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10 Garage Storage And Organization Ideas

Jul 18, 2018
Everyone dreams of an organized, tidy garage. This is one dream that you can make happen with a wide variety of options. Follow these tips and it will soon be a pleasure to drive into your garage again. 1.Overhead Racks – These are the most important tools in getting your garage make over right. Cars, bikes, lawnmowers, and boats have to be on the garage floor so invest in the best overhead racks to maximize all of the space in your garage. You can use these for seasonal storage, seasonal sports equipment and other items that are not used on a daily basis. 2.Wall Hooks on Wood Slats – This simple technique works in even the smallest garage. You can hang them high, low and all around. They are perfect for holding tools of various sizes, hobby materials and even cleaning products. Make it flexible so you can rearrange as your needs change. 3.Upright Storage Bins – You will need a place to store yard rakes, garden tools, hockey sticks, baseball bats,etc. The ideal places for these units are in corners of your garage. Get a sturdy unit that will hold up to heavier objects being stored there. 4.Pegboards – Make them fun! Personalize them to your needs. Organizing the garage doesn’t have to be boring and this is one area where you can have fun and functionality. While you are shopping get some colorful garden hoses as well! 5.Standard Bins – Use tubs or baskets that go on the wall. You can add or subtract as your storage needs change. Again, customize for your personality. Don’t forget to clearly label each bin so you will know at a glance what is stored in the container. 6.Magnet Holders- A favorite of all of the pro garage storage designers, magnet holders can be incorporated in between your other storage systems. They hold scissors, shears – anything that has metal. There are several options but make sure it is strong enough to hold the heavier metal objects. 7.Hide Away Unit and Fold out Table – Building a storage area that is covered with a hinged piece of wood serves the purpose of hiding away items and having a flat surface these are great for hobby lovers. 8.Rolling Units of Storage – There are a lot of these units on the market and they make your storage areas flexible to change with your needs. For example, if you add a car or lawnmower you can move these to another area easily. 9.Lighting – Don’t forget to use proper lighting when organizing for everyday use in your garage. If you can’t see well you are more likely to go back to your unorganized habits. There are lots of choices in garage lighting so do your research. 10.Purge – When you’ve stored your most important stuff and you have things lying around that you didn’t even know you had, give them away, sell them or trash. Store only the things you love and use.