WR24B 2-Pack 2x4ft Wall Mounted Shelf Black

From: $129.99

  • Size2’X4′(2-pack)
  • Height AdjustmentN/A
  • Weight Capacity200 lbs
  • MaterialPowder-coated steel
  • BackorderShip late in Oct.

4PCS Flat Hooks For Overhead Racks and Wall Shelving GRH1/GRH1B

  • SizeFlat Hook
  • Weight Capacity50 lbs
  • MaterialCold-Roll Steel


Four Size and Two Color Options

  1' x 3'
  1' x 4'
  1' x 6'
  2' x 6'

Why Use Wall Shelf Storage Racks?

Add additional storage space to your walls for items you use every day.

Introducing Fleximounts Wall Shelf Storage Racks


Installation template helps determine where to drill holes and bubble level insures get perfect horizontal location.


Installation template helps determine where to drill holes and bubble level insures get perfect horizontal location.

Suitable For Securing to Either Wall Studs or Solid Concrete Walls

concrete wall
wall studs


The buckle design with velcros prevent the brackets from falling or bending.


The buckle design with velcros prevent the brackets from falling or bending.

High Quality Screws Provided

Thicker Screws

Fleximounts provides

Thinner Screws

From comparable products

Universal and Flexible Design

Allows for various combinations and is suitable for different stud spacing.

Installation Guidance

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26 reviews for WR24B 2-Pack 2x4ft Wall Mounted Shelf Black

Great storage solution high up.

These are spacious shelves for your garage or storage areas. They are two feet deep and hold a lot of weight if installed properly.

Easy to install and solid.

Performed as described. Very easy to install.

Very sturdy and exactly what we needed for our garage. We will order more.

Every once in awhile you buy something that checks every box. In this case, sturdy, well built, aesthetically pleasing, ease of installation. This one is a home run! Highly recommend.

I purchased set of flexmount shelves to get storage boxes off the floor. The product is well designed, very sturdy and easy to install. The online videos helped. I will buy more in the future.

So far so good. Packaging was very good. Instructions good. I’m 69 and have never been much of a handyman, but these (2 x 4′ for total of 8′) went up in about an hour. 2′ depth is perfect, 3 lag bolts in each bracket makes it solid. I had to borrow a neighbor’s impact drill because the bolts are 13mm, not 1/2″, but other than that I was very pleased with the result.

First of all, they claim to be a one person installation and it was! I was skeptical but my husband put these up with zero help from me. They’re very sturdy and it came with an easy to use template with a level built right in (pic included). We only put up HALF of the shelves included and it’s so much storage! We’re saving the other two shelves that came in the package to put downstairs. I would recommend these to anyone. One tip: they are very deep shelves. We had to strategically place these in our garage so that my SUV could still fit. Check the measurements and if they’re too deep choose another version of Fleximount shelves. I trust the quality from the company.

These are great so far. I had problems installing because I was trying to find studs through fire rated drywall. Finally ended up drilling exploratory holes, ugh. Seem to have found them, because they haven’t started pulling out of the wall yet. I don’t have a lot of heavy stuff on it, but it’s been holding up well. Quality of the product is good, velcro strips are a nice touch.

These things are awesome!! I got the 2’x4′ model and am able to get three sets of plastic totes on each shelf. They look good and are very sturdy.

I initially intended to order the ceiling mount shelves, but then realized I was going to be doing them against a wall anyways. I am so glad I got these – they are the exact depth I need (2 feet) to be able to fit plastic totes on them. The ceiling mount shelves would have been a huge hassle to install on my vaulted ceiling and these hold 200 lbs each anyways.

I was able to install one shelf by myself, but it was a little difficult so I was glad to have a second set of hands for the second one.These came with a mounting template which made drilling the holes super easy and it also came with a tiny level. I used a 48″ level to be super sure, but I thought it was a nice touch that it came with one.

The only weird thing about these is that without weight on them, the shelves would pop up a little bit from the mounting brackets. Fleximount has considered this problem and sends velcro ties to hold the shelves securely in place/flat even with no weight on them. One of the eight velcro ties I have installed so far broke at the clasp. I was able to use it anyways by just flipping it over onto itself, but I was pretty surprised when the clasp snapped off!

