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Busted: Misconceptions about Cycling

Sep 01, 2022
There are rumors and bits of knowledge about cycling. Surely, we have been victims more than once. So, it is still necessary to check to see if it is true or false, regardless of how credible it seems at first. Right, we don't want to be a source of false information. So now that we know better, let's disprove a few of the cycling-related myths that are currently circulating.
Cycling costs a lot.
If you're looking to buy some cycling equipment, you will be given a broad selection of price options. There are certain items with ceiling-high price tags, but there are also many more reasonably priced choices available. So, no, getting a bike and its accessories don't always require shelling out so much money that you would be getting a loan or a mortgage. If you shop sensibly, you will have money left to, well, like, purchase a new bike. Kidding.
You must purchase bikes designed for different genders.
This is a funny one. There aren't any bicycles sold just for men or women. Even so, it makes sense for someone to look for gender-specific ones when it comes to the build, especially for ladies who are generally physically smaller than men. However, one just needs the bike to be fitted before being purchased. Then you may customize it to meet your size, preferences for colors and designs, and desired features.
Cycling is far too risky.
Cycling does, of course, come with hazards. The same rules apply to driving, playing basketball and other sports, hiking, and other activities as well. But by riding carefully at all times, you can limit the hazards it presents. Put on a helmet, and appropriate clothing, install head and tail lights, practice and improve your bike handling abilities, and so on.
With narrow tires, you can go faster.
Instead, you will go more quickly on broader bicycle tires than on narrow tires. One explanation is that wider bike tires permit reduced rolling resistance, or the energy wasted while the tire is rolling, due to the larger contact patch where the rubber contacts the road.
Higher tire pressure enables faster riding
Keep in mind to only inflate your bike tubes to the pressure that is suitable for your weight and the kind of cycling you will perform. Your ride will be unpleasant and your wheels and tires won't perform to their best ability if you have your tires inflated to the maximum pressure.
The most significant factor influencing speed is the bike's weight.
While this statement is somewhat accurate if you frequently ride up mountains on your bike, the desire for speed is not only a result of the weight of the bike. Aerodynamics is what it is. It becomes increasingly important to reduce effort while riding the bike at higher sustained speeds.
Cycling entails bearing weight.
This is untrue. Cycling is neither a weight-bearing nor high-impact workout. Hence, it does not increase bone or muscle density. In order to have strong and healthy bones, you should incorporate weight training into your regimen if your goal is to build bone and muscle density.
Every time you cycle, you should exert much effort.
If you do not feel the excessive effort in your body—or, to put it another way—if you are not experiencing pain—you might think that you are not training hard enough. Although it's commendable to give your best at all times, everything should be done in moderation. Going slowly in the saddle is also a part of the training. So keep in mind that not every ride needs to be about riding like there's no tomorrow, getting a gold medal, and destroying quads. Take a few days off and move slowly. Once you are seated on the bike, you may relax and take it easy without having to use all of your might.
When transporting your bike, a bike hitch rack is not necessary.
When you can bring your bicycles along, out-of-town visits are more exciting. Imagine a change of scenery from the subway, skyscrapers, and vehicular traffic you are used to. How to get the bike there is the primary issue when traveling, though. It would not be an issue at all unless you have a pickup truck or a folding bike. However, exposing your bicycle components by spreading them out flat on the car's floor puts your bikes at risk, particularly if the road you will be traveling on is rocky. Additionally, the space would not be adequate for a family or group of friends traveling together. The most likely solution you can rely on is to invest in a sturdy and easy-to-install bike hitch rack. The bicycles would be manageable to carry from this point forward. And one such bike rack that you can count on is the Fleximounts BRH4 Flexible And Foldable Bike Hitch Rack. The Fleximounts Bike Hitch Rack Foldable BHR4 is as durable as you want it to be. It is a cold-roll steel structure with a protective powder paint finish. It has anti-wobble knobs to strengthen the connection between the mainmast and folding arms. It assures you that the build will securely fix the bike rack in place, which would be our biggest worry when on the road. Frequent glances at the back of our car would be lessened with this rack as you will be at ease with its performance. The foldable bike hitch rack features a tiltable mainmast. The rack's body can swing up, down, forward, and backward, allowing more accessible bikes'' lifting. The rack pops back to its original position with the anti-wobble knob. Moreover, its foldable arms are easy to move. So, when the rack is not in use, you can easily fold it back for safekeeping. Even if installed in your vehicle, the foldable arms would not get in the way. The Fleximounts BRH4 Flexible And Foldable Bike Hitch Rack are compatible with different sizes of bikes, which is perfect for group outings and if you own multiple types of bicycles. The rack has adjustable straps that can hold up to four bikes, and it can carry a weight of up to 165 lbs.