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5 Sure Solutions for Handling a Major Winter Problem in the Garage–Snow Melt

Jan 04, 2023

Despite the fact that we adore the snow that winter provides, we are unable to share the same sentiments about the snow melt. We have a severe headache just thinking of going to sleep soundly at night and waking up to discover that at least a meter of snow has already fallen. In addition to being a laborious chore, shoveling off, the aftermath in the garage is also of paramount concern. We earlier understood that the garage is a sensitive area. We keep our belongings there, park our cars there, and even conduct workshops there. And we wouldn't want anything to get damaged there.

The floor and even the surroundings are damaged when road salts enter the garage because they take longer to dry than expected, which leads to the formation of rust. A further consideration for garage care should be humidity. Wet flooring is especially dangerous since slips and falls are inevitable and can cause serious injury.

Important Factors that Cause Winter Garage Floor Damage

Some things that could go unnoticed yet have a big impact on your garage are ice, salt, and sand. During the winter, liquifying or de-icing the roads often involves the application of salt and sand. And since they tend to attach to the bottoms of your shoes and the tires of your automobile, they will probably wind up in your garage.

Although salt and sand first appear to be innocuous, they really create erosion and difficult-to-clean stains. How? Salt and water when combined will produce crystals that slowly seep into the concrete floor, which is what causes the white stains to grow over time. Additionally, the top layer of the concrete floor will enlarge. Currently, ice can seep through gaps in the floor and increase damage if there are any already present. And let's not even talk about the danger of slipping when the ice melts.

Solutions for Snow Melt

Naturally, snow will run off. It is a drawback to an otherwise lovely season. However, there are practical, easy, and affordable solutions to the problem, so do not worry.

1. Make use of a squeegee or a mop.

Mopping it off or using a squeegee from the garage is the easiest and quickest way to clean up the snow melt. Simply open the garage door and push the snow liquids back outdoors. It’s so easy to clean, without a doubt.

2. Use garage mats to safeguard your garage floor.

Installing garage mats in your garage is never too soon, especially if you want to store your cars there. Select mats made of PVC, rubber, vinyl, or comparable materials. Due to their ability to absorb chemicals, water, and even motor oil, garage mats are an efficient way to keep salt from sticking to the surface of your garage flooring. Additionally, non-slip mats assist you in keeping from slipping in the garage when the snow melts.

The technique is quite simple if you're wondering how to clean them. The salt or other debris buildup may be taken out with a short sweep or vacuum every so often. After the winter season, all you need to do is clean and store the garage mats if you're hesitant to remove them. Make a mixture of dish soap, hot water, and vinegar. Anything left behind under the mats will be promptly eliminated in this way.

To begin with, you must carefully clean the garage, paying special attention to the floor, before you can put in garage mats. It's like a blank canvas when something is clean. You are preventing harm in the first place by cleaning up any chemicals or debris that is already on the floor. Keep your belongings off the garage floor as much as possible, especially liquids.

The Fleximounts GR48-H Classic 4' x 8' Overhead Garage Storage Rack is something we advise setting up (With Hooks). The thick gauge cold-rolled steel design of the rack is what allows it to safely support up to 600 lbs. The unit is strengthened and stabilized by the integrated wire grid design and welded-together frame. Additionally, rigorous tests with triple load breaking strength were performed on the wire grid. It is specifically made to be simpler to assemble.

A handy and secure area to keep your belongings is provided by the height adjustment, which ranges from 22 inches to 40 inches. You may modify the ceiling drop-down to your chosen height with its height-adjustable feature.

For further security and versatility, the ceiling brackets are made to be fastened to two joists. The rack may be fastened to either ceiling studs or a ceiling made of solid concrete. To demonstrate the high-quality construction of the hardware, the supplied screws are thicker than comparable goods on the market and have undergone rigorous testing.

3. Unclog the garage drain.

Unclog the drains that were put in close to the garage. The doorway may be blocked by branches, leaves, snow, or frozen water, which would allow snow melt to enter beneath the garage door. Use a mixture of baking soda or vinegar and hot water to dissolve these blockages that have been frozen by water.

4. Set up a Watertight Barrier.

In some way, snow melt will find a way to infiltrate through your garage. Installing a garage door threshold seal, an adhesive sealer, below the door is thus another practical approach. It will prevent unwanted visitors like rats, insects, and reptiles from entering the garage in addition to preventing snow melt from doing so.

5. Utilize a dehumidifier or some space heaters.

Once the snow melts and enters the garage, moisture buildup is unavoidable. Molds will then undoubtedly start to develop. A dehumidifier may lessen this issue and even leaves the garage with a fresh scent.

Using a space heater or mid-height overhead lighting is another good alternative, albeit it is also considered to be more costly. They aid in hastening the melting of the snow. Even when you brush off the snow before putting your automobiles inside the garage, it still seems to adhere to them. Always consider buying these heaters as more of a cost-cutting measure since if your car or any other items kept in the garage are destroyed, you will need to pay more money than the heater's price.