Also, ordered these direct from Fleximount and was concerned about how long it would take since it wasn’t Prime shipping. That was misguided; I ordered them on a Friday and they arrived the following Monday!!

The shipping was very fast and the shelves arrived sooner than expected in a surprisingly compact package.

worked great

These are great, solid, attractive shelves. Some tips I would give – only use the installation template to space out the holes in each stud, and don’t rely on them to find the next stud. Use a reliable stud finder. Next, don’t bother with the Velcro straps included to secure the shelves. Instead, get some zip ties to match the hardware and use those. 8” ties are adequate, and snip off the extra.

Very happy with my purchase.

Sturdy shelving that are very well made. I actually painted them gold for use in a salon! I needed something that would hold a good amount of weight, but didn’t want the industrial look…worked great!

The shelves are exactly as advertised and hold 200 lbs. and then some! Super easy to install, definitely use the template provided vs. measuring yourself, the template is perfect and I just tapped the level in the template’s slot and it worked like a charm! I bought the 24″ shelves but I would imagine the other sizes are just as good! Would high recommend to anyone redoing/organizing their garage and personally like them better than hanging cabinets.

The shelves were perfect for organizing my garage. They were pretty easy to assemble and hang. They came with an installation template so it was easier to line up and drill in the bolts.

The shelves are sturdy and seem like they can hold a lot of weight. I am using them to wrangle all of my kids outdoor sports stuff.

The only downside of these compared to other shelving is they are not adjustable height once installed. I think it makes them more sturdy but that might hinder some users.

This shipped fast, was on the easier side to hang and so far seems like a good buy for the cost. I’d recommend

I’m a first time home buyer, zero construction experience, first time drill owner 😂 and these shelves were super easy to put up and extremely sturdy! I put them up by myself (I’m female, super short and not handy)

The material these shelves are made of is very nice and sturdy. The shelves come with an awesome template and level which makes it easy to install and make sure all of the shelves are level all the way across the wall. All you need to install these shelves is a drill gun and a wrench (preferably a socket wrench). The rest comes in the packaging. The brackets are heavy and solid along with the racks that it comes with. In the template it gives you an option for different spacing for the studs in the wall and has three holes to pre-drill into the Stud to make it easy to screw the heavy duty screws in that it comes with. When you put the wracks in their slots in the brackets, there is also Velcro strips to help hold the shelves in the slot you put them in.

These shelves are so easy to put together and hang! I would also say it is extremely tiring hanging them due to holding the bracket up and screwing the screws in but I also didn’t have the best angle due to all of the things already in my garage nor did I have help. As you can see in the photos I am hanging from them and they did not budge.

I never have had enough storage in our house so the excess goes to the garage and since I have these shelves now it makes it easy to store things off of the floor and keep it way more organized.
I would highly recommend these shelves to anyone and needs a little help organizing their garage.

very easy to put up and very strong

Shelves look great and were easy to install. Good quality

I can’t say enough great things about these shelves! So sturdy and easy to assemble! It makes my garage look so much more organized.

Very sturdy and easy to install. I will purchase these again.

These shelves are awesome and look great. I ordered 2 of the packs and got a total of 4 shelves. Once you can locate the studs in your wall and measure it out correctly, these are truly a breeze to install as long as you have a drill. The shelves are well engineered so I feel comfortable putting lots of weight on them. They also come with Velcro straps that hold the shelves tight in place so they won’t move or slide around. I ordered two more for use elsewhere in my garage. I will be recommending FlexiMounts shelving to my friends and clients!

Shipping was way faster than expected (it arrived within a few days of ordering and earlier than the estimated delivery date).

I could see the quality as soon as I unpacked the shelves. Installation wasn’t too bad, but I did need to bring in an extra pair of hands to help. The template helps – use it! 🙂

Love that I can hang my bike from the shelf and store more stuff on top.

Great space saver. I highly recommend for anyone who is looking to organize their garage!

Installation is as a typical shelf. The material is sturdy and solid. The shelf arrives in 4 pieces which makes it easier to install (no bulky or heavy pieces to lift). The design is fine but you attach the shelves to the brackets with Velcro ties. I didn’t feel this was adequate (because I always over engineer things) so I also use zip ties for extra security and sturdiness. I would definitely buy these again!