WR26B 2-Pack 2x6ft Wall Mounted Shelf Black


  • Size2’X6′(2-pack)
  • Height AdjustmentN/A
  • Weight Capacity200 lbs
  • MaterialPowder-coated steel


Four Size and Two Color Options

  1' x 3'
  1' x 4'
  1' x 6'
  2' x 6'

Why Use Wall Shelf Storage Racks?

Add additional storage space to your walls for items you use every day.

Introducing Fleximounts Wall Shelf Storage Racks


Installation template helps determine where to drill holes and bubble level insures get perfect horizontal location.


Installation template helps determine where to drill holes and bubble level insures get perfect horizontal location.

Suitable For Securing to Either Wall Studs or Solid Concrete Walls

concrete wall
wall studs


The buckle design with velcros prevent the brackets from falling or bending.


The buckle design with velcros prevent the brackets from falling or bending.

High Quality Screws Provided

Thicker Screws

Fleximounts provides

Thinner Screws

From comparable products

Universal and Flexible Design

Allows for various combinations and is suitable for different stud spacing.

Installation Guidance

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1. Easy one-person installation with all hardware included.
2. Installation Template helps mount holes.
3. Bubble Level helps get a perfect horizontal location.
4. More Sturdy and Stable: the buckle design with velcros prevents the brackets from falling or bending.
5. Heavy gauge steel construction provides safety loading up to 400lbs total.
6. Suitable for securing to either wall studs or solid concrete walls.
7. Fleximounts garage wall racks come with five different sizes to help you to get the best fit:1’x4′;1’x6′;2’x4′;2’x6′.
Package Includes:
2-pack wall shelf
Hardware kit
Items pictured on the racks are not included

14 reviews for WR26B 2-Pack 2x6ft Wall Mounted Shelf Black

Awesome shelf’s. Great for my garage and sturdy.

Nice shelves for my garage. Sturdy. Easy to assemble.

These shelves are easy to install and very strong. The template provided (with built-in level) made for easier installation. I’ve installed about 40 feet of these shelves in my garage, and they provide all the storage I need.

The assembly of the shelf is very easy. The installation of the shelf took me a while. It was because I need to install them in a high place in the garage but it was not difficult. The racks are made of steel and very sturdy. I put several very heavy boxes on them and they have no problem to hold them.

We want to add some shelves to our garage. So we ordered these 2-pack shelves. They’re awesome. Both have very good quality and can hold so many stuff. Very sturdy. Easy to install. Can be placed anywhere that I want. And provide screws, it’s convenient for us. I am so happy I ordered these shelves.

When moving to a new home, a lot of things need to be stacked. To save space, I bought this shelf and installed it in the garage. It is made of high quality steel and is extremely durable. I followed the instructions for installation and assembly. It’s relatively easy. The quality of this shelf is really good. It can be used for a long time without deformation. Very strong. There are no bends. It is not soft. It saves me space and makes my house look neat and clean. I really like this shelf. Very practical. I think it is very good and much cheaper than other merchants, but powerful and saves me money. I will upload videos in the later period, because the home is messy now, so stay tuned.

I am so excited to have the storage wall shelf. This shelf is large and firm. I can put so many stuff on it. It helps me save many space. It is easy install, too. I can install it by myself.

Get this shelf for a week. Yesterday it was installed in my garage. It was strong and easy to install. The size was right for me. The price was within my budget. I like it

I wish I had found these earlier in my life (I’m 51). Nearly everything I buy to assemble, I opt to be larger screws, bolts, supports, etc. NOT needed with this product. Lag bolts are plenty big enough and you are provided with 3 per bracket! This is the FIRST time where I felt I didn’t need to utilize all hardware during installation (I used two bolts per bracket, which is still strong enough to support my 150 pound frame – I tried!).

Shelves are individually wrapped and things are double boxed for shipment. Directions are very clear and easy to follow – though aren’t needed too much except for reference. Shelves seem very durable and finish seems plenty tough and I believe I’ll be able to use these for decades – at least until I die! If I move, I’m taking them with me…

I will be purchasing more in the future…excellent find/buy!

The shelf is really solid and hangs onto the included bolts in the wall so we easily can slide it off and take it with us when we move.

These are great. Mounted in my garage. I’ll be ordering more.Five Stars

Was everything thing I expected. I would recommend WR series to my son

Love this! It was not hard to install as the hardest part was figuring out where to mount it in my garage as I have it all dry walled and had to make sure I was on the studs. Once I found that out the install took me about 1 hours to do solo!! Would recommend this to anyone as it holds lots of stuff and keeps the garage clean!!

Very strong and sturdy, hope they provided screw so I could use the drill to tighten it.