control is essentially an additional entry to your house, and they will not refuse to use it if they come across one. Simply replace your key fob with a pocket control that you can carry around with you all of the time. Another alternative is to get a sophisticated garage door opener that allows the user to access and shut your garage door remotely using your phone.

Final Thoughts

You may consider your neighborhood to be safe but at this time and age, it is best to double up on protection. This would not only protect your valuables but the people inside your house as well. While other criminals are only after your material possessions, others would take it a notch higher and pose a great threat to your loved ones. It is never bad to heighten your safety. After all, every improvement is for the peace of mind inside your home.