WR26B 2-Pack 2x6ft Wall Mounted Shelf Black

From: $164.99

  • Size2’X6′(2-pack)
  • Height AdjustmentN/A
  • Weight Capacity200 lbs
  • MaterialPowder-coated steel

4PCS Flat Hooks For Overhead Racks and Wall Shelving GRH1/GRH1B

  • SizeFlat Hook
  • Weight Capacity50 lbs
  • MaterialCold-Roll Steel


Four Size and Two Color Options

  1' x 3'
  1' x 4'
  1' x 6'
  2' x 6'

Why Use Wall Shelf Storage Racks?

Add additional storage space to your walls for items you use every day.

Introducing Fleximounts Wall Shelf Storage Racks


Installation template helps determine where to drill holes and bubble level insures get perfect horizontal location.


Installation template helps determine where to drill holes and bubble level insures get perfect horizontal location.

Suitable For Securing to Either Wall Studs or Solid Concrete Walls

concrete wall
wall studs


The buckle design with velcros prevent the brackets from falling or bending.


The buckle design with velcros prevent the brackets from falling or bending.

High Quality Screws Provided

Thicker Screws

Fleximounts provides

Thinner Screws

From comparable products

Universal and Flexible Design

Allows for various combinations and is suitable for different stud spacing.

Installation Guidance

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41 reviews for WR26B 2-Pack 2x6ft Wall Mounted Shelf Black

I LOVE this product! I ordered one and was so happy with it that I decided to order a second one so I could wrap it around the garage. What’s great about this product is the low profile bracket. I’m around 6ft tall and I’m still able to walk underneath it while also having enough room above to store large boxes and containers. This is great because it allows me to walk against the wall of the garage without bending over to get in my car. The product is also extremely well made and very sturdy.

One recommendation I would give is to take your time installing this product, especially if you plan to install it as I did and to make one long continuous shelf. It will take a lot of time and precision to get the shelves to line up perfectly, but once it’s completed you’ll be extremely happy.

I am not a handyman. Usually if I start any kind of project, my wife leaves the house until I’m finished. I decided in December I was going to put shelving up in the garage. I bought 2 sets of the product and they set in the boxes until February. I really wasn’t confident, but I had determination. Anytime I read it is easy to assemble I factor in it isn’t going to be easy for me. I won’t go into detail on the extra holes I managed to create in the garage, but I have boxes on the shelves that hide them. I didn’t discover why the company has a template with leveler for the holes until I was almost finished installing the second set. No one said I was bright. Anyway I got the project finished and just order another set. YES, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!! USE THE TEMPLATE, it will most definitely make the installation a whole lot easier.

Well made, very solid. Should last a very long time. Packaged well. Exactly as advertised.

Easy to install with one person. I bought two 2-packs and it really cleaned up my garage. I used my own black zip ties only because I thought it would be cleaner than the Velcro that came with the product. I am glad I went with these over the ceiling mounted storage due to the ease of install, and realization that I didn’t need the ceiling racks. Anyone commenting that this product didn’t support weight, did not install them correctly. If you secure them to studs, it is rock solid.

Very nice medium-duty shelf system. Maybe not as rugged as a more expensive system but those require 2 people to install. And quite affordable, when I had gathered all the parts required for a light-duty (designed for pantries) shelf system from a store belonging to one of the nationwide home improvement chains the cost exceeded what I paid for this. It’s also really nice that they can be installed in 3′ sections. I used 9′ on the front of the garage and I have a 3′ piece left that can be installed on the sidewall if I need it after loading up these shelves.

These go up easily if you follow the instructions. they are very strong and hold a lot of weight. I recommend you use a piece of hanger or long thin nail to find both sides of your stud then drill for the middle of it.
these things really helped me organize my garage.

There are cheaper options and I’m sure if you spent the time to piecemeal it, the huge profit margin that Fleximounts is taking home would become embarrassingly obvious. BUT, that being said, the whole system is as advertised and it’s hard to beat paying for the convenience of having everything come ready to roll out of the box. The manufacturing is sturdy, to the point that the shipping price using Amazon Prime seems like a steal because the box is heavy when it arrives. The mounting lag screws are beefy and if you can find your studs, this is a great garage or storage room option.

