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An Alternative Use for the Garage! Try these out!

Jan 25, 2023

How time flies! It's almost the end of the first month of the new year.

The garage has served as more than just a parking area for so long. It frequently serves as a catch-all for all purposes, as a workstation, a massive area to deposit the stuff you've accumulated over the years, or even a gathering spot. And if you have been toying with some renovation ideas, then this is the signal you've been waiting for to give in to your garage remodeling plans.

Slowly but surely, the notion of "New Year, New Garage" takes hold. Why not breathe new life and meaning into this area, we wonder? We have used it for parking cars for a long enough time that it no longer serves that function. (Hello, driveway). So, let's look at some remodeling suggestions you may use to get the most out of your garage.

Kids' Playzone

Kids might act out and get grumpy if you are not paying attention to them since you are already preoccupied and focused on your professional chores. To solve the problem, set up a play area. The children can have the pleasure of playing alone and becoming distracted. You may add non-toxic toys, a few swings or slides, padded flooring or soft play mats, and such things. In particular, when the game gets rough or when they fall about the room, by doing this, you won't have to worry about injuries.

Work-from-Home Space

Three years into the epidemic, we have grown comfortable with working remotely. The businesses' assessment of how the arrangement is enhancing employees' productivity has resulted in occasional on-site office work. Setting up an office area at home is therefore necessary. A quiet workstation is challenging to find, though, since more family members are choosing to remain at home. Thus, why not transform the garage into your own home office where you can quietly concentrate on your job? The work needs a minor renovation. Increase the amount of light, modernize the surroundings, and set up ergonomic office supplies for a pleasant day at work.

Area to Release Your Musicality

Here is an actual garage band. Your musical hat should be on at this time. A musical instrument may be something you've always wanted to take up. Is music a significant interest for your kid? Create a separate area just for it, then! Along with the instruments, apply soundproofing to the walls to prevent noise—er, music—from leaking out of the room (or even getting cursed at by an unwilling listener, aka your neighbor).

Private Fitness Center

That gym membership doesn't need to be renewed for the current year. There are several daily exercises and routines that you may perform at home. Additionally, you need a few equipment items to get started, like treadmills, weight benches, dumbbells, and cushioned floor mats. If more is required, you may buy them later on. Install ceiling-to-floor mirror panels to check your posture and see whether it's proper. This can also be helpful when you wish to take yoga and Zumba courses or learn to dance.

Space for Your Projects

Makeover the garage into a tool or craft area if you enjoy tinkering and creating something new with your hands. You should set up a workstation so you may work on your desired projects. It is an excellent idea to establish a specific place for your workshop, whether you work on woodworking, gardening, crafts, painting, or repairs. Why? You prepare your body and mind to complete the task every time you enter the work area. In addition, nobody will shout at you if you leave the work equipment and supplies out when it's still not done. It wouldn't be an issue if the tools got lost, either.

The Workbench We Recommend: Fleximounts WB102 Manual Height Adjustable Workbench

The Fleximounts WB102 Manual Height Adjustable Workbench has a height adjustment range of 29.5 inches to 44.1 inches. It enables you to elevate your workstation to your ideal height as the multipurpose height-adjustable desk lets you confidently handle any sitting or standing task with maximum efficiency. The extra large crank handle offers smoother operation than standard cranks, so he can easily lift the desk, even with heavy loads. And best of all, you would never need tools to adjust the height of the table legs as is necessary for other workbenches without a crank handle.

The WB102 has a solid construction, is made of a 1.5 mm cold-roll steel frame, and holds up to 500 lbs. Its worktop table uses solid rubberwood as its surface and has desktop dimensions of 47.2 inches x 23.6 inches x 1 inch, which offers plenty of space to work on.

The workbench also serves multiple uses, such as a garage workbench, a home office desktop, a sewing and crafting table, or anything you can think of.

We Recommend: Fleximounts WRC24B Corner 2-Pack 2′ X 4′ Wall Shelving

Aside from the affordability and price, the criteria that you should look for in a piece of storage equipment is that you can also utilize an organizing shelf that can be of multiple uses and offers flexibility. One that will suit your needs–whether it is for weight capacity, reinventing the shelf's orientation, and compatibility with the kind of walls you already have in the garage. It is common sense that it will be easier and financially logical to get a rack that is already compatible with the build of your garage.

The Fleximounts Corner 2-Pack 2' x 4' Wall Shelving WRC24B is a reliable top storage solution. You can save a significant amount of space in the garage by using the corner walls to install the wall shelf. Moreover, it offers flexible installation as you can use the WRC24B as a corner or a two-pack wall shelf. It is also compatible and suited for either wood studs or concrete walls.

It is made of powder-coated steel, responsible for its heavy-duty and sturdy performance. Each shelf can carry a maximum weight of 220 lbs without being wobbly, so you are assured of the safety of the items stored on it, and you do not need to worry about falling objects cluttering your garage. Additionally, its one-piece grid design for easier assembly makes it more stable compared to others with multi-piece assembly available in the market.

Assembling and installing this wall shelf will be a breeze as it is designed for easy one-person installation. In the package, all the hardware that you need is already included, as well as the installation template that helps with the mounting of holes and the bubble level that helps get the perfect horizontal location.

Moreover, the Fleximounts WRC24B Wall Shelving storage space offers additional storage options. You can quickly expand the storage with the Fleximounts GRH1/GRH1B hooks or GRH2/GRH2B hooks. You can use the hooks to store bikes, tools, cleaning materials, and more.