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8 Tips to Hold a Successful Garage Sale

Jan 06, 2022
It’s the start of the year so what a perfect opportunity to open 2022 with a clean home. It sets your intention right, gets rid of what doesn’t serve you in your life anymore, and will make space for new objects that add value to your life. If you were caught up in the holiday madness and didn’t have time to clean and host a garage sale, it’s not yet too late. There are still some out there who are looking for items to add to their homes. Maybe they also decluttered and bought some new pieces of furniture to fill their home with. Not all garage sales succeed though. It’s fine because you’re just converting to cash what you already have in your home. But if your goal is to really make some side cash because you are saving up money for something or you have to pay the bills, then there are some tricks of the trade that are helpful to know for a successful garage sale.
1. Don’t rush.
Your garage sale will most likely not be successful if you don’t give time and exert the effort for it. If it’s rushed, passersby would notice and might end up looking but not buying anything. Today is a great day to start preparing so that you’ll have a garage sale before the end of the month. But remember, if you’re not yet ready, there’s no reason to rush preparing for a garage sale.
2. Check every room in the house with scrutiny.
Grab boxes and garbage bags while going to each room and check thoroughly if you could sell, donate or keep anything. You can spend one whole weekend checking what goes to the discard, keep, and sell piles. Those for sale would go in the box while the disposable ones would go to the garbage bag. We understand that some, or most, would hold sentimental value to you but ask yourself whether or not these items still add value to your life. If the answer to that is no, then probably it’s best to move on. Make sure you won’t forget to pay your basement or your garage a visit because these areas most likely have the most number of untouched objects in your home. You have to reassess again if the items that you are storing hold a significant amount of importance to you.
3. Organize and clean.
When you have all the boxes from every room ready, it’s time that you organize everything you collected. Pick a vacant space at home and empty the boxes of objects you collected. Group everything and pack the items that fall under the same object category. This is also your time to wash your objects with mild soap and water.
4. Put a price.
Make sure you list all the prices of every object that will be in your garage sale. It’s most likely that people would be interested but not enough to ask for the price. To ensure that you maximize your sales, you have to label and put a price tag on every object. For items that are small, consider putting everything in one box and label accordingly. You may put “All Earrings for $30c” or “All books for $2.” Putting a price tag will save you and the buyer’s time.
5. Schedule your garage sale on a Saturday.
Those who like to buy at garage sales usually include going shopping as part of their Saturday plan. You have a higher chance of selling all your items if you choose the best day of the week or a shopping date of the month. To maximize sales, start early in the morning and just wait for everything to be sold out.
6. Get the word out on multiple sites.
Advertising on the Internet is free so use it to your advantage. Maybe you have a community group on Facebook where you could put up an announcement of your garage sale. You could also put an ad on Craigslist or other forums online. Of course, you must also prepare signs and put them up in your neighborhood. Make sure to use big and bold letters so that passing cars would be able to spot your Garage Sale sign even from afar. Put it up ahead of time as well.
7. Give low offers a second thought.
You must expect that people who would be interested in your garage sale are those looking for low prices. They would of course haggle with you to get the best price. Offer how low you could get but if they’re bargaining and are really interested, give their price a second thought. After all, you wanted that piece of an item out of your house anyway. When you add up everything, you’ll be surprised with how much money you were able to make.
8. Only take cash.
Or make sure they transfer the money before you let them go. You don’t want to be scammed and rid of your item without being paid for it. On-hand cash is still the best way to receive money or payment for the items you are selling on your garage sale. Let people go out of their way to get cash because it’s your way of securing that you get paid. Once everything is sold, it’s time that you clean up your garage and house first before returning anything. For the garage, in particular, you may install ceiling or wall storage solutions. Here are two options from FlexiMounts.
Classic Overhead Garage Storage Rack GR Series
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Classic 2-Pack 2’ X 6’ Wall shelving
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