I had my garage insulated and drywall installed, and was looking to clean up the look, instead of having wall to wall shelving all around the garage. The Fleximounts worked out great. They are nice and strong and relatively easy to install. I hung them high, as I don’t routinely access the contents of my storage bins. This high mounting system frees up a lot floor space, yet you can still hang objects from the shelves, if you like. Before, when parking the car, the passenger had to exit before pulling into the garage, as the old floor shelves would block their exit. Now that is not the case. You can walk completely around the car without ducking and enter / exit the passenger side. Nice to have on a rainy day.

I located the studs with a stud finder, and used a laser level and the provided template to mark and drill the mounting holes. I would highly recommend that you use an impact driver, as the screws are pretty beefy. If you are installing more than a couple of shelves, a hand ratchet would get very tiring.

Overall, I am very pleased with the results.This solution worked out great for me and I can highly recommend this shelf.

Very sturdy. I’m very pleased

The assembly of the shelf is very easy. The installation of the shelf took me a while. It was because I need to install them in a high place in the garage but it was not difficult. The racks are made of steel and very sturdy. I put several very heavy boxes on them and they have no problem to hold them.

the shelves were just the answer to our storage needs in the garage I will not say they are super easy to install as the bolts are not regular bolts our neighbor had to help us it was a two-man job that took about an hour to install.but I would still highly recommend them several neighbors have bought them after we installed ours.

The shipping was very fast and the shelves arrived sooner than expected in a surprisingly compact package. The package contained 4 3-ft shelves which is great because that is the configuration that works best for my space, but they can easily be installed as 2 6ft sections or 1 12ft section. The shelves themselves are easy enough to install. The hard part of my install was securing 2×4 studs to my concrete garage walls because I didn’t want to install the shelves directly on the concrete wall. In hindsight, that would have been easier! All in all, the shelves are a great addition to my garage workshop!

These shelves are awesome and look great. I ordered 2 of the packs and got a total of 4 shelves. Once you can locate the studs in your wall and measure it out correctly, these are truly a breeze to install as long as you have a drill. The shelves are well engineered so I feel comfortable putting lots of weight on them. They also come with Velcro straps that hold the shelves tight in place so they won’t move or slide around. I ordered two more for use elsewhere in my garage. I will be recommending FlexiMounts shelving to my friends and clients!

I don’t know why we waited so long to get organized! These shelves are just what we needed after walking around piles on my garage floor for the past five years! They are super sturdy and I love that they hold 200 pounds each!

We got the two by six model and I was thrilled to be able to get my Christmas trees out of my attic and up on the shelves with some room to spare!

When you unbox the shelves it looks a little intimidating but everything was really easy to put together. They even give you a template so that you can make your holes exactly where they need to go on the wall. That’s always the biggest deal I have with trying to get something level. They solve that by providing you with a leveler inside the template.

So happy we finally put up shelves after 5 years in our home!!

Nice shelves for my garage. Sturdy. Easy to assemble.

The shelves were perfect for organizing my garage. They were pretty easy to assemble and hang. They came with an installation template so it was easier to line up and drill in the bolts.

The shelves are sturdy and seem like they can hold a lot of weight. I am using them to wrangle all of my kids outdoor sports stuff.

The only downside of these compared to other shelving is they are not adjustable height once installed. I think it makes them more sturdy but that might hinder some users.

This shipped fast, was on the easier side to hang and so far seems like a good buy for the cost. I’d recommend

These shelves are easy to install and very strong. The template provided (with built-in level) made for easier installation. I’ve installed about 40 feet of these shelves in my garage, and they provide all the storage I need.

We want to add some shelves to our garage. So we ordered these 2-pack shelves. They’re awesome. Both have very good quality and can hold so many stuff. Very sturdy. Easy to install. Can be placed anywhere that I want. And provide screws, it’s convenient for us. I am so happy I ordered these shelves.

The material these shelves are made of is very nice and sturdy. The shelves come with an awesome template and level which makes it easy to install and make sure all of the shelves are level all the way across the wall. All you need to install these shelves is a drill gun and a wrench (preferably a socket wrench). The rest comes in the packaging. The brackets are heavy and solid along with the racks that it comes with. In the template it gives you an option for different spacing for the studs in the wall and has three holes to pre-drill into the Stud to make it easy to screw the heavy duty screws in that it comes with. When you put the wracks in their slots in the brackets, there is also Velcro strips to help hold the shelves in the slot you put them in.

