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5 Top Storage Solutions: An Organized Garage Owners Guide

Feb 23, 2023

Are you a confessed organized person? Or at least trying to? There isn't a shortcut to keeping an organized garage. It takes patience, constant organizing, and, of course, the help of tools and storage solutions.

Mess is one thing that organized people strongly detest, and you guessed it, even the sight of a misplaced tool on the floor would cause them to raise an eyebrow. And for homeowners, the garage is the primary source of a tangled mess since it often houses all of the objects that need to be removed from the house and stored elsewhere, including seasonal items, automobiles, bicycles, cleaning supplies, and other things.

For starters, every square foot of space in the garage is precious and can be utilized to the fullest extent if all the objects that don't need to be frequently taken out may be safely placed in the overhead storage. There is a remedy for this: The best addition you can place in the garage would be wall shelves and ceiling storage. This is why you go with overhead storage and wall shelves instead of multi-level floor cabinets or storage containers.

Furthermore, the Fleximount wall shelves and storage racks are simple to assemble; even beginners can do it after reading the straightforward installation instructions. The weight of your belongings may be accommodated by these wall shelves and overhead storage racks, which are also strong enough to survive for a very good number of years.


This sturdy overhead storage system offers a secure location to arrange your belongings. The frame and integrated wire grid design are welded together to strengthen and stabilize the device. Due to its composition using thick gauge cold-rolled steel, it can safely support loads up to 600 lbs. Compared to comparable items, the Fleximount storage rack features thicker screws. The height-adjustable rack provides a handy and secure area to keep your belongings, which ranges from 22" to 40". Also, it is waterproof, so you don't have to be concerned about any water damage to your storage rack. Apart from that, assembly is made simpler by its integrated grid design. Even non-mechanical individuals may comprehend and build the storage rack.


Use this overhead rack to store seasonal and underutilized things to use the ceiling space effectively. The ceiling drop-down is height-adjustable from 22 to 40 inches and offers 105 cu. ft. of storage space, measuring 96x48x22-40 inches. Furthermore, it is capable of holding up to 600 lbs.

Because of its sturdy base, 3/8" or thicker plywood may be loaded without risk. The wire grids can serve as the foundation. Still, you may also alter the color of your wooden decks, reuse old wooden boards to match your garage's motif, or make excellent use of leftover wood from previous house renovations lying about the garage.

Cold-rolled steel makes up the rack's frame. Both parallel and perpendicular installations of the racks are feasible. The vertical posts should be 48" apart in all scenarios. If your ceiling is covered in drywall, locate the joists with a stud finder. Vertical post-embedded deck installation with two frame reinforcing bars and a four-cornered triangle is a uniquely designed application. Tapping screws are used to construct the numerous mounting points for connecting the deck and frame to increase their stability.


This wall shelf makes the most of the corner wall to reduce the amount of ceiling space needed. The fact that you can use it as a corner or a two-pack of wall shelf makes it even better. Its one-piece integrated grid design simplifies installation and increases stability compared to similar products requiring many pieces. Also, with all the necessary hardware included in the box, it can be installed by one person. An installation template is included, which aids in mounting holes and includes a bubble level for precise horizontal positioning.

It is more robust because the buckle with Velcro prevents the brackets from dropping or bending. The strong gauge steel structure allows a total safety loading capacity of 440 lbs. As a result, it may be secured to substantial concrete walls or wall studs.


You may store goods you frequently use on this wall-mounted shelf, a fantastic addition to your walls. Besides being composed of powder-coated steel, which ensures its durability, its strong gauge steel structure allows for a safe loading capacity of up to 100 lbs per shelf. Like other shelves on the market, it also includes larger screws. This wall shelf is versatile enough to be height-adjustable to meet your demands depending on the height of your wall.

Moreover, it features a patented tool-free adjustment design that makes constructing and removing the shelves simple. This takes us to the following point: you alone can install this wall shelf since a template is given to help mount holes, and a bubble level aids in obtaining the ideal horizontal position. Also, since this wall shelf is suitable for any type of wall, you need not worry if your wall is built of concrete or wood. Moreover, it may be secured to solid concrete ceilings or ceiling studs.


The Fleximounts BR24 General 2-Pack 2' X 4' Wall Shelving is the ideal supplementary wall storage solution for your everyday stuff. Its great carrying capacity is guaranteed by the excellent quality of the materials used in its construction. It has a total load capacity of 440 lbs.

Compared to multi-piece assembly shelves, the one-piece integrated grid design's essential solidity is provided and easier to construct.

The two-pack wall shelf may be installed in a parallel or vertical configuration, giving installation flexibility. The bubble level also helps in obtaining the ideal horizontal position. Also, as the shelf is made to be installed by just one person, it would be simple to do so. But, asking a more knowledgeable person for assistance would make the procedure easier. All the necessary hardware and installation templates are included in the package.

The Fleximounts GRH2/GRH2B hooks allow the BR24 Wall Shelving to double as bike racks. Also, the hooks may hold furniture, such as chairs and tools, that can be hung vertically.