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Can My Garage Be Converted Into A Kitchen?

Aug 23, 2021
Have you been wanting a larger kitchen in the house, but you do not have that extra space to extend? Have you started your micro business involving food like baked goods and preserved food in a jar and the existing kitchen space just isn’t spacious enough for this endeavor? Or simply, you just want a nicer kitchen diner where family members most often see each other and bond over food. And whatever reasons there are still about wanting a larger kitchen space, remember, these are all valid reasons to start converting your garage into a kitchen diner. Just as in every major project such as home renovation, the question that holds us back the most is: Where do we start? Of course, the concern that tops the list is money. Doing home renovations can cost a lot, especially if you do not plan it out. Extending a space in the house can jack up the expenses, so as an alternative, you can use the existing space that is available in your house such as the garage. Since the foundation is already there, such as the flooring, walls, electrical connections, and the like. What you need to do is just fine-tune the layout of the space. And hire electricians for electrical safety and added electrical wiring that you need in your kitchen space, and a plumber to fix the setup of the wash space, plumbing lines, and drain lines that are needed in the kitchen.

Plan it out

Measure the garage space to plan the layout of the kitchen. List down all the appliances, stations, and cabinets that you want to have in the kitchen. And take note of the activities that you will be spending most of your time in the new dedicated space. You may also check home design books, magazines, and websites for inspiration. And consult a professional interior designer and architect to match your vision with the ergonomics and other technical aspects of the renovation. In the detailed plan, point out the passageway connecting to the house, and exit in case of the kitchen fire. Consult a contractor to help you with the technical aspects such as building codes and restrictions, and to secure building permits from local building authorities. Add insulation to the walls, ceiling, and floor. It is also important to check the ventilation system as you are going to use electric appliances and cooking involves heat. And of course, you should also bear in mind the heating and air conditioning in the kitchen. All these need a professional to help you make sound judgments. Always remember that taking advice from a professional is always the wiser choice. Or else, if accidents happen, you only have yourself to blame. And we do not want that. We only want to secure the safety of our family and our home. Aside from the technical aspects, map out the theme or look that you want for your new kitchen space. Do you want modern, clean decor? Or do you want an industrial look? Whatever it is, this could help you with the cost of materials and the kitchen appliances that you will buy.

Garage to Kitchen Floor

When converting your garage space into a kitchen diner, take note of the leveling of the floor. Garage floors are generally lower than the floor level in the rest of your home. If this ain’t a problem, then you are good to go. Otherwise, you will need to add a new concrete subfloor poured first, then pick flooring tiles that suit your tastes. But before you start leveling up your new kitchen space, make sure that the ceiling is still high enough to accommodate the added height of the floor.

Garage to Kitchen Windows

Extra-wide windows installed in your new space will create a homey feel into your room, and less like a converted space. The bright, light space will also widen the look of the room. If the garage faces the garden or the green space of your home, convert the wall into a floor-to-ceiling window or transparent sliding door. We bet that if you construct your space this way, you will be spending more time in your kitchen-diner than any of the rooms in the house. Good food and good views are the cheat sheet for a relaxing time to spend in the house.

Open Layout

In general, an open layout will give you a sense of a more spacious room. You may tear down the wall dividing the garage and the current living space. The continuous layout will help brighten up the room. It can also establish a free flow from one zone to the next. This type of layout maximizes the extra square space when converting your garage into a space that can create more footprint traffic. When you say open layout, it does not mean that the kitchen can look all over the place. Identify each area into zones with a distinct purpose. One corner can be for a pantry, storage of grocery items. The other will be for cooking and baking. While the other zones can be for storage of kitchen utensils, breakfast nook, wash area, and so on. You can distinguish each space by using different types of light or color accents through your cabinets and walls. By adding more roof lights, the brighter and more spacious it will turn into. An open layout can also lower the construction costs because you do not need to add more walls or dividers, which is another win for you.

Final Thoughts

Garage conversions, in general, can be costly but with proper planning, the expenses can be at a minimum. But in the long run, converting garage space into a room that generates more footprint traffic can also add value to your property when you decide to sell it off.