These shelves are so easy to put together and hang! I would also say it is extremely tiring hanging them due to holding the bracket up and screwing the screws in but I also didn’t have the best angle due to all of the things already in my garage nor did I have help. As you can see in the photos I am hanging from them and they did not budge.

I never have had enough storage in our house so the excess goes to the garage and since I have these shelves now it makes it easy to store things off of the floor and keep it way more organized.
I would highly recommend these shelves to anyone and needs a little help organizing their garage.

One person can put these up. They are super easy and are very sturdy! We had trouble finding all the stubs in our garage but we used the drywall anchors that came with it, and they helped out A LOT! This is a 1 person job, but I had my dad help me (to spend some father son time). Once you get one hung properly, the rest are a breeze. Just use the template and you’re good to go.

(I also bought the other flexmount that’s above our garage door hinges, much harder to assemble and you need 2 ppl and 2 ladders, but that’s in another review, but I also give it 5 stars!)

When moving to a new home, a lot of things need to be stacked. To save space, I bought this shelf and installed it in the garage. It is made of high quality steel and is extremely durable. I followed the instructions for installation and assembly. It’s relatively easy. The quality of this shelf is really good. It can be used for a long time without deformation. Very strong. There are no bends. It is not soft. It saves me space and makes my house look neat and clean. I really like this shelf. Very practical. I think it is very good and much cheaper than other merchants, but powerful and saves me money. I will upload videos in the later period, because the home is messy now, so stay tuned.

I am so happy we went with the Fleximount Storage Racks. The depth and length are great and its such a space saver. We have fought over keeping wood in the garage and with it off the floor and out of the way I am so thrilled I got these because I still have ample storage. They are so strong that I can literally hang on them. The template is a life saver once you figure out where the studs are. I did switch up the spacing because our framing must have been off but I went with 24″ and then 16″ on the template. I LOVE that it includes a level and makes marking the holes so quick and painless. The velcro is great because I don’t have to be locked into where they exactly fit. I actually moved it over slightly once I took a step back and it was quick to adjust. I feel like I have just added 4 feet into the garage space and can park the car further in. My husband was impressed that I did it all myself (surprised him with getting the wood off the ground). Since I started doing DIY projects I had taken over a big footprint in the garage and its now so organized and I am so happy with these shelves. Another thing i liked is how the grids are 3 ft in length. If you wanted to you could create 4 shelves instead of 2. I actually thought about switching it up but I think a desk would fit nicely or a shoe bench below. I have just started getting used to power tools and the drill is not intimidating to me anymore. I really appreciate that they tell you which drill bit to use. I am literally learning as I go and anyone could install these shelves. A wrench ratchet does speed up the process too!

Get this shelf for a week. Yesterday it was installed in my garage. It was strong and easy to install. The size was right for me. The price was within my budget. I like it

I wish I had found these earlier in my life (I’m 51). Nearly everything I buy to assemble, I opt to be larger screws, bolts, supports, etc. NOT needed with this product. Lag bolts are plenty big enough and you are provided with 3 per bracket! This is the FIRST time where I felt I didn’t need to utilize all hardware during installation (I used two bolts per bracket, which is still strong enough to support my 150 pound frame – I tried!).

Shelves are individually wrapped and things are double boxed for shipment. Directions are very clear and easy to follow – though aren’t needed too much except for reference. Shelves seem very durable and finish seems plenty tough and I believe I’ll be able to use these for decades – at least until I die! If I move, I’m taking them with me…

I will be purchasing more in the future…excellent find/buy!

This shelving unit is sturdy although I would have preferred a single wire gird shelf rather than two per 3-ft section. Other than that the installation was straight forward. It took me two hours from opening the box to tying the velcro to the grid shelf. You can do the install faster than me but I got hungry and ate lunch. The device that made it so simple was the Installation Template with the built-n level. That probably save about 30 minutes. It lines up the studs and the exact screw holes so all you have to do is line it up, make it level and mark the holes. Then drill into the stud with a 3/8″ bit and then drill in the included screws. Man, it was that simple!

