• Size2'X4'
  • Height Adjustment0”-24.4”
  • Weight Capacity165 lbs Total
  • MaterialPowder-coated steel

Patent of invention: the WORLD'S FIRST remote control motorized lift wall shelves.


Fleximounts is the #1 garage storage solution provider in US, and has a full product line with overhead storage racks, wall mounted storage racks, and storage accessories. Fleximounts is celebrating the launch of HandyJack, the world’s first motorized wall shelving system designed exclusively for the garage. It frees up garage floor space, so boxes and other storage items are neatly stored out of walking paths.

Actuator is certified and supplied by Loctek Linear Motion.

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Safe and Secure: HandyJack™ removes the need for a ladder or any heavy lifting, protecting you from any potential accidents.

Easy and Convenient: With the simple press of a button, HandyJack™ raises and lowers with ease. Users don’t even need to be nearby, as is required with competitor models.

Smooth & Stable Transitions: Equipped with a quality motor, HandyJack™ moves up and down smoothly, keeping storage items safely in place while in transition.

Quick & Easy DIY Installation: With just a few parts and screws to put together, HandyJack™ shelving can be installed in minutes.

Durable, High-Quality Construction: HandyJack™ is built to last with heavy gauge steel, premium hardware and top-quality parts that have undergone rigorous testing for safety and durability.

Space-Saving Design: Frees up garage floor space so boxes and other storage items are neatly stored out of walking paths.


Size: 2×4 ft (24×48 inches) per shelf.
Product Height: 53.3”
Loading Capacity: Total 165 lbs (distribute items evenly)
Height adjustable stroke: 24.4’’
Max. Speed: 18mm/s (Up); 20mm/s (Down)
Suggested Assembly Height: Top plate from the ground 90’’ – 95’’
Working Temperature: 32°F – 104°F


I would like to know if theres enough storage after New Year. Anyway I would bought one before Christmas

I love this creative design. I dislike the common garage racks since I have a back pain and it is hard to climb up and down. With E24 I can control and store my stuff easily.

Best Christmas Gift. I love it

I give 4 start just becuase of the price. But my neighbours recommend the Handyjack to me. I would love to have a try anyway

I’ve never seen motorized garage rack before. The handyjack is the first one I’ve ever seen. Love it! I’ve just subscribe and were told that there’s Christmas Special in the coming weekend. The price is reasonable actually.

I really love this amazing one! Firstly I thought this is too expensive, and just bought one in the black friday. But when my parents received it and use it for couple of days, they told me that they worth it! Going to buy another one in the Christmas sale!

I cannot waiting for the handyjack! It seems that it is the first motorized garage racks. I bought it for my parents. Hope this will help them a lot since they cannot lift the heavy stuff anymore

Good ones! I’ve just received that. My parents said it is a functional Christmas gift!

I REALLY like this motorized garage racks. Though it is more expensive than normal garage racks, but it is much more conevient to operate. And it is durable as well. Lovely ones