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Why Motorized Wall Mounted Shelves Offer Superior Garage Storage

Mar 26, 2020

By now you’re aware of the variety of garage storage solutions available: ceiling racks, wall shelves, hooks and more. Today we’ll focus on wall mounted shelves – and in particular, our HandyJack motorized shelves. Read on to learn more about our patented motorized wall mounted shelves and why their accessibility, safety and ease of use make them a uniquely helpful solution for garage storage.

Height Adjustable Wall Mounted Shelves

Fleximounts’ HandyJack storage solution is the world’s first motorized wall shelving system designed exclusively for the garage. Each unit consists of two stacked shelves, mounted to the garage wall and adjustable via remote control, bringing stored items within reach quickly and easily – and freeing up floor space that might otherwise be taken up with boxes. The multi-level system can serve several applications at once – for example, storing bins and seasonal items on the top shelf and more frequently used items (such as coolers, cleaning and household items) on the bottom shelf. Hooks can even be attached as an optional add-on to hang bicycles underneath for maximum storage efficiency.


According to the United States Census Bureau, as of the last census, around 30.6 million people around the country “had difficulty walking or climbing stairs, or used a wheelchair, cane, crutches or walker.” Additionally, the United States population of people 65 and older is projected to double in the coming decades, reaching 98 million by the year 2060. It’s becoming more essential to equip homes with long term solutions that help to enable accessible living. Motorized wall mounted shelves for garage storage are a small but vital part of reaching that goal. The ability to adjust the height of storage surfaces allows a larger proportion of the population to take advantage of space-saving garage organization solutions.


With stationary garage storage on high shelves, a ladder is almost certainly needed to load and unload, presenting risk of injury. In 2018, over 580,000 ladder-related injuries required some degree of medical treatment, and 493,500 of those were treated in the emergency department. Additionally, 50% of all ladder-related accidents were caused by users carrying items while climbing. Ladder use can also be risky for individuals with high blood pressure or dizziness issues, as well as those with back problems – which even for healthy adults, could be just about all of us at one point or another! With motorized wall mounted shelves, you can cut down on ladder use for garage storage and lift items at a more comfortable, natural height.

Ease of Use

Motorized shelves provide effortless loading and unloading thanks to their flexible positioning. With the HandyJack in particular, the controls are not attached to the shelves, so you can keep the remote somewhere convenient and adjust before use. Someone on the other side of the garage could lower the shelves for a family member with their hands full working on a project, for example. Flexibility is one of the major benefits of implementing a motorized height adjustable storage solution.

HandyJack Details and Specifications

Fleximounts’ HandyJack is built with heavy gauge steel and high quality parts – specifically the top-notch motor that provides smooth, stable transitions and keeps items safe. A seven degree shelf angle prevents stored items from falling off while in motion. Rounded corners help to prevent scratches and snags when accessing storage, and anti-collision rollers at the rear of each shelf keep garage walls pristine and scratch-free. All of our products undergo rigorous safety and durability testing. Installation is easy with minimal parts and screws. The HandyJack consists of two stacked shelves, each 2’ x 4’, with a total load capacity of 165 lbs. The unit has a height adjustment range of 24.4” and adjusts at 18mm/s moving up and 20mm/s moving down. Working temperature is 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit – suitable for use in almost any climate. The shelves are operated via remote control – simply press the “up” button to raise to the highest point, the “down” button to lower completely or stop by pressing any button. In case of battery drain, there are back-up adjustment buttons on the motor base – so you can still adjust if you haven’t gotten to the store yet to restock your batteries. Additionally, you can use multiple shelving units in one garage by pairing each remote to a particular set of shelves. With all the advantages it provides, the HandyJack height adjustable garage shelving system is surely a worthy investment for any homeowner with a garage!