I love the wall storage racks for garage spaces. I had a lot of heavy equipment on the floor and these racks easily hold them all up. They were easy enough for me to add by myself (which is a big deal!) I love that they come in several sizes and different colors. I am buying more to span the whole length of my garage wall!

I am so excited to have the storage wall shelf. This shelf is large and firm. I can put so many stuff on it. It helps me save many space. It is easy install, too. I can install it by myself.

I will buy more. We are really happy with these Flexi Mount Shelves. They are Super Sturdy and they look really good on the walls. The fact that you can install the brackets and different distances and configure the shelves at different lengths was really a big help for us. Installation was easy once we read all the instructions and used the Handy template they provided. *Please read the All the instructions first. A stud finder will also be very helpful. We already got do many things off the floor and onto these shelves, they are deep and able to hold plenty. I am pretty excited. I will add some pictures once we get the whole garage organized.

The shelf is really solid and hangs onto the included bolts in the wall so we easily can slide it off and take it with us when we move.

These shelves are incredible! We have been working to organize the garage and these are seriously the best shelves! They are deeper than most shelves which means you can store larger items like tires or kayaks but that also means they can hold heavy items— up to 400lbs to be exact! I’m showing a closer look in stories too so head there to see them up close! It also comes with a fool proof template for getting the shelves up and ensuring they are level— you can’t go wrong with these I’m telling you!

They were pretty easy to install. I would say they would be better advertised as 4 shelves that are 2 feet x 3 feet rather than 2 shelves that are 4 feet x 6 feet. They are all separate and it would be nearly impossible for them to line up perfectly for the 2 shelves to be one shelves. Really strange, but they are sturdy.

I installed these shelves (2 x 2’x6′) by myself onto studs in my new garage and couldn’t be happier. The install was very easy. Only tools I used were a drill, 3/16″ drill bit, 13mm socket and wrench, 3′ level and ladder. They were unpacked and up within an hour. In fact, I think it took longer to unpack than to do the actual install.

The template was great(not sure why others had trouble with it). If you’re mounting on bare studs, you need the longer level to span the gaps between. I recommend starting the lag bolts with a powered drill driver and socket, then finish with a 13mm ratchet to assure snug/even mounting.

Very happy to have everything off my garage floor!

These shelves are hefty duty! I love how simple the directions were and how easy it was to lay out all the pieces. The box comes with a template that has a leveler attached and gives you exact spots to where you put your holes for 16, 18, and 24” studs. Each shelf holds 200 lbs so I can put all of our heavy home renovation bins on them. I’m so excited to have these to help set up our garage work shop! Totally worth it!

What a Fantastic Product! We have lots of equipment that isn’t used on a daily basis, and this shelving unit helped us remedy the problem of vertical unused space! I can’t tell you how fantastic this unit is, I mean, look at the weight it’s holding!
I used the other one for some paint , to get it out of the way!
Two words… ORDER IT!

These shelves look great in the garage, were easy to install and are heavy duty. The installation template with built in level was a great touch. Put the bolts directly into the studs and these shelves will hold much more weight than I will need. Have crates on top and ski bags hanging underneath.

We got the 2-pack of the 2x6ft shelves to add extra storage to our shed. I love that you can decide where you want to shelves to go/how high off the ground you want them. We built them so there would still be room to store our generator and lawn mower underneath. It took two of us to install, but it probably could be done with one person. Our only issue was getting them perfectly level — a user error more than a complaint about the shelves themselves. I did love the included tools like the cardboard that had the lengths measured out for you. This is where our HEAVY Christmas decor will live!

Awesome shelf’s. Great for my garage and sturdy.

These are great. Mounted in my garage. I’ll be ordering more.Five Stars

Was everything thing I expected. I would recommend WR series to my son

Love this! It was not hard to install as the hardest part was figuring out where to mount it in my garage as I have it all dry walled and had to make sure I was on the studs. Once I found that out the install took me about 1 hours to do solo!! Would recommend this to anyone as it holds lots of stuff and keeps the garage clean!!

Very strong and sturdy, hope they provided screw so I could use the drill to tighten it.