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A Glow Up For You and Your Garage

Aug 19, 2021
As humans, we have this concept of a glow up where an individual will start out looking very homely and in a few years, they would become a better and hotter versions of themselves. Most crave for this transformation as are even inspired to go through rigorous regimen to achieve a glow up. The garage is another place where it could have a glow up. After all, most garages start out looking very chaotic that it becomes an eyesore to look at. So how can you achieve a glow up while your garage also undergoes one? Here are our tips for both!

Cleanse and Detox

Getting cleanse and a detoxification does not have to cost a lot of money. While there are hundreds of companies claiming that their juice or machine will make your internal organs clean, the simplest and most cost-effective way to do this is through a simple consumption change. To start your safe cleansing and detoxification, all you need to do is hydrate yourself throughout the day. Yes, it is that basic and inexpensive! You can follow the 8 glasses per day guideline but sometimes, we may need more or less. The best way to find out is through listening to the thirst cues your body will give out and following it up with a nice drink of refreshing water at hand. Another way to do the old C and D (cleanse and detox for short) is to get rid of the vices that are harming your health and internal organs. Alcohol binge drinking, using illicit drugs, and consuming greasy foods can make your body feel worse the more times you do it. Having a merry drink or two is okay on one occasion but doing it everyday can do more harm than good.

How can you C and D an old and musty garage?

If you are a non-believer, you need to change your views now because you can definitely cleanse and detox a garage! The first step you can do is through getting rid of the congested junk that has filled up the area many moons ago. Another would be through the simple use of herbs and fancy deodorizers to help the room smell fresh and detoxified. Remember, if you have a dirty body, your smell will be awful. Likewise, your garage would also have a distinct odor because of the amount of stuff, moisture, and molds that may have formed inside.

Lose a Few Pounds (or Add Some)

Weight has always been one component of a major glow up. For those who are overweight, losing some pounds through daily sessions of fitness activities can help you burn more fat. But if you are having trouble staying committed, it can be remedied through finding the perfect exercise match for you. If you hate running but would love to have its benefits, an option you can do is using a skipping rope. This is a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to get moving and burning since you can practically do this anywhere inside your home. A 30-minute jumping session has also been scientifically proven to burn more fat than an hour of running. Another fun workout is dancing. You do not have to possess the skills of a seasoned professional because the steps are always easy to follow yet intense. For those who want to add a few pounds to their lanky figure, the best way to do this is through a caloric surplus. People who are trying to lose weight will always tell you that they are in a caloric deficit, so a surplus is fitting for those in the tiny and thin committee. What you can do to add more numbers to your scale is eat a number of clean protein and carbohydrates. This is the part where you need to put your reading glasses on because the nutritional facts would be your friend whether you are trying to lose or gain. To put it simply, reading the nutritional facts on a label is important as it can give you a visual of what goes in your food. The less chemical ingredients, the better too. Never rely on claims like “sugar-free” or “low in fat”. The truth is, omitting fat and sugar out will make your food taste horrible. To counteract this, most companies will add a dozen of ingredients to mask this unpleasant taste. If you have the time and energy to space though, preparing your own meals using fresh ingredients can help you both ways in your weight journey.

How can a garage lose or add a few pounds?

Your garage may have become filled to the brim with junk you do not even need. That is the reason why losing some of the stuff inside can help make the area look lighter and better on the eyes. To add in a few heft, you need to install heavy--duty garage storage solutions from FlexiMounts. Our shelves and overhead garage racks can help you put valuable additions inside the space.

Trying to Look Good is Not Vanity, it is Self-Care

To master the coveted glow up, you need to take better care of your self. Looking good is not a one night regimen where all of the things you do not like yourself are magically gone. So, to begin taking care of yourself, you need to have a routine that makes you feel good. It could include a luxurious bath complete with fragrant bath essentials. Once you are done, feel free to lather yourself in oils or lotions with special ingredients to address your specific concerns. For example, people with dry and scaly skin will love sunflower oil or body butters with hyaluronic as one of the ingredients. Those who have normal skin will need a brightening one to keep the glow. Another way you can feel good yourself is through learning how to present yourself in a better light. Some cosmetic add-ons are alright as long as you take your time to properly apply it on.

How can one care for the garage?

This is easy! All you need to do is to target the problem areas of your garage and get to work. If there are obvious cracks on the wall, the best course of action is to fill these gaps to prevent further damage. You can also paint the insides with a bright pop of two colors that complement each other well.

Final Thoughts

Your body is a temple and so is the garage. With these simple steps you are securing a glow up for yourself as well as the garage you may have neglected for a long time. Just remember that the inside is all that counts. Your bright and kind personality would always touch any person’s heart whereas for the garage, a clean inside would always be preferred.