WO1 Garage Hooks Kit

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WO1 Garage Hooks Kit


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Multiple Use

This 12PC garage storage system includes different styles of hooks to meet your diverse needs.Suitable for home, garage, apartment, utility room, basement or shed.

Super Steel Material

Powder-coated steel for durability-resists from rusting, chipping, and cracking. Rubber-coated sleeves are scratch-resistant. Steel construction epoxy finish. Garage storage systems Hold up to 800 lbs. Certified by GS. Safety Guaranteed.

Ease To Install

A breeze to attach and move around on the rail.One-person Installation finished less than 10 minutes.

Various Hooks Adjustable Anytime

We offer 5 varying sizes of garage hooks for varying usage: 2 large square hooks, 1 medium square hooks, 1 double square hooks, 3 large J hooks, and 2 small hooks. Different sizes for different objects and weights. Really a garage organizer for you.


7 reviews for WO1 Garage Hooks Kit

Im so glad I purchased this garage rack. Not only can it carry my small stuff like keys and car fobs, it can also carry my heavy gym bag and as well as my wife’s small grocery bag when she makes a quick trip for replenishing our supplies. I dont even have the problem of losing my car keys anymore since once I am ready to go out, I know that my key is waiting for me.

Item of exceptional quality. I wish I had ordered more when I first placed my order. I’m placing another order right now. For better organization, I hung my buckets and extension cords. They’re simple to move around the shelf and can accommodate a significant amount of weight without twisting.

This item was well-made, the packaging was superb, and the item was well-protected. When we took it out of the box, the finish was smooth, and all of the parts and components seemed to be of excellent standard. I’m really looking forward to installing it and freeing up enough space!

I purchased some hanging plants for my work area in the house. I was looking for a reasonable-priced product and I saw the WO1. Now, with the 12-piece hooks, I can enjoy seeing my hanging plants near the window. Hence, I recommended this product to all my friends who also like to try urban gardening.

This hooks kit allowed me to store and organize my garden tools. I didn’t need to find a bigger place for my little garden shovel and even my little rake because I could simply hang them by the hook.

The hooks are really strong. They would not bend or warp, and they are simple to install on the racks! My road tires fit in much more easily. This is an excellent product! I placed this in the garage, and we have so much space now!

This garage storage system is perfect for anywhere you place it. This product is fantastic! Definitely well recommended! Having a large family with lots of items and belongings, I bought this for our convenience, and I never regret this purchase ever! This helps me and my family so much!