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8 Valentine's Day Date Ideas to Try at Home

Feb 01, 2022
It’s not always easy to plan for a Valentine’s Day date. What if you’ve been with your significant other for the longest time and have already done everything in the datebook? What if this is your first ever Valentine’s date with your new romantic partner and you want it to be the best? We understand why this could be a pretty stressful time for you because even though you’ve already made your decision on what to do come February 14, there are thousands of other couples fighting for that restaurant reservation. Lines are long in the movie theater or outside the museum, you want to go to. Relax. First off, you’re very lucky that you have someone to spend Valentine’s Day with. No matter what you do, what is more, valuable is the time that you will spend with that special someone. And Valentine’s Day is just like any other calendar date; you must give and receive love to and from your partner every single day anyway. But if you’re the type of couple to celebrate every Valentine’s Day, then we have some date ideas here that you could do even while stuck at home. Your partner will surely appreciate the effort you did to make the day special even though you weren’t able to get those coveted tickets or seats.
1. Prepare a romantic spa at home.
Give your partner the gift of relaxation by setting up a home spa. All you really need are some candles, massage oil, face masks, towels, and a spa bed—then you’re all set to go. Oh, and you can prepare a foot spa as well or the most relaxing bath with scented bath bubbles. We guarantee you it’s going to be a great date, especially if your partner is coming home from a long day at work.
2. Have a taco or a pizza night.
Everyone loves tacos or pizzas. It will be nice to make one from scratch and have an interactive date night. Prepare all the ingredients on the table and be as spontaneous as possible. Try out different flavors or challenge yourself to eat with the spiciest sauces. You would definitely enjoy not knowing what dinner will be after your fun prep time together. It could even be a tradition that you do every year with your partner.
3. Have a fun night of board games.
If you and your partner are into board games, why not tap into your competitive spirit and have a heated session of Monopoly? Of course, even though it is competitive, you’ll still have fun discovering your partner’s moves, strategies, etc. You will get a sneak peek of their mind and have a fun game night. Make sure to prepare snacks on the side, or even wine if you’re both up for it.
4. Learn a dance choreography together or record a duet.
Music is fun and is more engaging when you enjoy it with your partner. Why not search the Internet for a dance that you could learn together so that you could dance again to the beat of your own drums? Just kidding. Light up the fireplace, prepare the wine glasses, and learn a dance together. You could also do a duet of a favorite song. Someone can play a musical instrument if one of you knows how to.
5. Have an intimate night of deep conversation.
It’s Valentine’s Day and for sure, you’ll be filled with a whole lot of romance today. Be vulnerable and sit down on your couch and relive the romance by asking each other questions you may have never asked before. Get to know each other on a different level you haven’t gone to through the days, months, and years of being together. There’s a board game that’s called We Are Not Really Strangers, and it’s designed to make you and your partner know each other more on a deeper level.
6. Relive memories by making a scrapbook or an album of photos from different milestones in your relationship.
Collect photos or print them out from the Internet. Make a night out of it by designing a scrapbook page for each of you that will show your memories from your first date or your wedding day. Add some text or sweet messages. The bottom line is that all these photos could help you and your partner relive your romance.
7. Netflix and Chill
This can be a date you can do anytime, yes. But if you plan it out, then it could actually be more special than all those chill dates you’ve had by the couch. For example, you may rewatch a movie that you both like or watched when you first started going out. You may also prepare to binge-watch all of your sweetheart’s favorite films. The key is to add a sentimental detail to movie night so that your partner will feel that it’s not just one of those lounge dates you’ve had.
8. Prepare an indoor picnic in your garage.
It’s hard to have an outdoor picnic every February so why not take it inside. Since the garage is an open space, then you could freely use it for your indoor picnic plans. It’s also easy to transform into the scenery that you want for your date because there are no restrictions when it comes to decorating the open space. First off, declutter the garage, clean it thoroughly from top to bottom and then install smart storage solutions to maximize ceiling and wall space and keep items off the floor. Park your car in the driveway for the meantime and then take care of climate control in your garage so that you could adjust the temperature for your date. Then, let the transformation begin! Roll out a picnic mat, prepare picnic baskets and recreate a night full of stars or a blue sky full of clouds and birds. You may prepare cheese pairings or an Italian picnic spread for your partner. You may ask each other to prepare meals for the Valentine's picnic. Go to the date filled with your stories and make sure to have fun!