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Garage Racking Solutions for All Types of Storage

Mar 20, 2020

When it comes to garage racking solutions, the amount of options can be overwhelming. Let’s review some of the most common storage solutions for the garage and how they’re best applied – so you can choose the right combination of components to create your perfectly organized garage.

Overhead Garage Storage Racks

As you might expect from the name, overhead garage storage racks are installed by attaching the rack to garage ceiling. This allows for otherwise unused space to store items you don’t necessarily need to access every day – from the shelf surface all the way up to the ceiling. Overhead garage racking solutions are ideal for storing large items such as spare tires, as well as storage bins for infrequently accessed items including holiday decorations and seasonal clothing. Many overhead racks offer optional hooks to attach underneath the shelf to store bicycles, golf bags and other oddly-shaped items. Fleximounts offers an array of overhead storage racks in sizes ranging from 3’ x 6’ to 4’ x 8’ and in weight capacities from 450 lbs up to 600 lbs. Shelves are adjustable from 22” to 40” in height. Keep in mind you can mix and match heights to fit varying needs; a shallower rack can fit above the open garage door while a deeper rack can be placed away from the garage door track.

Garage Wall Shelves

Also intuitively named, garage wall shelves are installed by securing to the garage wall and are ideal for storing household items, paper goods, paint cans, glue, adhesive remover, cleaning products – anything that comes in a can or bottle. Wall shelves are often multilevel but are also available separately as Wall Shelves shelves for use along the sides of the garage or in out-of-the-way corner space. As with the overhead racks, hooks can be attached to the bottom for additional storage. Garage wall shelves can be stationary or adjustable. For example, Fleximounts’ HandyJack adjusts 24.4” via remote control. A 7-degree tilting angle keeps items from spilling off the shelves while in motion, and anti-collision rollers prevent the shelf from scratching walls. With a height adjustable shelf, stored items can be safely within reach in seconds, with no ladder and no heavy lifting. An adjustable shelf is a great choice to avoid dangerous overhead lifting for bulky storage bins and heavy tool boxes. Fleximounts offers garage wall shelves in a wide variety of sizes, as small as 1’ x 3’ and as large as 2’ x 6’, and in weight capacities ranging from 100 lbs to 220 lbs per individual shelf – combining for up to 400 lbs of storage capacity for some multi-shelf systems.

Smaller Solutions and Accessories

If stored items are smaller or used more frequently, other garage storage components can be installed in different areas to serve varying needs. Hooks. We mentioned hooks as an optional add-on to shelves, but you can also mount them individually to garage walls to store tall, thin items such as gardening tools, brooms, snow shovels, fishing gear and ladders. Pegboards. Often mounted above a workbench, pegboards with even smaller hooks are an easily accessible place to store smaller tools such as hammers, screwdrivers and pliers. You can also slide PVC pipe segments over hooks to create cubbyholes for items like zip ties, files and pencils. Monkey Bars. Don’t let the name fool the kids – these aren’t for gymnastics! A Monkey Bars unit runs bars between wall shelf brackets on which heavy or non-uniform items can hang. You can attach hooks of varying sizes to store hoses, sprinklers and even a wheelbarrow to save precious floor space. Corrals. Soccer balls and basketballs can be kept in a container with an open side, on which evenly spaced bungee cords are placed to allow easy access yet secure storage. You can attach smaller baskets to the sides of the corral for baseballs and tennis balls as well as hooks for bike helmets. Cabinets. Cabinets can serve a similar purpose as shelves, but are helpful for storing potentially toxic items needing to be locked away, such as household cleaners and varnish. Thanks to its doors, cabinets can also make a space look cleaner by hiding many small, diverse items. Sorting Trays. A sorting tray or bin organizer can come in handy for keeping track of very small parts like nails, bolts and screws.   With all the available options, you’re sure to find the right combination of garage racking solutions and accessories to create an organized garage customized just for your needs.